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Heir Salon (Bimbo Passion Book 1) by Nadia Nightside
You're so right, darling. A wife should kneel before her Husband... Passion Heights is a company town run by the enigmatic Castle Industries, responsible for the beautiful activist Betty Kincaid's fall from grace?and now employing her husband. But, after arriving, Betty and her lovely, full-figured new neighbor Jasmine notice lots of strangely erotic coincidences. The marriage rate is close to 99%, and every couple is either expecting or spilling over with fertility. Women are air-headed, giggle-happy sex dolls made for pleasing men and producing heirs?and every hot beauty boasts creamy products from their overflowing cups. And men are rugged, ripped alpha studs designed purely for protecting and ruling their women. The two fierce feminists know something is up, but whatever corrupts the other women in the town affects them too. In trying to discover the secret of Passion Heights, their own passions are driven to new heights with their wildly developing need for their husbands' bodies and huge, hard male members! Complicating the situation, their own bodies are slowly altering?becoming mirrors of the sexual goddesses surrounding them in the town. To find answers, they must investigate the Happy Hair Salon, where women enter as intelligent, independent women and leave as servile, fertile nymphos utterly dedicated to obeying their virile husbands. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Flame (A Stepbrother Romance) by Victoria Villeneuve
Every flame starts with a single spark // SHAY For four years, I've run from my past in order to save my future. Until I ran straight into my old stepbrother. My new boss. Arrogant, brash and infuriating, he always got whatever - and whoever - he wanted. Now he wants me to stay, and he's not past using blackmail to get me to agree. I can't stand it. I can't stand him. So how come every time I look at him I want to rip his clothes off? // JASON I hadn't seen my stepsister in four years until the day she walked into my office. She was always pretty cute. But now she's smoking hot. Like, I-want-to-bang-her-on-my-desk-right-now hot. She thinks she can resist me. I've always been more than just a little bit cocky. But that's only because I always get what I want. And right now, I want her. Little do I know once isn't going to be nearly enough... (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Secrets & Curves by Julianne Reyer
One woman, two men. Too many secrets. Is this steamy threeway relationship too hot to handle? For shy and curvy Jasmine Taylor, nothing ever comes easy. Her career is on a losing streak and her relationship track record is even worse. So when she's swept off her feet into a seductive whirlwind of dating two men together, it's as if her deepest fantasies have come to life. Now with two gorgeous men in her life--enigmatic billionaire CEO, Evan Westmore; and his charming, mischievous longtime lover, Luke Rosso--Jasmine finds that the sex might be the least of her worries. Both men have deep secrets, and Jasmine with her lush beauty and her own insecurities, might be the only one who can face them head on. Secrets & Curves is the stand alone sequel to Hunting for Curves. This 55k novel is intended for adult readers. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Wolf in the Neighborhood by Phoenix Johnson
Book One In The Wolf Smitten Series What do you do when your past comes back to haunt you? Could a dark secret revealed by a new lover be something you could overlook just to have him? What kind of secrets could you learn to live with for true love? Krissy has a hunky new neighbor with a dark secret; Derek is a vet with an interesting past. They hit it off quickly but when Krissy’s abusive ex, James comes to town, Derek shows a side Krissy never could have guessed, but James refuses to give up. Can Derek’s secret save them, or will James have his revenge? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Bastard's Baby: A Bad Boy Secret Baby Romance by BB Hamel
I had that bastard's baby and now I need his help. Vince Mori is my enemy. He's an infamous Italian mobster, all ripped muscles and dangerous tattoos. He's a cocky a**hole, and for just one night that was exactly what I was looking for. He was a wild ride, a way to rebel against my strict family. And he doesn't know that he's the father of my baby. I'm the daughter of one of the most feared Russian mob bosses in the city. When I give birth to my baby boy Alexei, my father wants to tear my child away from me. I won't let that happen. They may be my family, but I'll do whatever it takes to keep my baby. The Russians are at war with the Italians, but I know Vince is my only chance. When I run away from home and ask him for help, I'm risking my life to save my son. Vince is everything I'm supposed to hate, but secretly can't get enough of. He's only interested in teasing me mercilessly with his dirty mouth and frustrating grin. Now I'm trapped in the Italian mob's mansion, living next door to my baby's father. I need their protection, but the war is escalating faster every day. If the cocky jerk Vince Mori can't learn what it means to be a father, I might be totally screwed. Bastard's Baby is heart-pounding violent, very sexy, and features a hero with a dirty mouth. It's only recommended for audiences 18+. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

She Wants To Watch by Michael Mechant
My wife's best friend was house sitting for a wealthy family while they were out of the country. She was bored being all alone so she invited us over for the day. At least, that's what I was told. I found out later she and my wife had other things in mind. My wife wanted to watch me with her. That day, we explored just about every way the three of us could have sex. By the end of the day, I was tired, happy and very much in love with my wife. If you liked Natural Insemination and I Want to Watch, you'll probably like this one too. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Southern Shifters: Bear Sentry (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Ruby Shae
After a routine mission turns deadly, bear shifter and former Enforcer, Jase Wagner is lost. The ability to trust his senses disappeared with the death of his partner and left him feeling worthless and unable to protect his clan. In an effort to find a place to fit in, he travels south and ends up in Deals Gap, North Carolina. Violet Black lives in the neutral zone between the wolf and cougar clans, otherwise known as Deals Gap. In a town of hybrids, a half-wolf and half-human shifter is nothing special, but being a curvy, plus-sized virgin with no shifter senses definitely makes her a freak. Luckily, no one ever gets close enough to learn the truth. When Jase walks into the coffee shop where Violet works, his whole world flips upside down. He immediately recognizes her as his mate, but when she runs, he realizes his senses still can't be trusted. As much as he thinks he wants Violet, he vows to leave her alone...until she forces him to protect her. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Midnight Shift by Renee George
Can two alpha wolf shifters love Benie enough to put their differences aside to save her? When Other Worlder monsters start hunting slayer Benoica "Benie" Dilian, she enlists the sexy genius Ian Arent and the hot telepathic werewolf Trace Calder to help find out who is trying to kill Benie--and why. But as the investigation takes them deep into the Other Worlder community, Benie discovers a dark truth that may well destroy her. Only the love of the two very different men can help her survive and accept her ultimate destiny. **Urban Fantasy meets Paranormal Romance for one intense, pleasurable, and exciting adventure. This book contains bloody fight scenes, scorching M/F/M menage scenes, and a love story that will melt your heart. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Wolf Bite (A BBW Shifter Paranormal Romance) by Catherine Vale
When Grayson walks into the local bank, he expects that it will be business as usual. That is until a local biker gang shows up, armed to the teeth. A few gunshots later and he finds himself on the run - except he's not alone. Cadence, the deliciously curvy bank teller is by his side and if there's one thing Grayson is sure of, it's that this lady just made things a whole lot more complicated. With a rival shifter pack on the hunt for him, and his clan at risk, the last thing Grayson needs is to be slowed down by this stranger, even if she's one of the most beautiful women he's ever met. But Cadence has a plan of her own, and a dark secret that she'll have to confess if they ever stand a chance at survival. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Longest Note (A Brothers of Rock - Willow Son - novel) by Karolyn James
It was supposed to be a 'reality show' date... but when the cameras turned off, that's when reality began. Bad boy rockstar guitarist for Willow Son, Ryker, takes a break from the band only to return to find out that the tour has been officially cancelled and the band's future is in jeopardy. Offering some new acoustic material, the record company pushes back, wanting the band to try a new way to get new fans. The result is a chance for one fan to win a date with Ryker. * Struggling to survive, Alyson lives with her rich best friend, hoping better days are awaiting. One night, on a whim, her best friend secretly signs her up to win a date with the guitarist from Willow Son. It's supposed to be a joke, but then Alyson learns that she's in the top ten to win the date. That puts her on stage after a Willow Son concert, staring at the sexy guitarist, knowing there's no chance he'll actually pick her. But he does. Alyson is not meant for the limelight and Ryker can't get enough of it. The quiet, shy girl and the wild, bad boy rockstar is better left a fantasy, but once reality and romance barges its way into their lives, Ryker and Alyson soon realize that there's more at stake than just an album and a TV show... it's their hearts. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Punching and Kissing by Helena Newbury
Unless he can teach me how to fight, I'm dead. But our feelings for each other could destroy us both. When an illegal underground fight leaves my brother in the hospital, I make a desperate deal to save his life: I volunteer to fight in his place. In thirty days, I've got to walk into the ring, a woman in a man's world...and I've never even thrown a punch. I have one chance to survive. I need a badass who can teach me to be as tough as him. I need Aedan O'Harra, the blue-eyed, Irish beast of a man who everyone fears. But training together means getting close. Every touch of his hands makes it harder to control my feelings. I begin to see the man inside him, the one no one else can. Can I help him break free of the dark secrets that haunt him and can we save each other, or will we both be defeated? Because neither of us is ready for how dark and desperate this fight will become. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Once Upon a Billionaire by Jessica Clare
As a member of the royal family in a small European country, Griffin Verdi’s presence is requested at the wedding of the century. The scholarly billionaire feels out of his depth in social situations, so a good assistant is required—especially when dealing with royal etiquette. Unfortunately for Griffin, he’s stuck with Maylee Meriweather, a pretty, charming, and thoroughly unsuitable woman who doesn’t know a thing about high society—but she sure can kiss. Her lack of polish may sink Griffin, because after all, even his money can’t buy class. But through Maylee’s eyes, he’s starting to appreciate the simple things in life—if simple means the most complicated woman he’s ever met. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Sweet for Him: A BBW Romance by Harper Ashe
When the past and present collide, will they take a second chance on romance? Claire Branson is confused about what to do with her life. So when her sister asks her to housesit during her honeymoon, she jumps at the chance for a change in scenery. Claire expects to spend her month-long stay at the Blake mansion figuring out her future. What she doesn't expect is to come face-to-face with the high school hunk who broke her heart. Rob Halliday caters to the rich and famous. For the successful, high-end remodel contractor, life is pretty much all work and no play. Until he starts his latest project: a kitchen and bath remodel at the Blake mansion. That's when Rob comes face-to-face with the curvy girl who got away, and is forced to rethink his life's priorities. Being under the same roof for an entire month won't be easy for Claire and Rob, especially since he still oozes charm and sex appeal and she's cuter and curvier than ever. When their memories of the past spark fireworks in the present, will they risk everything to take a second chance on love? Sweet for Him is a BBW second chance romance with a HEA ending. It's a sweet, feel-good novella that will make you believe that true lo (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Wide Load Delivered: Bareback with the Trucker 3 by Katie Cramer
"Sit there like a good little cuckold and don't say another word...I only want to focus on him." The conclusion to the "Wide Load..." trilogy is here! Tanya has revealed she is pregnant...and not by her husband, John. When her lover, Alec, drives to Lightpoint to discuss next steps, he finds the scientist's wife more insatiable than ever. John wants to be in the same room to watch Alec and Tanya make love...but the evening makes everyone question their future and leaves all three of them with a devastating decision to make. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Virgin Sacrifice to the Minotaur by Raquel Rogue
(Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Spy Games: Paradise Falls, Book 4 by Abigail Graham
Jennifer Katzenberg never imagined herself fighting for her life, rescuing captives or learning martial arts. All that changed when Jacob Kane came roaring into her life just in time to rescue her from an abusive stalker. Now she's paid him back with a rescue of her own. Together, they face even greater challenges as Jacob's investigation into the bridge collapse that destroyed their families leads them down roads best untraveled. Everything Jennifer knows about her lost husband, her family, and her life is about to be turned upside down. As Jennifer and Jacob grow from partners into a couple, Jennifer must face her own fears and the sinister forces that threaten to destroy them both. In the end, all they may have is each other. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Meeting Trouble by Emme Rollins
Sabrina can't believe her luck - she's always dreamed of front row seats to see her favorite band, "Trouble," but when she bumps into lead singer, Rob Burns, and he invites her backstage, she finds herself hoping her luck doesn't run out - and that maybe, just maybe, all her dreams will come true. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Swingers' Club by Sadie Somerton
So tell me, what's your desire? What's your fantasy? Christina Winters has it all, but still there's something missing. She wants to explore and try things she's never tried before. When her husband finds this out he encourages her. His only condition is that she must tell him everything... The Swingers' Club turns out to be exactly what she needs: the perfect place for multiple encounters. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Bite This! (A 300 Moons Book) by Tasha Black
One magical spell. Four shifter siblings with a debt to pay. 300 moons. A brand new series of standalones from USA Today bestselling author Tasha Black. Darcy Harkness has never relied on the kindness of strangers, and she certainly doesn't want to get involved with a professional magician. Even if he's tall, dark and handsome. Even if he seems to show up every time the you-know-what hits the fan. Even if he turns the bad-ass she-wolf into a trembling mess every time he touches her. Finn Butler is the professional magician that all the girls fawn over. Except for one. No matter what he does, Finn just can't get the curvy new bouncer at Stackhouse Casino to notice him. When Darcy finds herself on the wrong side of a crime ring, just as the spell that has held her wolf in check for 300 moons is waning, she might have to let Finn help her out of the mess. Now if she could only ensure that she won't be letting him into her heart... (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Razor: A Bad Boy Stepbrother Romance by Lauren Landish
They call me Razor. 6'2", blond, green-eyed, 185 pounds of pure muscle with an eight-inch c**k - I pull b*tch*s like a grand master angler. But laying the pipe isn't all I do. I'm a hacker - the best there is. I work the keyboard like I work a woman's cl*t. Fast and furious. There's no code I can't crack, no problem I can't hack - that is, until I land myself right in the middle of a murder investigation. On the run, there's only one woman who I know I can trust - my stepsister, Carly. Tempting as f*ck, I've had a huge crush on her for as long as I can remember, yet I've always known she was off limits. Being around her will only complicate matters. She'll make it harder for me to complete my mission, but I can't help myself. With old feelings resurfacing and a growing need to claim her body as my playground, I'll have to decide between my freedom or letting her take the edge off this ... RAZOR. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Caged. Captured. Confined.: The Illicit Romance Reader's Dark BDSM Collection by Alpha Dom, Angel Wild, Giselle Renarde, Lexi Wood
Enjoy three dark BDSM tales from established and up-and-coming erotica authors, plus a bonus story from Lexi Wood! You don't want to miss this box set of dark romance BDSM shorts. It's the perfect compilation for a surreptitious escape when you're not supposed to be reading. If you just can't wait to indulge, don't worry - your secret is safe with us! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Sexy Little Cheerleaders – #3 Tumbling The Cheerleader by Hannah Hale
(Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Reporter and the Billionaire Scottish Wolf Lord (He Wanted Me Pregnant!) by Victoria Wessex
TV reporter Rachel isn't happy about being sent from sunny LA to gray, freezing Scotland to interview a minor royal. But when he turns out to be reclusive billionaire Lord Alex McKillington, things start to get interesting. Why is the whole village scared to go near his private island? Why does he seem so worked up when he's near her, his low voice almost a...growl? Alex has hidden his secret for years, isolating himself for the safety of others. But his need to mate hasn't gone away and when Rachel walks into his life, controlling himself is impossible. When she discovers his secret, Rachel must convince the brooding, loner alpha male to put aside his demons and love again. But is she really ready to beome his mate...and offer him her fertile body? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Three Union: 14 Book MEGA Bundle by Selena Kitt, Elliott Mabeuse, Giselle Renarde, Saskia Walker and more
Good things come in threes... This 14 BOOK Excite Spice MEGA Bundle brings you a menagerie of steamy, coital connections between a multitude of willing, wanton partners. You'll be happy to know that the characters in these stories all know how to share well with others! You get over 120,000 words of sensual hookups in every possible combination. Fourteen of the genre's hottest authors bring you a plethora of provocative pleasures that give a whole new meaning to the word "sandwich!" (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Dominated by the Wolf by Ashlee Alexander
A lonely succubus meets her match in a sexy wolf… Cursed by her succubus bloodline, Catherine craves physical contact and companionship, but her vampiric tendencies are harmful to those around her...if not deadly. Her life changes forever the night Gerard Lockhart, a sexy werewolf, steps into the diner where she works. Catherine is drawn to his magnetic energy, sensing that he is different from anyone she has ever met. Will he be strong enough to resist her supernatural powers? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Wild Hunt: Fantasy Romance Erotica (Veil of Undoing Book 1) by JD Harding and EK Sabins
Between the waking world and dreams, there is the Veil. One day of the year is known as the time when the fabric between worlds slips away, and our ancestors knew that dangerous things lurked beyond what we call reality. They have been called many things, but they were almost universally feared. And they haven't gone anywhere. Guarded as they always were, by deep, primal magics, the creatures from beyond the Veil continue to snatch people from this world, and they continue to ride The Wild Hunt. Two stories, with more than 35,000 words of sensual, fantastic tales, intended for an adult audience. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Keep Me: A BDSM Romance by Cate Bellerose
Vivian broke my best friend's heart. Can I trust her with mine? Naked. On her knees. Eyes down, back straight. She aches for a master. Too bad it's all an act. She can pretend all she wants, but now that she's under my skin, that's not good enough. Not for me. Not when I see how badly she needs me. Not when I think of all the things I want to do to her. I can't redeem her, but I can be her rock until she finds her own way. Until she submits, body and soul. - - - - - If you ask Caleb, I'm a hot mess waiting to happen. And he's right. Even my ex, the man I thought I knew, gave up on me. Why Caleb hasn't done the same is a mystery. He keeps me safe, and makes me strong, but what can I offer in return? My submission. A gift I give him gladly because every cell of my body stands at attention when he commands me to serve. I only have one thing to ask in return. Keep me. Keep Me is a steamy romance novella that contains explicit depictions of sexual activity by consenting adults in a BDSM setting, and is for adults only. It is a standalone story with no cliffhangers. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

