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Jenny Goes Dogging
Jenny Goes Dogging by Polly J Adams
Jenny's marriage has gone flat - her life has gone flat - and she's determined to do something about it. When she stumbles across a group of people having sex in a local car park one evening she realises there might just be a way to bring some fun back into her life. At first she watches them from a distance, but when she realises she's hooked there's only one thing for her to do... (Jenny Goes Dogging at Amazon)
Stacey's Sleepover (or, A Threesome with my Boyfriend and his Best Friend) by Polly J Adams
When Stacey checked on her house-guest she didn't expect to find him lying there with the covers pushed aside, stark naked and clearly very aroused. She didn't expect to suddenly want him so much. The question is, what should she do about it? An explicit adult story featuring a threesome with one woman and two men, from the bestselling author of Bad Again and The Virgin And The Three Brothers. (Stacey's Sleepover (or, A Threesome with my Boyfriend and his Best Friend) at Amazon)
Girl Talk: Cocktails
Girl Talk: Cocktails by Polly J Adams
When Jackie gets talking to the barman she doesn't expect to start sharing intimate stories... or for him to tell her about the things he's seen here at the bar. But once you start that kind of conversation it's a slippery slope and it's not long before they're inventing an altogether new cocktail of their own. This very adult book also includes a complete free bonus story: Forbidden Fruit. (Girl Talk: Cocktails at Amazon)
Danger Fucks: To Sir, with Lust
Danger Fucks: To Sir, with Lust by Polly J Adams
Going back to school to talk to her daughter's teachers triggered all kinds of memories for Karen. It made her feel like a teenager again. And it brought back the fantasies, the teenage crushes on some of the teachers. But what do you do when you get the opportunity to play out one of those fantasies for real? In a story based on a true encounter, Karen tells all. (Danger Fucks: To Sir, with Lust at Amazon)
Danger Fucks: XXX with my Ex
Danger Fucks: XXX with my Ex by Polly J Adams
What would you do if you walked in on someone having sex? What if it was your ex, a man who still had the power to make you wet with eye contact alone? What if it was your ex with one of your best friends? Continuing her popular Danger Fucks series, bestselling author Polly J Adams revisits her own past and tells you exactly what she did. (Danger Fucks: XXX with my Ex at Amazon)
Danger Fucks: Personal Service
Danger Fucks: Personal Service by Polly J Adams
We've all done it. That snatched blowjob on a quiet train, the bathroom knee-trembler in a house full of people, the car park quickie. Adrenalin sex... the danger fuck. In the first in a new series of stories by bestselling author Polly J Adams, Jackie starts to fantasise about the hot young shop assistant while she's trying on a new dress. An explicit adult story of blowjobs and public sex. (Danger Fucks: Personal Service at Amazon)
Campus Sex Club: Getting Real
Campus Sex Club: Getting Real by Polly J Adams
The last thing hot young professor Will Walton expects to see from one of his students is an essay about the Campus Sex Club: a place where students and staff meet others for casual sex. 'No holds barred, but all preferences respected' is the only rule. Curious, he invites the essay's author, Ella McBride, to his office so he can find out more... (Campus Sex Club: Getting Real at Amazon)
Three Times a Virgin
Three Times a Virgin by Polly J Adams
Jess likes to explore her sexuality; she likes to play and she's a girl who finds it very hard to say "no". Her husband Adam is less adventurous. He likes to fantasise. He encourages Jess in her sexual adventures and loves to hear about them afterwards. Then, chatting one night in bed, Jess realises that Adam might be open to a little more than just planning and hearing about her exploits... (Three Times a Virgin at Amazon)
Bad Again
Bad Again by Polly J Adams
Jess has been bad again, and this is her story. Away from her husband on a business trip, she bumps into an old flame who promises to make up for his previous bad behaviour. When the offer involves not just the old flame but one of his colleagues too it seems rude to refuse... Having sex with two men at once is a fantasy for lots of women, but for Jess it is about to become a reality. (Bad Again at Amazon)
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