Black Widow by PJ Adams (dark romance, revenge thriller, love triangle, international romantic suspense, dark suspense, disturbing, racy, noir, people trafficking, sex trade, prison, kidnap, imprisoned, taken, branded)

Black Widow by PJ Adams


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Eleanor has learned that she can be bad, but just how far is she willing to go?

Black Widow

by PJ Adams

Black Widow by PJ Adams (dark romance, revenge thriller, love triangle, international romantic suspense, dark suspense, disturbing, racy, noir, people trafficking, sex trade, prison, kidnap, imprisoned, taken, branded)Two years ago Eleanor Dryton lost her husband, her job and her friends.
She lost everything about her old life that ever mattered to her.
All she had left were her will and a burning desire for revenge.

Now, El has served her time for being an unknowing partner in her murdered husband's crimes. Her prison sentence has toughened her up and she's learned that she can be bad.

But when her search for revenge leads her to a man who takes bad to a completely different level just how far is she willing to go? If prison has hardened her, what effect will the man who killed her husband have? And does she even have any control over what happens next?

A dark and disturbing romantic thriller from the bestselling author of Winner Takes All and The Object Of His Desire.

--Author's Note--
This is a dark romance novel. It contains themes of violence and mature situations that could make readers uncomfortable.

Goodreads reviews:

"This story is dark and twisted. I liked it."

"My fave part is the ending. Not because the book was over, but because of the huge twist. I won't give it away, but BRAVA Ms. Adams."

"I had a hard time putting this one down..."

"Wow... Just wow! It was 'dark & twisty', kept me hooked and had plot twists that keep you guessing! Kudos to PJ Adams, I loved this book & would definitely recommend!"

Reviews of Winner Takes All by PJ Adams:

"The book was full of mystery and suspense and of course lots of hot lovin'... I love PJ Adams' books, and she nailed this one!" I Am A Book Addict... And Proud Of It

"If you are looking for a book that is going to keep your heart pumping this is the one. I could not put this book down! ... This is a fast paced book and one that keeps you on the edge refusing to let you go too. ... I loved this ... fast fun and full of excitement." Blazinbear's Book Blog

Published: 04 Aug 2014

Some of the five-star Amazon reader reviews for this title:

"WOW! This is one hell of a captivating story! If you like dark, REAL, plot driven stories this one will quickly become a favorite! Loved it!"

"The writing was excellent. The characters, El especially, were well developed. The plot was fascinating... Very twisty is all I can say."

"A thriller full of plot twists. A love story, of sorts, that builds and changes direction and builds again. A horror story, where the real monsters are the people around us... Not your usual romantic thriller, but full of action and passion and it kept me reading into the early hours."

"PJ Adams knows how to write!"

"Definitely another one to pick up from PJ Adams!"

"One wicked dark read! I've enjoyed Miss Adams' previous books, but this one takes things up a notch."

"Loved it! This book is full of interesting characters and I loved the storyline."

"Another great read from PJ Adams. This is deliberately darker than her other books and she pulls no punches, which makes for a powerful read."

"This was a really interesting novel that took some unexpected -- and delicious -- twists... A word of warning: if someone suggests a sexual practice with a strange-sounding name, be sure you know what it means before you say 'Yes'!"

"Whew, this story takes you for a hell of a ride! ... Ms. Adamas continues to be one of my favorite authors! Keep it up!"
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She'd learned how to do cheap and trashy. She'd learned a lot in her time inside.

She got to the bar ahead of Danny, and perched herself on a bar stool so he couldn't help but pause in the doorway and let his eyes track the line of her long, stockinged legs, the mesh a fine fishnet, the dark tops just showing beneath the hem of her little black skirt. Cheap black stilettos, a black t-shirt and her Muubaa leather jacket completed the outfit, complemented by plenty of mascara, teal eye shadow and lips painted a glossy bronze to pick out the darker tones in her fiery hair.

So maybe she brought a little class to cheap and trashy, but she was sure this was the kind of thing to catch Danny Taylor's eye.

He arrived a few minutes after El. He paused in the doorway, spotted her, and then he did a double take and his eyes roamed up and down her length, before finally he approached.

She'd forgotten that swagger in his walk. The gym thing again: thighs too pumped to swing easily past each other, heavily muscled arms unable to hang vertically against a broad, inverted triangle chest. He was wearing faded jeans with rips across the thighs, Adidas trainers, and a football shirt she knew she should recognize. His hair was buzz-cut short, not much more than dark stubble, and his eyes always made you double-take and wonder why they were so startling until you realized that one was blue and the other green.

What she had not expected was the complexity of her response to him.

Danny had always set off lots of triggers for her. He came from such a different world, and for the longest time she had struggled to see what it was that tied him to Jeremy. He made her feel like a snob for reacting as she did. Perhaps it was only prison that had corrected her of that guilt: on the inside she had encountered women from so many different backgrounds, if she was a snob then surely it would show up when she was inside? But they were mostly just ordinary women, regardless of their crimes and their backgrounds.

So now she was confident that her reaction was not due to snobbery, yet still she'd always felt antagonized by his cocky, wide-boy presence. A jealousy thing, perhaps? That Jeremy had seen things in Danny that she had not? It wasn't until much later that she'd come to understand a bit more clearly about her husband's criminal double life.

Now, though... Now Danny set off a whole bunch of other triggers, too, ones she hadn't anticipated. Alongside that antagonism there was an unexpected lift in her heart when she saw him. This was the first time in... in how long? The first time she had seen someone from her old life who didn't appear to be loaded down with judgment and distaste for her.

And more than that, he was a link with her late husband. He had been a part of Jeremy's life, and somehow she found herself able to think in these terms and not feel that agonizing pain of loss. Was this what had been missing, all that time she had been forced to grieve alone? Perhaps grief must be shared before it can transform into something else, something more manageable.

"Hey, hey," he said, spreading his arms as if to embrace her, then letting them drop as she hesitated – an unexpected show of sensitivity on his part.

"Sorry," she said, feeling the need to explain. "I... I'm still re-learning how to be on the outside, you know?"

He nodded. "I know how it is," he said. "Been there, seen it, done it."

He pulled a bar stool closer to her and sat. "Get you a drink?"

"Vodka," she said.

"Something in it?"

"I guess."

They laughed, and he ordered drinks, a pint of Stella for himself and a vodka and tonic for her.

The bar was starting to fill up with the early evening crowd now. El peered around, feeling that sense of panic rising a little. Even six weeks after her release she found this happening: crowds, confined spaces, wide open spaces...

"It never leaves you," said Danny. "Not once you've been inside a cell and they shut that door on you. Never goes."


How was it that Danny Taylor, of all people, suddenly had a sensitive, insightful side? Had the world really changed that much while she'd been locked away?

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