His Bad Influence by CV Silk
What started as an adventure had become a trap. Curtis is a dangerous man. He's a criminal, there's no doubt about that. And he makes me do things... Dirty things. I shouldn't like these things, good girls aren't supposed to. But I can't help it, the way he makes me feel when he pins me against the wall, when he... shares me with others, men AND women. Is going to California with him enough of a reward for how low I'm sinking? We're riding his motorcycle from one place to another through the Southwest and at first I was happy enough just to leave my crappy little hometown. But now I'm wondering if I'm way over my head. Curtis is so powerful, enthralling. He has a bad influence on me. Don't tell anyone but I kinda like it. It's only a matter of time before I need to earn my keep though and it puts my life in danger... This standalone novella is raunchier than you can imagine. It's not your typical romance. You won't like Curtis. Maybe you'll lust after him but you won't like him. It's violent and raw and will leave you panting. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Forbidden Folk by Giselle Renarde
When Winter Green's estranged mother dies, the two remaining members of her folk trio plead with Winter to come on tour. No way! Winter grew up on a tour bus. She's got a different life now. She can't go back. She can never go back. But Steven and Virginia hold one secret nobody else knows: the true identity of Winter's mysterious father. Will her desire to meet him be enough to bring her back to the folk music fold? Or will it take forbidden love for her late mother's bandmates to convince Winter to return to the life she fled at fifteen? An erotic novelette from award-winning author Giselle Renarde. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Only Pretend by Nora Flite
If you hated your life - wanted to prove to the world that you could change - how would you do it? I had a plan. I also had no family, no friends, and definitely no jerk of an ex-boyfriend who thought I was boring. I was tired of being me. In Vegas, I could be anything. And then I saw him. His hungry smile wanted a taste of the new me. Only a boring person would have said no. It was reckless to follow a stranger to his bed. Dangerous to take the drink he handed me. I thought the worst regret I'd have would be a hangover, a walk of shame through the hotel. Except I didn't wake up in the hotel. Or in Vegas. I doubt my face will end up in the news. "Woman missing," the headline would say. "A stupid person who thought she could be someone else." I'm not someone else. I was only playing pretend. Too bad he was playing for keeps. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Yellow Lambswool by J. Strickland
A Christmas card brings back memories of a time in college when he went to France and met a young woman. They only shared a week but they made memories to last a lifetime. Everybody should experience a love like this once in their life. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Keeping Love (Billionaire Romance #2) by Sharon Cummin
Chris was a handsome billionaire. Sarah was the love of his life. When she found out something about his past, she didn't know how to handle it. He knew he had to do whatever it would take to get her back. Would Chris be able to prove his love to Sarah, or would he just push her further away? Finding Love (Billionaire Romance #1) is now available Keeping Love (Billionaire Romance #2) is now available Saving Love (Billionaire Romance #3) will be available April 30, 2014 (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Curvy Girl Blues by Michelle Fawkes
When curvy girl Kathy Morris goes on vacation to a wilderness ranch resort, she discovers being alone with beautiful scenery, river rafting, and horseback riding are the only adventures around, at least for a girl like her. That is, until a meteor falls near the resort. Kathy joins the searchers setting out to find it, only to realize the hottest cowboy on the ranch has a crush on her. Can they avoid the government thugs threatening them and find a piece of the stars and can a curvy girl find happiness with a cowboy? Approx. 9200 words. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Strictly Research (Bad Boy MFM Romance) by Terry Towers
Falling for a fantasy... or two.... "If it doesn't melt your panties, I'm not doing my job." My name is Monica and I'm a romance author. My readers all think I'm tearing up the sheets with one hot hunk after another. Yeah, right. Only in my dreams, and in my books. My bed sees less action than Sunday night at the bingo hall. So what's a newly-single romance author to do? Two weeks of whatever, and whoever, I can get my hands on in Amsterdam, that's what. It's time to unleash my inner heroine, no strings attached, tax-deductible, intellectual, and purely sexual. You know... RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY. I expect to experience a wild week or two, acquire some knowledge so I can write what I know, so I don't feel like a fraud. I never dreamed that I would meet two drop-to-your-knees-gorgeous men who would make my fantasies a reality or fall for me as quickly as I fell for them. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Paranormal Erotica Box Set: Vampires, Shifters, and Fairy Tales for Adults by Giselle Renarde
Take an anthology of paranormal erotic romance BDSM stories, add a collection brimming with lesbian vampires and shapeshifters, top it off with a secret solstice sacrifice, and what have you got? The Paranormal Erotica Box Set! From the bisexual vampire hairdressers of Blood Addict to the blood-thirsty lesbians of Girls Gone Carnal, there's a story to suit every taste in this 65,000+ word compilation of 18 sexy stories. Got a taste for threesomes? Gothic horror? Bondage? Gender transformation? Succubi? Fairies and legends? You'll find it all, and so much more, in this great new collection! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Under His Hand by Anna Antonia
From USA Today and New York Times Bestselling Author Anna Antonia comes 5 sizzling novellas of love and surrender... Love doesn't obey conventional rules and neither do these dominant men. From billionaires to brooding aristocrats to childhood sweethearts, these romances straddle the delicious line between seduction and surrender... Sarah's Seduction: Temptation - Sarah Woods has always lived a nice, safe, and predictable life. That is until she meets tall, dark, and sexy-as-hell Devon McNeill in the erotica section of her local bookstore. What begins as friendship quickly turns into a chance for sexual awakening when Devon dares Sarah to meet him for one night at an upscale hotel. Will Sarah give into Devon's wicked temptation or will this closet-submissive run away from the dominant waiting to make her his? // Being Trevor's - Trevor St. John always has to be in control. He thrives on it, needing dominance over all things big and small. Especially over me. Trevor is beautiful, tortured, and damaged. And despite everything he's utterly perfect for me... // Obeying Mr. Collins - Natasha Reynolds has worked well under her brilliant yet demanding boss, Mr. Collins, for over a year. One night their dynamics take a thrilling turn. When Mr. Collins confesses to seeing Natasha as his prey, she is forced to admit her submissive side can no longer be completely confined to their workin (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Touch by Polly J Adams
When Ruth sees Saul stripped to the waist, fit and tanned, she knows what she wants, and she sets out to win him without any help from sisters Anna and Esme. But if she can’t use supernatural Charms and Enchantments, just what can she do to make him hers? A very adult tale of magic and passion from the author of Raising the Dead, containing scenes of an explicit sexual nature. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Walk of Shame by Polly J Adams
Humiliated and abandoned, her marriage in ruins, Julie wants to feel desired again, and she wants to do some of the things she has never done before. Was sleeping with strangers a revenge thing? Perhaps. But also, it was one of the most exciting things she had ever done. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Why Does it Taste so Sweet? (Let's Make This Thing Happen 3) by PJ Adams
Now that her relationship with rock star Ray Sandler is out in the open will things change for Emily Rivers? She'd been so certain that this was the real thing but when one of the sweetest things a man has ever done for her turns out to be a lie will she ever be able to trust him again? A story of secret romance in the world of the super-rich: an international celebrity and his unlikely BBW love. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Taking Innocence - erotic tales of innocence lost by Jade K Scott and friends
This collection of nearly 80,000 words of explicit erotica features 12 uncensored erotic stories by 7 of today's hottest erotic story authors! These stories feature tales of lost innocence -- young ladies losing their most precious possession, often under the most extreme circumstances! These stories are hot, explicit and totally uncensored! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Bikini Curves (Sunnystone Bay) by Charlotte Summers
When magazine layout artist Maddy Davis hits the beach at the Shark Festival, she doesn’t expect the huge t-shirt she wears over her bikini to almost drown her in the sea. She doesn’t expect the lifeguard who saves her to be womanizing Hollywood actor Alex Stone or for the embarrassing event to be aired live on TV. Alex is on the beach researching a role for his next movie but when fans want to see more of him and the curvy girl he rescued, a PR stunt is arranged to improve his tarnished reputation. But how much of Alex’s interest in Maddy is a role he’s playing for the media and how much is real? She doesn’t know who or what to trust anymore. And she certainly doesn’t expect to fall for Alex. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

A Little Too Broken by Brad Vance
When Jamie walks through the door of the Humane Society, it's not just an animal who needs rescuing that day. Tom is there to adopt another service dog into the Canine Comrade Corps, but it's Jamie his heart goes out to. But each man turns away, walks away, from the potential pain, the rejection, the knowledge that it'll all end in tears... (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Anything for a Christmas Bonus by Angelina Spears
Frances is looking forward to getting her much-needed Christmas bonus. But when the mysterious and dominating executive announces there won’t be any this year, she slips into his office and claims she’ll do anything for her bonus. Absolutely ANYTHING. 5,600 words (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Knights of Stone: Bryce (gargoyle shifter romance) by Lisa Carlisle
What happens when love arrives at the most unfortunate of times? Gargoyle shifter, and the last of her clan, Mairi, is running for her life, desperate to keep hidden. When she spots two winged creatures flying high above her in the Highlands of Scotland, she momentarily panics, thinking they're the same beasts who murdered her family along with her entire clan. Realizing they're gargoyles like her, she takes flight and discreetly follows them to an island. Bryce, beta of his clan and drummer for the Knights of Stone, senses something is amiss on the Isle of Stone. At first, he believes he's merely discomfited by the rumors of atrocities occurring in the Highlands. However, he discovers an intruder on the magically-concealed island home. Once he ascertains that the flame-haired beauty is the sole survivor of a traumatizing attack, he returns to the Highlands to warn his former clan. Somewhere between cautioning the clan and realizing the necessity of destroying the beasts that threaten them all, Mairi and Bryce discover an attraction that quickly evolves into a consuming passion. A problem even greater than the murderous fiends becomes apparent - the love they share may not survive the battle. For a unique shifter romance series with hot men in kilts, read about the brothers in the Knights of Stone today! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

JUST LOOKING: A stepbrother romance by Kendra Edge and Sadie Somerton
I never planned to do it. Watch him. Spy on him. I'm not that kind of girl. Or, at least, I never thought I was. Especially him. Robbie Fulton. Arrogant and selfish. A user of women. A player. Robbie Fulton: son of my mother's fiancé. This whole thing... it's wrong. So very very wrong. This vacation was supposed to bring us all together. Make us feel closer. But not like that... JUST LOOKING: A story of temptation and desire. A story of voyeurism and seduction. A story of taking things too far. This is a standalone adult romance, with the emphasis on the 'adult'. This edition also includes two free bonus stories. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Aya Fukunishi Romance: The Complete Collection, 2011-2016 by Aya Fukunishi
This is the one you've been waiting for. This is it, ladies. I'm moving to Mongolia and taking a much-needed break from writing, but before I go I have one final treat for all of you. This is the Complete Aya Fukunishi Collection. 36 romance and erotic romance novels, novellas and short stories. 400,000 words. So many pages you'd need to hire a sherpa to carry the paperback. This volume is my life's work. It contains EVERY book I've published in the last five years, including multiple Amazon top 100 bestsellers and several books that haven't been on sale for years. It has a little something for everyone, from stepbrothers to paranormal romance to billionaires to a weird erotic story set far in the future - a story I have absolutely no memory of writing, as I was spaced out on painkillers and typing with a broken hand in the middle of Cambodia at the time. That story is... strange. This book comes with a time limit, and it's an unusual one. On Tuesday 31st May I'll fly to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, and shortly after I'll jump on a horse and ride out to tour the Mongolian steppe. This book will be removed from sale the day I find a camel, and convince its owner to allow me to ride it. That's right, ladies. You're racing a camel. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Taming A Dark Heart by Terry Towers
Steamy Reading For A Cause, special holiday campaign! Terry will be donating 30% of the proceeds from this book to the SPCA. So you not only get a steamy romance, but you're also supporting a good cause. Special agent, Colin Almond, has a problem - or four - in the form of abandoned meowing kittens on his doorstep. When he tries to drop them off at the animal shelter he finds shelter worker Gabriella Simons is less than accommodating. Colin isn't used to not getting what he wants and after meeting the feisty shelter worker he decides what he wants: her. Even if it means he becomes a pet owner in the process. But is he really who he says he is, and will his deep, dark secrets destroy them both? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Stone - Big Girls & Bad Boys by DH Cameron
I love being a biker's old lady. Too bad I don't love that biker. Bobby is a jerk but he's better than my drunken mom and abusive stepfather. But when Stone joined the Knights, things changed. He's a bearded bad boy and he's not shy about what he thinks about Bobby and me, especially my full figure. Even though I'm with Bobby, I can't resist when Stone asks me out. The way he touches my soft curves, the way he pleasures me endlessly, the way he makes me feel about myself. I can't get enough. But Bobby won't let me go without a fight and he means to ruin the motorcycle club I love so much. But Stone is up for a fight and with him by my side, so am I. Stone is a standalone novella with a happily-ever-after and the first in the relaunch of D. H. Cameron's wildly popular Big Girls & Bad Boys series. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Unfaithfully Yours by Katie Cramer
When the love of your husband just isn't enough...a woman's got to do what a woman's got to do! This bargain boxed set contains TEN hotwife and cuckold stories from the steamy pen of Amazon bestselling author Katie Cramer. A gigantic 51,000 words of naughty hot wives, their submissive husbands and dominant alpha male lovers - for adults only! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Furgotten: BBW Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance by Kate Kent
Chloe Roberts has a secret. A big one...she's Chloe Roberts not her twin sister Courtney Roberts. BBW Bite Me Bar bartender Chloe Roberts is having a normal day shopping at the mall when the hottest guy on the planet, wolf shifter Drake Roma, grabs her sweet body from behind. Nice huh! Only there's a problem. He thinks she's her twin sis Courtney. Uh oh, what do you do in a case of mistaken identity? You fess up who you are right? But our girl Chloe has a sense of adventure and a desire to get to know the hunky dude whose arms are locked around her waist. The sexy wolf shape shifter decides she can be Courtney for the day AND night! Courtney is a brilliant, high powered attorney with the firm Gatel & Sons. It feels good to pretend to be her, even if it's just for a little while. Chloe keeps meaning to tell Drake the truth, but uh, things don't quite work out as planned. It gets more than a little bit heated as the two tango. And Chloe has another issue. Her father has huge medical bills and an obnoxious landlord demanding his rent. Can Chloe help her dad get on his feet? And does she stand a chance with Drake Roma after tricking him? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

His Witness (A Dark Romance) by Vanessa Waltz
He was charming, powerful, intoxicating. Accepting his advances might be the last mistake I'd ever make. He was a dangerous man, and the fact that he made me feel alive couldn't hide that I danced with death. I made my choice, and he made his. Now I'm trapped in his basement, completely at his mercy. Day after day he toys with me for his own amusement. Pleasure and pain, pain and pleasure. The two are so linked now that I can barely tell them apart and I'm beginning to crave both. Worse, I'm beginning to crave him. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Knocked Up by the Bad Boy by Vanessa Waltz
The last thing I need is a wife and kid. The only settling down I do is at night, when I take a girl home to f*ck. I get laid to unwind from the chaos in my life. I live to hear them scream my name, but one night is all they get. One night was all I needed. Until I knocked up Maya. It was supposed to be one night. But one wild night made me want another, and another. I'm addicted to every inch of her body. Now that I have her, I can't let her go. I thought I never wanted a family, but now I can't imagine life without one. Only, there's a problem. Her father wants me dead. I didn't know she was his daughter. I don't give a damn. She's mine. Our child is mine. I protect what's mine. Even if it means war. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Object of His Desire by PJ Adams
Old scandals create murderous intrigue in the steamy world of the super-rich. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Her Secret Pleasure (A BBW BDSM Erotic Romance) by Jordan Bell
Sean Castle was Kara Mahoney’s first everything – her first kiss, her first love, and the first man to discover her obedient, sexual passions and dominate them. He was also her first heartbreak. When Kara and Sean are reunited, old passions become hard to resist. Sean struggles against reclaiming the girl he thought he’d given up six years before and Kara’s body threatens to betray her by surrendering to the man she hates as much as she loves. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Tied to Him by Delilah Fawkes
Rose never thought she’d agree to a fake marriage… until she met bad boy Jackson Pierce. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Gold Rush Brides: The Beginning by Cassie Hayes
Who needs a man? Certainly not Miss Delilah Price! Abandoned by the man who ordered her as a mail order bride, Delilah struggles to get by in Gold Rush-era San Francisco. Not willing to return to her father's restrictive home — or face the arduous six-month voyage back to Boston — she hatches a plan to start her own business. She'll never have to trust her future to a man again. Jack Dalton struck it rich in the Sierra Nevada and is having a mighty fine time spending his gold at dance halls and saloons in town. He can't for the life of him figure out why so many of his drinking buddies are signing up for ads in the matchmaking paper that snooty 'Miss Priss' is starting up. The last thing he wants to do is to settle down. When an unscrupulous charlatan threatens to shatter Delilah's dream, Jack takes pity and steps in to lend a helping hand. Then he gets suckered into partnering with the very woman he desperately wants to avoid. Long hours working together force them to face their deepest fears and admit they're drawn toward one another. Can they let go of their pasts and find hope for their future or will they let their fears tear them apart? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Me, Cinderella? by Aubrey Rose
Can two wounded hearts find their way back to a normal life? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Sometimes a Shadow Collection by Emmie Udall
All three Sometimes a Shadow stories in one handy volume! Sometimes a Shadow - The Meeting Sometimes a Shadow - The Slave Auction Sometimes a Shadow - The Disaster When Valerie Mitford meets incredibly rich Maximilian Vonderburg, he introduces her to a world of kinky sex, international finance, and murderous intrigue. With his charm and dominating ways, Max shows her the secret side of the kinky rich and famous. Politicians and actors, bankers and rock stars, all with their hidden, and some not so hidden, kinky lifestyles. Max knows them all. Some are friends, some are enemies. One wants to destroy him and his entire family. Seduced sexually and financially into becoming his personal assistant, does Valerie dare explore her own kinky fantasies without losing herself or her heart? Approx. 33,000 words. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The First Alpha by KA Taylor
Adam has waited an eternity for his mate. After three thousand years of searching he's almost lost hope that he'll ever find her... almost convinced himself that God has forsaken him. A tale of love against all odds; of betrayal, scheming and intrigue, and of two souls linked together across time. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Riding Red by Aubrey Watt
At her best friend’s wedding, Raylen can’t keep her attention off of the mysterious man with the dazzling green eyes. Jonathan’s single touch is enough to drive her wild… and tonight she is ready for anything. But when she learns the secret of who he really is, will his charm be enough to keep her? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Too Perfect by JM Keep
In the future, women are a commodity to be traded and programmed for a single purpose. Andrea has been scientifically modified to be the perfect woman, but when she's gifted to a young man by his father, he recognizes her: His old, unrequited crush. Now she only has one lustful thing on her mind, but can he overcome his guilt at what his father has done to her? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Strike to the Heart - Champion Hearts Book 1 (MMA Sports Romance) by Malia Mallory
Tonight wasn't about love, it was about greedy desire. When tennis star Jo Parker-Barrow meets MMA fighter Zane Ryan at a US Open party, she has no idea who he is. She just knows he's handsome and sexy. Throwing her usual caution to the wind, Jo allows herself one hot night with a stranger. But Zane doesn't want to remain a stranger. He pursues Jo until she can't say no, but neither can she say yes. She's had her fill of men who take risks for a living, and Zane is a mixed martial arts fighter at the top of his sport. Can Jo love not only the man but the fighter as well? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Merciless Love: A Dark Romance by Nicole Snow
ONLY MERCILESS LOVE TAMES THE DARKEST HEARTS... The name's Evan Cole, and I deserve to burn for what I've done. The girl with the rocking body I saved yesterday believes I'm some kinda hero. You'd think she'd recognize evil after staring it in the face all her life, but with me, Cassie's completely blind. She doesn't know this house is a prison. She doesn't know the cartel's got my son. She doesn't know I'm a selfish, desperate, pissed off imposter, and I'll do anything to get my boy home. Dealing in flesh is nothing new. Remorse is a word I never learned. Turning her into a new toy for the savage blackmailing me should be a cakewalk. Except it isn't. There's a deeper, crazier part of me that starts to blaze whenever I see her. I just can't shake these insane fantasies about hauling Cassie to bed and working out the pain, the rage, the insatiable lust, claiming her as mine and nobody else's... No! I need to forget all that and get on with this sideshow. I can't go soft. If I do, the whole damn world's gonna crash down and bury everything I've ever cared about. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Finding Allie (Breaking Away Series #1) by Meli Raine
Chase Halloway's father is the president of Atlas, the drug dealing motorcycle gang that terrorizes most of our desert town. My stepfather turns out to be a rival drug dealer, and I'm pretty sure he killed my mom two years ago. I'm not supposed to fall in love with Chase. He's not supposed to know I even exist. But when he finds me, he can't let go. And when I find myself in his arms? I hold tight. I have to. Because if I don't, I might just die. With or without him. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Fertile Curves 2 by Michelle Fawkes
The dramatic sequel to Fertile Curves. Katherine and Jeff have a marriage of convenience, but it's a convenience that might reward them with a half billion dollar inheritance if Jeff can get Katherine pregnant and she can produce an heir to the family fortune. Jeff's brother and his evil wife Andera have other ideas, though. The fortune will go to them, if Jeff and Katherine fail and they'll do anything to stop them. Can Jeff get Kath pregnant and will they fall in love in the process or will they go their separate ways? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Dark Rebel Motorcycle Club Trilogy by Abby Weeks
These books follow the full story of Rose Meadows. They are drawn from experiences in the author's own life and reveal a heartbreaking and painful story of abuse, degradation and humiliation. While the trilogy as a whole ends happily, terrible things happen to Rose in these pages. You've been warned! The story opens with Rose being kidnapped. She wakes up in a motel room, tied to the bed, and she is terrified. Never could she have imagined what the men who took her have in store. The pleasures they seek are not only sexual; they want that, but they also want to abuse her in more degrading and devastating ways. They want to humiliate her. They want to debase her. And most of all, they want to break down her trust in the one thing that can eventually set her free: Love. Start this trilogy if you are brave enough to see it through to the end. It is a heartbreaking story but it is also a triumphant one. It shows that love can be found in the darkest of places, and that sometimes it is the roughest and hardest of men who prove to be the most surprising (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Beautiful Domination: The Collection by Jordan Bell
Domination. Submission. A little bondage. A little pain. Sweet pleasure. Burning romances between strong, passionate women and fiery alpha men. That’s what you’ll find inside Beautiful Domination: The Collection. And maybe, if you’re very lucky, a very good spanking. Three novellas, each available individually, together for the first time in one collection. In a battle this hot and heavy, everyone wins. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Dark Pirate by Christina O'Neil
Connor McDuff, a modern day pirate, is plundering on dry land these days. His mission? To take a wealthy man’s daughter for ransom. There is however a very tempting flame haired wrench thrown in his plans, the troubled daughter, Catie O’Halloran. Catie challenges the very few morals Connor didn't know he possessed. He’s never wanted anything more, and their sexual chemistry is undeniable. A man who is tortured by demons, as love grows he leaves, thinking she’s safer without him, but he couldn't be more mistaken. Fate keeps bringing them together only to cruelly rip them apart time and time again. There is danger, and a sinister presence hidden in a world of deception, where nothing is as it seems, and in the end, can Connor save Catie from imminent peril before she is out of time? Erotic, dark and suspenseful, it will draw you in and shake you to the core. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Love Endures: A Collection of Romance Stories by Vivian Ward
This box set from Amazon bestselling author Vivian Ward includes a collection of 12 hand-picked, hot and steamy romance stories for your enjoyment. There is a combination of bad boy romance, second chance love, billionaires, secret babies, and much more! All stories are full-length stories with NO cliffhangers and all of them include an HEA. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Alpha's Darkling Bride: A Bad Boy Alpha Romance by Linda Barlow
Jess: Montana rancher Cade Derringer wants me naked and vulnerable. Screw that. The last thing I need is a dirty-talking, bad boy shifter crashing into my life. Especially the wolf pack alpha, who never lets me forget that the first time he saw me, I was stark-freaking-bare-assed. Trouble is, I can't seem to stop losing my clothes around him. But that doesn't mean I like him. Nor does it mean I'll obey his sexy, arrogant orders... Even if I am forced to marry the jerk. Cade: I've got no damn use for a wife. Especially one with dark, mysterious secrets. I'm a hunter. Chicks like her are my natural prey. But Jess lights me up with mystic fire every time I nail her. If she thinks that means we're fated mates, forget it. I take what's mine, but I don't believe in fairy tales. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

XXX-Mas Party Vixen Bundle by Saffron Sands
XXX-Mas Party Vixen Bundle is 3 sexy stories wrapped up for the smut lover on your Christmas list. The bundle features 3 previously published erotic stories: X-Mas Cums Early For Carol, Santa’s Favorite Elf and Christmas Party Menage. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

I Married a Billionaire: Lost and Found by Melanie Marchande
(Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Bitter Farewell (Brothers of Rock #3) by Karolyn James
Coming home may turn out to be the biggest mistake of his life… or the perfect time to change everything… (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Erotic Authors Collection 2 by Carl East and friends
Another big bundle of explicit smut from the fabulous Carl East. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Curvy Architect and the Gardener (He Wanted Me Pregnant!) by Victoria Wessex
She?s a long way from New York. Doing up a mansion in Alabama sounded easy. But curvy girl Kara finds there are holes in the roof, a jungle outside and wildlife living in the cupboards. The only upside is the muscled, shirtless gardener who leaves her breathless...but he wouldn?t be interested in a big girl like her...right? He?s out of his depth. Hank can tame any garden. But can he figure out this fancy New Yorker who he can barely keep his hands off...and who can?t see the beauty in her delicious curves? As Kara tries to adjust to a town full of big skirts and homemade lemonade, Hank fights to find a way into her closed-off heart. Temperatures soon rise...but can he convince a city girl to put down roots...and have his children? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Blank: Standalone Billionaire Romance by Cassie Wild
They say I just woke up from four months in a coma but that's not the worst...I have no idea who I am! When nineteen year-old college student, Preslee Keats, wakes up after four months in a coma, she has no recollection of what happened, of how she ended up in the hospital. All the police can tell her is that she was in a car accident and the other driver still hasn't been found. Soon after coming to, Quaid Fields, a high profile defense attorney, comes to visit her. To her surprise, he offers her a hundred thousand dollars to 'help her get back on her feet.' Realizing that this sort of money never comes without a catch, she doesn't want to take the bait. However, after learning that she lost her job and are now facing mountains of education and medical bills, she may have no choice. And if she does accept, what does that say about the kind of person she really is? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Hitman's Kiss: A Mafia Bad Boy Romance by Kate Sands
She thinks he's more than a killer. He'll have to kill to prove her right. // Robert: I've been working for Don Capelli since I was twelve. I can't even tell you how many people I've killed, but lately I wonder if I've still got the stomach for it. Not much choice, though--a man like me doesn't get to have a nice little wife and family to come home to. And now there's this chick. Emily. Cute, and sweet, and innocent--it's her old man who has gambling debts. But I'm holding her hostage until her father pays up. Except he's not paying, and the Don wants to turn Emily into one of his whores. It ain't right -- she didn't ask for any of this. I gotta protect her somehow ... and hope Don Capelli doesn't find out. // Emily: I've spent my life buried in books. They've been my closest companions, my true friends ... but they didn't prepare me for this. I'd be scared to death except for Robert. I know he's done awful things, but he's not an evil man, not deep inside. And he makes me feel things that no man ever has. He's all I've got since my father abandoned me. If we bring each other pleasure ... is that so terrible? // When Robert runs away with Emily to keep her safe, it's not long before the Don's hitters come after them. Can he keep them both alive--and battle his own doubts--long enough to give their newfound love a chance? Hitman's Kiss is a full length romantic suspense mafia no (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Giselle's Big Box of BDSM by Giselle Renarde
Fifteen erotic tales of discipline, domination, spanking, submission, Alphas, Femdom, bondage and more by award-winning author Giselle Renarde. Giselle's erotic fiction has appeared in over 100 anthologies, including prestigious collections like Best Bondage Erotica, Under Her Thumb, Serving Him and The Big Book of Bondage. Snap up every story in Giselle's Best BDSM Erotica series at a value price! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Walk of Shame by Sadie Somerton
Humiliated and abandoned, her marriage in ruins, Julie wants to feel desired again, and she wants to do some of the things she has never done before. Is sleeping with strangers a revenge thing? Perhaps. But also, it's one of the most exciting things she has ever done. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Erotic Paranormal Activity by Carl East
Angela is a freelance investigative journalist, who is trying to ascertain whether ghosts truly exist or not. Until now, she's been opened minded about the entire quest. However, she's yet to find any positive proof. Then, she gets the chance to stay in a house that others won't go near. What she finds is both eye opening and mind blowing. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Curvy Girl Kisses by Michelle Fawkes
When curvy girl Traci Morgan checks into her dorm for her final year at college, she discovers her new roommate is the mysterious Ellie James, the most beautiful girl on campus. Despite an instant girl crush, Traci fights her conflicted feelings and growing attraction to Ellie, but discovers that friends with benefits don't always have to be men. Will Traci give up her dream of marrying part time boyfriend Scott Wilson or will she find a new kind of happiness with Ellie? Approx 14,000 word novelette (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Unmasked (New Adult Romance) (The Unmasked Series) by Anya Karin
(Amazon US - Amazon UK)

My Wife, The Escort - Complications 1 (My Wife, The Escort Season 3) by Victoria Kasari
This is the third and final season. Read "My Wife, The Escort 1-4" and "My Wife, The Escort - The Apartment" first. Jared's back...and this time, he's brought his buddy. We never expected to run into one of my wife's clients at the shopping mall. Would he suspect that she was married, or that I was her husband? And that was only the start of our problems. Jared wanted my wife to go out with him and his buddy for drinks...and then come back to their lavish house to party. It would be Harriet's first ever outcall appointment. Would she really go through with it? And could I really watch as she entertained two men...at once? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Burning At Last by Crystal Rister
Sara Thomas: Being thrust into a world of shifters, vampires and druids was enough to make her think that she was living a nightmare. But add to that the father she thought died, showing up at the door and kidnapping her, it's enough to question her sanity. Just as Sara is ready to go through the claiming with Jarroth, fate has intervened and sets her course for danger, and possibly death. / Jarroth Denton: On the hunt for his mate, Jarroth enlists his friend Cayden to assist in his search, who adds a few vampires to their efforts. Together, they will find his mate, but keeping her alive becomes nearly impossible until it's taken out of their hands, and they are forced to accept what fate has handed them. The fight becomes real as their desire wars in comparison with the danger, and more secrets come to the surface. The enemy finally approaches, and the rogue wants what he wants. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Three’s Company – three stories of group sex and multiple partners by Polly J Adams
(Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Cowboy Curves by Michelle Fawkes
When curvy Mandy Miller's car breaks down on a lonely Texas road on the way to a job interview, she seeks help from a nearby ranch, only to discover her old high school crush is the foreman. When a tornado traps them in the basement of the old ranch house, they are forced to face long their buried feelings for each other. Can Mandy control all the emotions boiling inside her until they are rescued or will she fall in love with the cowboy all over again? Approx 7500 words (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

A Baby for My Billionaire Stepbrother 4 by Cassandra Zara
You have no idea how many times I've fantasized about this, he said, pushing me harder against the shower wall. Tessa had said it was an emergency when she called, and she implied that James would invade my privacy in order to keep me from finding out about it. I didn't have a choice but to find a phone that he couldn't listen in on so that she could tell me the information that she had just learned. It had to do with my stepbrother, another woman, and another baby... When the circumstances behind another woman's pregnancy sounded eerily similar to my own, I began to wonder whether it was a good idea for me to keep seeing him. However, I had to ask him the question, had to hear the truth from his own lips. When I traveled to Boston to hear his band play, I eagerly waited for a moment alone with him, so that I could put my mind at ease. However, after the show, during the after party at his house, another man took an interest in me. Like just a few weeks ago, I found myself at the mercy of a more forceful individual. When James found us, and revealed the secret that tied the two men together, would he still protect me? Was I wrong to try and give him the greatest gift of all... a baby? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Whiplash: A Sports Romance by Tabatha Kiss
If I'm a player... Then she's the coach. // ELIZA: My dad doesn't want me socializing with the team. But I've never been much of a daddy's girl. Junior Morgan thinks he can flash a wink and get me in his bed. I won't make it so easy for him. Sorry, quarterback. You want me? You're gonna have to earn it. Let's play. // JUNIOR: The new coach doesn't want the team involved with his daughter. But I've never been one to follow the rules. Eliza Pierce thinks she's won her little game. I'm not giving up so easy. Sorry, honey. I know what I want. You have no idea who you're playing with. Bring it on. A handsome playboy. The coach's forbidden daughter. College football's Most Valuable Player has met his match! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Birthday Gift (Cuckolding Erotica) by Katie Cramer
"Happy Birthday, my cuckold husband..." After becoming a hotwife on their wedding anniversary, Tina is ready to take things to another level with her newly-cuckolded husband, Adam. She's arranged a present for his birthday they'll never forget... a secret encounter with a new stud in their marital bed! But Adam isn't prepared for the man his wife has chosen - an enemy from his past that Tina knows won't just make him jealous, but will humiliate him completely... (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

My Pretty Ponygirl by Jenevieve DeBeers
Sometimes a girl’s just gotta pony up to get the man of her deepest desires. Sylvie is a receptionist by day, who transforms into a sexy midnight cowgirl when it’s time to let her hair down and have some fun. She has set her sights on billionaire bachelor Brett Stirling, the city’s most eligible cowboy. But Brett’s an alpha male with a taste for absolute control of his beautiful lovers...his pets. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Body Lock: MMA Sports Romance by Grace Hugh
MMA fighting sensation Jans "The Dragon" will do anything to protect LeAnne... and their secret baby. // LeAnne I was a nobody. A nobody with a junkie mom and a sh*t life. I swore I'd never be like her, I was good! Until bad boy Jans rolled through like a storm, claiming my body with his dominating hands and my heart with his icy blue eyes. My mom finally did something right when she became Vinnie, Jans' dad's, arm candy girlfriend. Then everything went wrong. I know Jans didn't mean to do it. He was only trying to protect me. // Jans Her innocence was like an addiction, I was obsessed from the moment I saw her. I couldn't get enough of her sweet lips and delicious taste. My Capo father would kill us if he ever found out. He wanted to marry LeAnne off in some bullsh*t Family alliance but I had other plans. It all fell apart when I f**ked it up. Bad. Bad like a two year, federal penitentiary sentence bad. Now I'm out and nothing will stop me from doing what I have to and exposing Vinnie's treachery to protect LeAnne. I'm 6'2" and 220 pounds of hard, fighting muscle. I'll battle it out in the cage and score our future. All I have to do is beat every opponent the Families send at me, no limit, in one night. Impossible but I'll come out on top. // *Note: Body Lock is a full length novel, heavy on the steam, with a happy ever after ending and no cliffhangers.* (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Mine: A Stepbrother Romance by Kim Linwood
He stole my heart. I'll steal everything else. Hunter Campbell is ridiculously wealthy, totally full of himself, and completely, deliciously lickable. It's no wonder women are lining up at the chance to win his heart. But not me, I'm not here for his love. I'm here for his whole freakin' island. See, I grew up in paradise, right up until his family ripped it away from us. Now I'm stuck with nothing, while my playboy stepbrother lives the life that was supposed to be mine. And I want it back. All I have to do is keep my hands off his chiseled, inked-up body long enough to sneak back into his life, find the proof I need to reclaim my birthright, and get away before he catches on. Simple. Except my plan seemed a lot easier before he kissed me. Not to mention the mud-wrestling. Oh, and the skydiving. Did I mention skinny dipping? Things got complicated, okay? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Wedding Heat: Saturday Night Sex Show by Giselle Renarde
It's Saturday night and Maggie's bridesmaids are treating her to a very special bachelorette party: a live sex show starring a fit guy named Brad and a curvy girl called China! Sounds like the perfect choice for an evening's raunchy entertainment. Even Vanessa, a devout dyke, can't help cheering the couple on. But maybe Brad and China are going at it a little too hard, because he sends the girl over the edge - literally! Naked China flies over the loft rail, and the first one out of her seat is Vanessa. The other bridesmaids have nothing but commendations to offer the daring dyke. Just kidding! They're highly critical of her oversexed approach to saving a damsel in distress. But that's okay. China loves a good tongue-lashing, and she might just have a job for Vanessa. A real job! In the queer porn industry... (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Garage Gangbang (A Rough Reluctant Gangbang Sex Story) by Mercy Faulk
(Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Beautiful Together by Andrea Wolfe
When you tragically lose the one you love, can anything truly take the pain away? A standalone, full-length New Adult romance with a HEA. Naomi - Sometimes the stars align. Sometimes you find the person meant just for you. Your soulmate. Your one and only. And sometimes, fate interferes with the cruelest plan of all. I watched as the leukemia took him away from me, one agonizing day at a time. And now that he's gone, I know I'll never love again. I'll never be whole. Jesse - I watched her world fall apart, and I suffered too. Now I have to try to save her. But how can I just be her friend...when I'm crazy about her? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

SIX NOVELS (A new erotic romance plus five bonus books) by Kate Dawes
A new erotic romance novel plus five previous scorching hot novels from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Kate Dawes. Six complete novels, no cliffhangers. 472,000 words, the equivalent of over 1,500 print pages. THE RIDER LIST (New release): He's uncommonly sexy and brazenly confident. He's exactly who I don't need to meet at this point in my life, but I have no choice. Drawn in by his relentless seduction, I'm soon taking chances I never thought I'd take, shedding my fears and letting him over my protective walls. And there's his unusual "rider list," always surprising me, testing my limits, exploring our fantasies, leading to the most sensual experiences of my life. What starts as a perfect distraction for both of us quickly becomes an entanglement of scorching hot sex, closely held secrets that could tear it all apart, and moments that will shape us for the rest of our lives. Plus five more novels: WATTS, TAMELESS, UNWRECK ME, LAYOVER RULES, FADE (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

MOBSTER: A Bad Boy Romance by Danielle Slater and Lacey St Claire
Following orders could secure his future ... and destroy his happiness. // A notorious man ... Francisco is next in line to take over as Mafia kingpin. His father wants him to settle down, but Francisco has never met a woman who made him want more than a one-night stand. Until the night of the masquerade party at Club Ecstasy -- when a masked woman entrances him with her warmth, kindness, and innate sensuality. // A dedicated woman ... Sarah is a hard-working nurse by day and a caregiver for her aunt at night. When she goes out for a rare evening of fun, she gets a lot more than she bargained for. The irresistibly sexy man she meets at Club Ecstasy almost seduces her right there in the nightclub. She never learns his name, or sees his face ... but she can't stop thinking about him. // A fateful encounter ... The next time they meet, it's because Sarah has become the unwitting target of a mob operation. For Francisco, family comes first. Can he find a way to satisfy his desire as well as his honor ... or will his loyalty cost him the only woman he's ever wanted? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Adventures in Fetishland by Slave Nano
In this BDSM reinterpretation of the Alice stories Kim’s life takes an unexpected twist when she is taken from the massage parlour she works and introduced to a fetish fantasy world, ruled over by the Red Queen, a powerful dominatrix. There, an intense psychological drama is played out between the two women as Kim enters a journey into submission. The Red Queen assumes different characters who torment Kim in a series of trials ranging from the funny and strange to the sadistic and erotic. Kim is lured deeper into this world by hints the Red Queen knows something about her past. Why has she been chosen to serve this powerful female? Why is the Red Queen so interested in her? When Kim finally finds out the truth, it is shocking and bizarre. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Obsessed - A Stepbrother Billionaire Romance by Tawny Taylor
I hate him and yet I want him. Desperately. I am so effing dead. Mom just got married, and now I have to live with my new billionaire stepbrother, Kent Payne. I should be happy, right? We aren't surviving on noodles and rice anymore. And at first I am. But things change. Quickly. It's him. Kent Payne. He is exactly what his name implies--a pain in the ass. Sure, he's gorgeous, and rich, and built like a god. But he's also a controlling, irritating, womanizing pain in the butt. Now, thanks to our parents, we're members of one big, happy family. Whoo-to-the-fu**ing-hoo. He's a jerk. And nothing can happen between us anyway. So I shouldn't care about who he's kissing in the kitchen... And I definitely shouldn't be fantasizing about him being my first... Hostile Takeover is a THREE PART SERIAL. If you hate serials, you may want to wait until all three parts are available before buying. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Hung: a Stepbrother Romance by Aya Fukunishi
WARNING: YOU SHOULDN'T BUY THIS BOOK. This book is the reason you need a password to unlock your Kindle, to stop people from discovering your dirty little secret... To stop people from learning that you're a naughty girl at heart. This book is filthy. Romance? There's nothing romantic about this story. If you want romance you should go away and read something else. Pick any book that has a couple kissing in the rain on the cover. If in doubt, read Nicholas Sparks. He's OK. This is a book to be read late at night, under the covers. It's a book to be read with your Kindle in one hand and your favorite toy in the other. This book will make you wet. You have been warned. // Plot? No, not really. Jill Travers is a young woman. You don't need to know more. It doesn't matter. She's not even real. I made her up in my head. Josh is a young man. He doesn't have a surname. Would you care if he did? I don't. Josh and Jill's parents married last year, and - thanks to the price of Manhattan real estate - these two step-siblings are forced to share a bedroom. Oh, don't give me that look. You know exactly where this is going. This book is just long enough to get you off. Now go and fetch your favorite toy. It's time. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Lone Wolf (Shifters' World 1) by Ruby Fielding
She lives alone in a world destroyed by plagues, the Shifters' World: a world where you can't trust anything, particularly strangers. When a man appears on her territory, she is right to be wary. She's right not to trust the powerful urges he inspires in her. The first story in a powerfully sensuous, and very explicit, shape-changer series (books two and three are also available). (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Bad Kitty (Southern Shifters) by Eliza Gayle
Get bitten by the SOUTHERN SHIFTERS in New York Times Bestselling Author Eliza Gayle's steamy paranormal romance series! Full of feisty women and the alpha men who fall in love with them! If you think you've lost everything. Think again. Kitty lost her father, her home and her clan. Clinging to what's left of her pride, she's forced into the neutral zone, the supposed safe haven for half-breeds and outcasts. An attack forces her to the wrong side of the treaty line and into an even more dangerous situation. Determined to greet death with the last of her dignity, she is suddenly rescued by a tall, gorgeous...wolf??? As the next alpha leader of his pack, Rafe Comyn has more than enough to handle with pack politics and precarious treaties. The last thing he needs is a pissed off feline landing in his lap, especially when her scent triggers his overwhelming drive to mate. While the daughter of a former rival is quite a conquest, she's both forbidden and dangerous. But as the heat of desire threatens to consume them, their differences escalate and Rafe must keep his own pack from killing the one woman he can't live without. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Yes, Please by Willow Summers
Mr. Carlisle is looking for an admin. Apply within... I'm way overqualified, but the economy doesn't care. After six months of job searching, I'm flat broke and mostly desperate. Rent is due in a week, my roommate sucks and is ready to toss me out, and I need an answer - fast! Nothing prepared me for the man in the suit... Not two steps into the office and my panties burst into flame. The word "handsome" doesn't do him justice. Lucifer would slap him a high-five. Clearly there is a reason he's the most eligible bachelor in town. The problem is, there's more to the job than just getting him coffee. Much more. Of the intimate variety. Two rules: No kissing. No falling in love. I can read right through all that malarkey - He's trying to push everyone away. He's trying to protect himself. I want to walk. To not care. But...something in me wonders what could've scarred him so badly that he needs to employ companionship. I'll either save him...or he'll ruin me... (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

From Oman with Love (The Spy and the Billionaire Part 2) (An Erotic Romance Spy Thriller) by Juliette Jaye
(Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Beach Bum Billionaire - The Complete Series (A BBW Billionaire Romance) by Jill Lang
From the sand swept beaches of the Caribbean to the glitz and glamour of Manhattan, curvy girl Patty Danville finds herself in over her head, having fallen for badboy billionaire, Alexander Kent. Patty isn't too keen on jumping into another relationship, having escaped to St. Martin to nurse a broken heart. On a lazy morning walk she encounters a man sleeping on the beach, believing him to be homeless. The blonde on the beach with the amazing tits and pretty smile is exactly what Alex needs to smooth the rough edges of deception and disappointment. For Patty, a fling with a compelling stranger is a fun distraction, but she wouldn't seriously fall for a bum, would she? A girl has to have some standards. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Dangerous Hero by Linda Barlow
I want it all. Whips and chains. Hearts and kisses. Viola was the first woman I ever tied up. We had one of those brief but intense summer romances. OK, so I screwed that up. But now, years later, I've got a second chance. The thing is, she doesn't trust me. I write novels about a brutal spymaster whose craving for blood and torture is insatiable. Hidden in my home is an authentic medieval dungeon. I'm a connoisseur of finely-wrought leather floggers, silken ropes, the restrictive corset, the binding cuff. I don't mean to frighten her. But hey, I want it all. Whips and chains. Hearts and kisses. Mastery and submission, pleasure and pain. I'm looking for that special partner--somebody to torment, somebody to love. The door to my dungeon is open. It is up to her to walk in. The Dangerous Hero is a contemporary romance novel by USA Today bestselling author and Rita Award Winner, Linda Barlow. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Going Gangbusters by Petrea Algar
Packed with hot men and wanton women, these six salacious tales of debauchery explore the idea that too much of a good thing is barely enough to get by. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Love for Sale by Lexi Wood
Angelica's got a head for numbers and a fondness for schemes. She has two years of college under her belt, but business school ain't cheap! Luckily, Angelica possesses something rich men crave: a body that's never been touched. To pay her tuition, she's willing to auction her first time to the highest bidder. But what happens when the winning billionaire pushes her beyond her comfort zone? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Ladies of Cascade Creek by AnnMarie Oakes
Rosalie Weld's fiance has a mistress, and he doesn't intend to give her up just for marriage. After breaking her engagement, Rosalie flees Boston for her cousin's homestead in the Colorado Territory and it might just be the perfect refuge, if she can learn to accept the hard work and solitude of frontier life. Even on her journey, she can't avoid womanizers like Garrett Ballinger, who stumbles out of a brothel and straight onto the stagecoach. But Rosalie will be safe when she arrives in Cascade Creek; the local marshal will escort her to Audra's homestead. Trouble is, Garrett is the marshal and he's plenty interested in the pretty Easterner. He may not be the man she thinks he is, but she can't trust him--until she's forced to. Can a Christmas miracle warm up Rosalie's frozen heart? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Dreamcaster (A Fantasy Romance) by Ruby Fielding
Marla is a young woman scraping to get by on the fringes. Struggling to keep a low profile, she has only tantalizing memories of a past that was very different. Memories and dreams... Who is the mysterious man who comes to her in those dreams, and why is Marla being hunted down? A story of magic, mystery, romance and brutality in a war-torn fantasy world where love lies in tatters and one woman may hold the key. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Midnight Avenger: Midnight Special: Synne City Super Heroines in Peril by JK Waylon
Young, beautiful, and powerful, Midnight Avenger had a rough month since her capture by mobsters. When she spots one of her former tormentors at the scene of a crime, she follows him with hopes of catching him red-handed. Only she is the one caught. Super heroines are hard to catch, and harder to keep. Midnight Avenger quickly escapes, and calls in help. New super heroine Kunoichi is eager to get into the action so answers the call to battle. Together, they go after the mobsters. Two against a dozen. Sounds about right to them, but they might've bitten off too much. Will Midnight Avenger and Kunoichi triumphant and vanquish evil? Or will evil swallow them up? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Complicated: Married to a BBW Hotwife by Sadie Somerton
When your wife sits you down and says you need to talk, you know things have become serious. When she's a hotwife and you've been encouraging her to explore her desires - anything, with anyone, so long as she tells you about it afterwards... Well, that's when things get complicated. A steamy story about an open and loving three-way relationship, featuring cuckoldry, adult dialog and lots of hot action! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

All Tied Up by Polly J Adams
When Christina wants to find a new lover her husband Adam couldn't be more supportive. All she must do is tell him all about it afterwards. But when Christina's perfect online date turns out to be a man who likes to be in control, have things gone just one step too far for the adventurous couple? "He hurt me," she tells her husband later. "He hurt me and I liked it..." (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Playing House by Abi Aiken
Lucy Featherstone, bookshop owner, tea drinker and borderline neat-freak, is in a spot of bother. First there was that trouble with her cheating boyfriend. Now her best friend Toni is moving out, and taking all that lovely rent money with her. The answer to her cashflow problem comes in the unexpected, but devastatingly handsome, form of Mark Hobson, Toni’s friend and workmate. With his silent feet, noisy ’66 Mustang, and his taste for boutique coffee, Lucy sees Mark as nothing more than a temporary solution to her troubles. But long months of loneliness have weakened Lucy’s resolve, and it soon becomes clear that the attraction she feels toward Mark is mutual. Still holding onto the pain of her ex’s adultery, she struggles to trust anyone male—a feeling that grows stronger every time Patrick the mailman delivers ham-fisted come-ons along with the bills. Will Lucy’s feelings of desire become too strong to resist? Does Mark want more from her than just convenient sex? And how far will Patrick go to get what he wants? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Summer’s Journey: Volume One – Losing Control by Summer Daniels
(Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Sold to the Hitman: A Bad Boy Mafia Romance Novel by Alexis Abbott
She's terrified of me. She should be. I'm no saint, but apparently even killers have limits. When the Bratva hired me as security for the night, I didn't know it was a flesh trade. I could have kept my cool, done my job, but then I saw her. Pure as a lily, dressed in skimpy lingerie, and being auctioned off to the foulest men in Brighton Beach. I'm not used to this white knight sh*t, but I did what I had to do. I outbid those pieces of trash and bought myself a bride. What the hell do I do with a sweet, subservient woman who's been trained to obey her husband? I can think of some things my baser instincts want me to do... But when she submits to me, I'm going to be the man that deserves it, not just the one she owes it to. So I'm going to make her life better. I'm going to make her want me just as bad as I want her. And at night, when my new princess is slumbering, I'm going to make every one of those pimps pay in blood. I will protect her... and our unborn baby. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Caught In The Act: Stories of Passion by Virginia Wade and friends
A heated glance. A stranger’s touch. A moment of surrender are all... Caught In The Act: Eight Sizzling Stories Of Passion. This boxed set is a collection of stories from best-selling authors Ellen Dominick, Carl East, Virginia Wade, Cheri Verset, Angel Wild, Lainey Price, Polly J Adams, and Jade K Scott. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Unleashed: explicit stories of wild love and magic by Polly J Adams and Multiple Partners
Red-blooded werewolves, witchly enchantments, ghostly seductions... explicit adult fiction about things that bang and howl in the night. Eight sizzlingly sensual stories and novellas from bestselling authors of paranormal erotica. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Outliers: Three novels of romantic suspense by PJ Adams
Outliers. They live on the edge. They don't follow rules. They're unlike anyone you've ever met before. Denny McGowan has only the clothes on his back, the money in his pocket, an easy, wise-cracking charm that could melt the hardest of hearts... and two gangsters on his tail. Will Bentinck-Stanley: a billionaire aristocrat whose dark secrets involve murder, blackmail and irresistible attraction. And Eleanor Dryton: widow and jailbird, a woman who has lost everything and now only wants revenge. Outliers: three novels of romantic suspense in a single volume. "Combines the erotic with a touch of romantic suspense...I loved it!" (I Am A Book Addict And Proud Of It!) "I could not put this book down!" (Blazinbear's Book Blog) (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Bringing it Home by Sadie Somerton
"There must be others. Here. People who like to play." Turned on to the swinging lifestyle on a trip to Europe, Martin and Selena are keen to bring their experience back home. But how do you find people who share your adventurous spirit and just want to party? And when you do find them, just where will it all lead? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Shifters of Silver Peak: Mate For A Month by Georgette St Clair
Silver Peak is no place for a civilized shifter. One minute, city girl Eileen Pennyroyal is running in terror from a bear - so scared she even forgets that she can turn into a wolf. The next minute, she's being rescued by the handsomest, rudest shifter she's ever seen. Does Marcus even know how to speak, or does he just grunt when someone tries to make conversation? Eileen knows when she's not wanted, and she thinks she's never going to see him again - until the local Alpha tells her that Marcus needs a mate immediately. And it's her. After surviving a hellish ordeal in his youth, Marcus avoids human contacts at all costs - until he sees Eileen. From the minute he lays eyes on her, she stirs feelings in him that he's never experienced before. That's why he's fighting his need for her with everything he's got - because his burning desire for the sweet, clumsy city shifter is threatening to unravel the final fraying threads of his sanity. Can a mating of convenience turn into something more? And can Eileen convince Marcus that he's worth saving, before dark forces from his past come back to claim him for good? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Bite of the Vampire by Emmie Udall
After feisty Allison Stark is signed for the leading roll in the movie, "Bite of the Vampire" she's overjoyed and thinks it will be all fun and games, not to mention, a giant boost to her career. As filming begins in the old mansion in upstate New York, Allison's romance life is turned upside down by the handsome and magnetic owner of the mansion, Kurt von Metzer - a real vampire and he wants to make her his own. Can Allison resist the steamy sexual intensity of this supernatural creature and save herself, or will she succumb and turn into a vampire princess? Approx. 16,000 words. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Fifty Shades Naughtier (#2 of the Fifty Shades of Naughty Trilogy) by Edward Naughty
Chance had taken possession of Gwendolyn and declared she belonged to him. He shared his world of the fifty shades of naughty filled with voyeurism and BDSM. She never realized that she would enter a secret world filled with new pleasures and excitement. He put her in a position of a watch dog observing his world unfold before her eyes in real time. She longed to resume unfinished business with Eric. Her fondness for Eric had caused conflict and had put a snag in Chance’s chances. Did Eric find himself back in Gwendolyn’s heart? Did Chance persuade, influence, and tame her into the darling he had desired? Did Gwendolyn follow her head or her heart? Warning: This story contains explicit sexual content that is not intended for those under the age of 18. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Julia Kent by Shopping for a Billionaire's Fiancee
All of our best dates end up in the emergency room.... I planned the perfect proposal. Plenty of lobster, caviar, champagne and--her favorite--tiramisu. The perfect setting. The perfect woman. The perfect everything. Dad gave me my late mother's engagement ring, platinum and diamonds galore. Shannon wouldn't care if I slid a giant hard-candy ring on her finger instead of a three-carat diamond designed to impress. But my future mother-in-law, Marie, will pass out when she sets eyes on that rock, and that will give us two minutes of blessed silence. That woman talks more than Kim Kardashian flashes her naked backside on the internet. I was going to make it perfect, from the color of the tablecloth to the freshness of the roses. And it was perfect. Until Shannon swallowed the ring. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Outlaw's Kiss: Grizzlies MC Romance (Outlaw Love) by Nicole Snow
MISSY: The dirty little secret dad left in the basement was supposed to be our salvation. Guess nobody told him you don't take cash from killers without savage consequences. Now, the Grizzlies Motorcycle Club owns my sister and I. We're only alive because the rugged hulk with the piercing eyes who won't stop ordering me around says so. He saved us, but he's also an enigma I don't understand. Why does he keep calling me his old lady? Is he really the light to our darkness? And why the hell can't I stop thinking nasty, shameful things about ending up underneath his wicked tattoos and crude lips? BRASS: I claimed her on impulse, and all my brothers laughed. Didn't know I'd end up with a smoking hot spitfire who looks at me like I'm the devil himself. I expected my reputation to crack, but my damned mind's going with it. She's got me questioning my own club and asking myself every single day how long I can keep my hands off her. It was only pretend, a way to keep her safe. But I can't ignore the very real brutality, corruption, and danger stalking us. Just like I can't forget the storm in my blood that won't stop howling 'til she's wearing my brand and bracing for my kiss. Play time's (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Dark Exposure by Amy Isan
My name is Giovanni. The women I capture call me monstrous, demonic, and evil. But I'm an artist. Over the years, I've perfected my technique to uncover that spark of life in my subjects. The women I capture need control. They all start as coal, unrefined and untainted. They need to be polished and carved into the diamonds they deserve to be. Sometimes they are too weak to withstand the pressure and heat, and turn out too flawed to even be worth gazing at. Lily isn't going to be any different than the others. She doesn't stand a chance. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Shifter by Jennifer Reynolds
Life lesson number one: Never anger a powerful witch. Too bad Dimitri Sullivan didn't know the beautiful redhead he met at a bar, bedded, and skipped out on was a witch?let alone a psychotic one who turns him into a diseased-ridden, flea-bitten, house cat; the complete antecedent to his predominate wolf form. Abby, like most humans, knows nothing about the supernatural world. She does know that her new cat is different. She knows that the new, gorgeous man in her life is up to something. And she knows that something isn't right about the beautiful yet crazy woman stalking her. When Mave, the witch who cursed Dimitri, discovers that the curse she placed on him is breaking, she goes to great lengths to stop him from becoming human once again. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Black Widow by PJ Adams
Two years ago Eleanor Dryton lost everything and ended up in jail. All that remained was a burning desire for revenge. Now, she has learned that she can be bad, but when her search for revenge leads her to a man who takes bad to a completely different level just how far is she willing to go? A dark and disturbing romantic thriller from the bestselling author of Winner Takes All. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Raw - Dark Bad Boy Romance by Tawny Taylor
It was supposed to be fun, the vacation of a lifetime. A dream vacation in Europe. Seven days of exploring Spain's lush countryside with my bestie, Sidonie. Seven nights of romance with a billionaire in the market for a trophy wife - with Sid acting as full-time escort to keep me safe, of course. All arranged by an elite matchmaking service that catered to lonely billionaires. What could go wrong? Nothing. Or so I thought. I was dead wrong. Sidonie mysteriously fell ill the day I was scheduled to leave and had to be replaced by a strange woman I didn't trust or like. And those days of exploring Spain? Spent locked in a room. I wasn't on vacation. I'd been sold. To the highest bidder. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Pieces of Autumn by Mara Black
I wish I could tell you that I was stolen. Kidnapped off the street in some third-world country, sold against my will, while a desperate family back home waited and prayed and talked about me on the news. I wish I could tell you that, because then you might understand. What really happened? I walked to my fate with my eyes wide open. But before you say I deserved whatever happened to me, you should know. I was desperate. I was alone. I was afraid for my life. You would have done the same thing. I thought things couldn't possibly get any worse. But then, I woke up in darkness, unable to move. There was only one thing I was sure of: I wasn't alone anymore. And then I heard HIS voice... (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Goldilocks And The Three Bear Shifters: A BBW Paranormal Romance by Sable Sylvan
Curvy Goldilocks has to deal with the three bear shifter bad boys from her past when she comes back to Port Jameson for her five-year high school reunion. When it turns out that each of the hunky men is still convinced she's their fated mate, the rivalry between all three shifters gets worse than ever before. Things get hot and heavy when mysterious black werebear Brian, fiery brown bear shifter Glen, and icy polar bear shifter Cliff all try to win her heart...but at the end of the night, will Goldilocks find a bed that's just right? After five years of no contact from the voluptuous blonde that broke their hearts, the three bear shifters are more than just grizzly at one another, and they're going to settle this...even if they have to use their paws and claws. Fur will fly as the territorial bears try to win over the woman they're sure is theirs...and theirs alone. If you love sassy BBWs and bear shifters are what you live for, spicy ménages (à quatre!) are what you dream of, and fated mates are your obsession, check out "Goldilocks And The Three Bear Shifters"! This book is a standalone novella, part of the Spicy Bear-y Tales series of remixed fairy tales. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Seven Kisses: A Beauty and the Beast Dark Romance by Giselle Renarde
My name is Gabrielle, but Madame de Villeneuve thinks I'm a girl called Suzanne. Nobody believes I'm really who I say I am. I guess I'm partly to blame. After all, I did sign a stranger's name to my committal forms when I entered this rehabilitation centre. I'm not actually addicted to anything – not sex, not drugs, not even rock and roll. So what's kept me here? It's a long story, and you probably wouldn't believe it even if I told you – especially the part about the monkey butlers. How does an innocent young woman end up bound to a hospital bed in the bowels of a Victorian manor house? I'll tell you if you really want to know... but I'm not sure you do. This is a story about seven kisses: some forceful, some sweet, and every one impossible to forget. Seven kisses that started with my stay at Loindici Manor. Seven kisses that would change my life forever. A novel from award-winning author Giselle Renarde. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

A Hundred Ways to Break Up by PJ Adams
Just how long can you hope to keep an affair with an international rock star a secret? When tragedy and angry exes threaten to wreck everything and her secret affair with Ray Sandler is about to go spectacularly public, can Emily do anything or has it all gone way beyond her control? A story of secret romance in the world of the super-rich: an international celebrity and his unlikely BBW love. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Swingers' Club by Polly J Adams
So tell me, what's your desire? What's your fantasy? Christina Winters has it all, but still there's something missing. She wants to explore and try things she's never tried before. When her husband finds this out he encourages her. His only condition is that she must tell him everything... The Swingers' Club turns out to be exactly what she needs: the perfect place for multiple encounters. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Seductress: Trash Day by Kirsten Rose
The St. Lustonia Chronicles continue in The Seductress: Trash Day. The Seductress gets a new man in her life in the form of Trash Man, a superhero who’s new to the city and eager to rid the city of criminal scum. She’s forced to take the good with the bad, however, as she finds out the hard way that someone’s out to get her. (You don’t have to read St. Lustonia Chronices: Ruby: Taking Off Her Tights to follow this book, but it’s recommended that you do.) (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Boxers & Briefs: An MFMM Romance by Abby Angel
Three hot alpha male lawyers and me... This courtroom is going to get filthy... She made partner at our law firm. And now, we're going to make her a partner in the bedroom. We're going to take her. Share her. Please her. Tease her. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Locked In (Locked in Love, Volume One): An Alpha Billionaire Romance by Myra Song
Former Detective turned Private Investigator, Elise Martin feels a lot like Atlas-- always trudging uphill. Only everyone thinks it's a chip on her shoulder instead of the world. She'd beg to differ. But now she's got rent due, ramen is getting old, and her former boss, the Police Chief, is making life difficult. So she'll take any job that comes her way. When a fateful encounter drops a security detail and potential case in her lap, who is she to say no? Too bad the man hiring her is one smooth, sexy, gorgeous a**hole. Like, can't-stand-to-share-your-air kind of jerk. But jerk that he may be, he's also a billionaire, and that means his check will cash. Jameson Locke is many things. Handsome, charming, meticulous. He's head of a security and safe company and one of the world's wealthy elite. He's also ruthless, calculating, and bored. When he meets Elise Martin, he can't shake her from his mind. Her curves and quick tongue inspire his need to dominate. To control. Even though he knows he can't get close to her, he needs something interesting. A challenge. Elise Martin promises to be that and more. Elise and Jameson find themselves locked in a game of wits and resources. Locke isn't a man to lose. **Ideal for fans of Hannah Ford, Kelly Favor, and Cassie Cross** (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Sea of Love (Bachelor Billionaire #1) by Sharon Cummin
Gavin was a handsome billionaire bachelor. He needed some time away to relax, when he decided to take a vacation with four of his closest friends. Becky had just ended a seventeen year relationship with a man who refused to commit. She packed up and moved for a fresh start in a new town and scheduled a wonderful seven day cruise to kick off her new life. When Gavin saw Becky on the ship, he was immediately intrigued. They found that they were both there to relax and renew, before jumping back into everyday life. They agreed to a full week of fun in the sun, with no strings attached. The deal was no detailed conversation, just steamy romance, fun, and relaxation for the length of the cruise. When the trip was over, they would both walk away knowing nothing personal about the other. Would it be as easy as they thought to let each other go? When something happened to force their paths to cross again, would they be able to handle it? Would they be able to walk away from their feelings a second time, or would the pull that they felt for each other be too strong to fight? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Summer Girl by Sophie Hill
By the end of the summer, Heather will find out that the truth is more shocking than anything she'd ever anticipated...and she'll make a choice that will change all of their lives forever. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Fertile Curves by Michelle Fawkes
Curvy Katherine Eastman has a problem. The family business has failed, she's been laid off from her job, and now faces a financial nightmare. Jeffrey Cameron Westbrook, III also has a problem. He has to get married and produce an heir within one year to receive his grandfather's inheritance. Are they the solution to each other's problems or is this little marriage of convenience a disaster waiting to happen? Approx 7600 words (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Rebound by PJ Adams
Alex Mitchell is a man tormented by a dark and mysterious past. Sunita Chakravarti never meant to spend the night with him. The last thing Sunita wants is to be his rebound. And then there's Bernard Bowler, a charismatic politician drawn to Sunita and her work. A man who always gets what he wants. He offers her liberation, but what does he demand in return? And what will he do if she refuses him? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Mind Your Manors: Sexy Stories from Erotic Estates by Giselle Renarde
Calling all fans of Downton Abbey! Enter a world where noble lords surrender to pretty maids, and dominating ladies seduce the men who serve them. Their lust can be icy and dark, or subtle and sweet. Whether upstairs or down, who can resist the call of forbidden love? The manor house awaits. Are you ready to cross the threshold? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Master's Exploits: Night One by Jessi Bond
Just one man, one woman, and a lifetime of steamy, heart-pounding memories. Welcome to THE MASTER'S EXPLOITS. Dalton Alexander: alpha male, experienced dominant, alluring Master. For reasons unknown, he wants to turn his memoirs into erotic BDSM fiction. And ghostwriter Grace Reynolds is just the woman for the job. Night after night, Dalton captivates Grace with sizzling, no-holds-barred retellings of his exploits. In NIGHT ONE, Dalton tells the story of Madison, a woman he met in a bookstore, who soon found herself kneeling at this feet. Grace finds herself wondering what she's gotten herself into - and whether she'll ever be able to stop picturing herself in Madison's shoes. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Lethal Ladies Society: The Wolf Prince- Book 1 by Aria Stone
Alice Liddell had always known she was different. Discovering her own unique ability to travel between realms by accidentally finding herself in Wonderland as a child sealed that idea firmly as fact. She never doubted the supernatural world surrounding her and her family, especially considering the fact that her best friend since childhood, Dyna, was a shape-shifting cat. She couldn't deny it even if she tried. Now as a young woman, Alice's ability has grown stronger, and her sisters, Ina and Edith have manifested their own unique abilities as well; Ina's ability to concoct herbal solutions for their benefit, and Edith's uncannily correct premonitions of the future. The sister's only confidant entrusted with their secrets is the one person who could ever truly believe them-- Prince Leopold, The Duke of Albany, son of Queen Victoria. While at Oxford, the Prince forged a strong bond with the Liddell family; and what had started out as a mild fascination with Alice had quickly grown into something more than just mere friendship, and despite his mother's objections, he couldn't deny his undying love for Alice Liddell. But as luck would have it, the only thing stopping him from declaring his love to Alice just happens to be himself. His secret. The darkness surrounding him. And - the Queen, herself. After discovering the Liddell sister's unique abilities, His mother, Queen Victoria (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Scarred Prince (The Wolf's Pet Book One) by Aubrey Rose
Every alpha has scars. That's how they get to be the alpha. The Scarred Prince is only a rumor. A whisper. A shadow. Nobody believes that he really exists, or that he does the things that they say he does: keeping females as slaves and mutilating members of his own pack. He's just a a character in a story to frighten young cubs before bedtime. Until now. Kinaya has spent the last eighteen years living in her twin brother's shadow. Blaise is always the favorite: stronger, faster, more handsome. The fighter. Everyone says he'll make a good alpha once his father steps down. But on the night of their birthday feast, a mysterious warrior arrives, a messenger from a rival pack. He's stronger and bigger than any wolf Kinaya has ever seen. His message: Surrender, or war. While her brother prepares for battle, Kinaya slips away to see the captive warrior. As she struggles with her strange attraction to him, she realizes that the only sure way to bring peace to the rival packs will come at a cost - and she is the one who will have to pay the price. But can she marry a brutal conqueror, even to save her pack? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Crash: A Bad Boy Stepbrother Romance by Sophie Sawyer
Katherine's mother is about to remarry less than a year since her beloved father was laid to rest, and Katherine is understandably upset. But she agrees to meet the man that's captured her mother's heart, along with his son, Luke. Luke believes Katherine is just a spoiled, uptight little princess, and he has no problem telling her so. She can't believe how arrogant he is, and she can't wait to get away from him. But the two quickly began to warm up to one another once they realize neither of them was the enemy. Then a car crash changes everything. Katherine awakens after several months in a coma to discover Luke been by her side every moment since the crash. Is it all some warped sense of duty to his soon-to-be relative, or is it something else? As time passes, Luke realizes he must possess the vivacious beauty at all costs. Forget what their parents will think. Forget what society will think. There's still two weeks until the wedding. He has two weeks to make her fall in love. Two weeks to make her his own. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Lap Dancer: A Menage a Trois by Sadie Somerton
She danced for us. The beautiful, long-limbed redhead we met at the lap-dancing club. The mysterious dancer who entered our marriage from nowhere with a promise of everything, and threatened to tear it apart. Private Dancer: the explosive - and extremely explicit - Menage a Trois trilogy from the queen of hotwife erotica, Sadie Somerton. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Pulse by Brooke Jaxsen
He's the one guy that doesn't want her or the problems that comes with dating a girl like her. She's the one girl he can't stay away from, the one he can't stop himself from saving. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Western Kisses by Carré White, Anya Karin, Kirsten Osbourne, Flora Dare, A
Kick off the holidays with five heartwarming romances from bestselling authors Kirsten Osbourne, Carré White and more! This fantastic collection of novellas is available for 99 cents for a limited time. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Reckless Curves by Sienna Stapleton
Advertising executive Shannon Meyers isn't happy when she receives an emergency call from her company's biggest client Hague Motor Sports. With her business partner Marcy out on maternity leave, Shannon has no choice but to handle the situation, despite her dislike of motorsports. However, the moment she sees Brent Hague, all preconceived notions Shannon held about the sport dissolve in a pool of lust. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Seduction in the Sun Boxed Set by Multiple authors
Nine sizzling romances set under the hot sun... 1000 pages! Indulge in nine scorching romances that will whisk you away from the winter chill... with steamy new adult, sexy billionaires, and alphas wielding ribbons and rope, these books by bestselling authors will take you someplace very hot indeed... Authors include Suzanne Rock, Marian Tee, Adriana Hunter and Cat Kalen. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Yes, Virginia, Santa Claus is Horny by Jenevieve DeBeers
Virginia asks the simple question: Is Santa Claus horny? And lo and behold, there is Santa to answer her. What will Santa do with this sexy, naughty young woman? Just how naughty will they get under the Christmas Tree? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Bi the Book by Michael Mechant
When Lacey asked what it was like for the two of us to have sex together, we invited her into bed with us to find out. She wanted to watch two guys together and we wanted to share a woman. We also wanted her to watch us doing each other. This story is about two bisexual men sharing a woman. It involves male to male contact. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Taking his Patient's Virtue by Vixen von Fock
What the doctor wants... the doctor takes. Wealthy doctor Lucas Bane doesn't need to work. It's not money that quickens his pulse. It's the god-like feeling he gets from saving people. The only thing missing from his life is an heir. When Sabrina, the sweet, curvy - and fertile - minister's daughter, walks into the hospital, he knows he's found the woman to carry his child. Naive doesn't begin to describe eighteen-year-old Sabrina. Her symptoms - hot flushes in her body, strange tingling down there - are completely confusing to her. But her parents being who they are, she's left with no alternative but to commit her first sin. A lie, which leads her to the hospital and the warm steady hands of her lifelong physician. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

My Wife, The Escort - The Complete Collection by Victoria Kasari
For the very first time, all 12 episodes of this bestselling serial in one volume. When Jack's wife, Heather, is mistaken for a high-class escort in a hotel bar, it begins a journey of exploration and excitement for the couple. What starts as a fantasy becomes a game, and what was a game becomes a profession. As Jack watches his wife with other men, will jealousy and distrust ruin their marriage...or will their shared experiences make them even stronger? And can they keep their secret life under wraps...or is everything destined to come crashing down? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Down and Dirty: The Ultimate Erotic Box Set by Ellen Dominick and friends
Who says that girls don't like getting down and dirty? Ellen Dominick and 8 of her friends have come together to create the ultimate box set filled with all your dirtiest and kinkiest fantasies. Take a peek and you'll find books by authors Angel Wild, Carl East, Polly J. Adams, Jade K. Scott, Virginia Wade, Alara Branwen, Cheri Verset, and Ellen Dominick. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Wicked Wolf Shifters (Books 1-4) by Anna Craig
The first four parts of the Wicked Wolf Shifters serial: Cassandra & Trevor's story. Full-length book with a HEA; no cliffhangers! For centuries, Cassandra Wakefield's isolated mountain town has offered an annual female sacrifice to a dangerous pack of wolf shifters. This year, Cassie lost the draw--and must willingly surrender herself to them, body and soul. She's nervous as hell but intrigued...especially by the riveting alpha. Wicked Mountain Pack Alpha Trevor Reginald's role is simple: take the surrender's virginity and fulfill his duty. But the beautiful, cheeky woman stirs something in Trevor he fights to deny. For Cassie and all the wolf shifters are in for a huge surprise--one Cassie might not survive after she is surrendered to the pack. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Hunger: Tales of Vampire Romance Boxed Set by Elizabeth Nyte, Aubrey Rose, Giselle Renarde and others
Men who are always hungry, who crave both blood and love, these are the vampires who roam the pages in this new boxed set. Filled with paranormal desire and tempting to even the most innocent... If you loved the Thirst boxset you will really love this BRAND NEW Hunger Boxset! Eight bestselling vampire romance novels you can sink your teeth into - get ready to fall in love with darkness. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Hotwife Game by Camille White
An explosive game of chicken - hotwife style. Fantasies quickly become all too real as Tim pushes his wife's boundaries through a series of increasingly outrageous tasks via WhatsApp. Erica is away on business and it doesn't take long before her antics get her noticed by the locals. The game becomes increasingly one-sided as poor Tim struggles to maintain control as his beautiful wife quickly finds her hands full at the bar... It can be hard to find time to play games when you've got work to do. With messages across the sea, dark strangers, intense emotions as information is drip-fed, there's the fire of a dangerous and erotically-charged game where perspective is everything. Their lives will not be the same once they've played. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

A Very Alpha Christmas: Over 25 Paranormal Holiday Tales of Werewolves, Dragons, Shifters, Vampires, Fae, Witches, Billionaires, Magics, Ghosts, Demons and by Tasha Black, Mandy Rosko, Lexy Cole, Elsa Jade, Michele Bardsley
High quality, top-notch authors, ALL NEW stories! Don't fall for imitations! From the original creators of the NY Times & USA TODAY Bestselling Anthology Series Taming the Alpha comes... A Taming the Alpha Big Box Set of Spicy Paranormal Romance Tales featuring OVER 25 ALL NEW, NEVER RELEASED stories from New York Times, USA Today and Bestselling Authors Stories include: Mandy M. Roth - Heated Holiday: Bureau of Paranormal Investigation She's fire. He's fangs. It's a match made in...Ohio? // Michelle M. Pillow - Stirring Up Trouble (Warlocks McGregor) Magick, Mischief and Kilts. Some Warlocks excel at brewing up trouble. // T. S. Joyce - Baby It's Cold Out Bear All she wants for Christmas is a sexy bear shifter. // Chloe Cole - Hunted Librarian by day, vampire hunter by night... // V. M. Black - Vampire Games A yacht trip with a billionaire vampire holds even more dangers and secrets than Cora can imagine. // and more (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Sunita and the Sharmas: seducing the Indian virgin babysitter by Rati Banerjee
(Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Edge of Never: A Unique Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy Boxed Set by Caridad Pineiro, Rosemary Edghill, Kristine Kathryn Rusch and more
Obliterate the lines between fantasy and reality with nine spine-tingling tales from your favorite bestselling and award winning authors. Dragons, gods--fallen and otherwise--ghosts, vampires. A touch of steampunk. More than a splash of romance. From magical lands to a chilling glance into post World War II Europe, Edge of Never has something to tempt everyone. Caridad Pineiro: Undead Uprising: A Wolf Alone - Will she lead her pack in a war against the vampires or will she sacrifice everything for the human she loves? Rosemary Edghill: Lizzie Fair and the Dragon of Heart's Desire - Visiting the World of Iron is never a good idea. Ask any Morning Lord. Kristine Kathryn Rusch: Show Trial -A beautiful woman, a terrible time, and faerie justice...served cold. Brenda Carre: Finnraziel - She raised a god to life and thwarted the Queen of Demons, can she prevent a war without destroying the man she loves and the last two dragons she's sworn to guard? Ann Gimpel: Highland Secrets - Tumble off reality's edge into myth, magic, Scottish dragon shifters, and forbidden romance. Pauline Baird Jones: Specters in the Storm - A just-the-facts professor needs to trust a time bending lady detective--and believe the wildly impossible--to defeat a deadly evil threatening everything they hold dear. Julia Mills: Her Dragon's Soul - Exorcise the demon possessing your mate. Capture the maniacal wizard. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

A Taste Of Honey (A BBW Shifter Paranormal Romance) by Catherine Vale
The beautiful and curvaceous Olivia Rose has always been a hopeless romantic. In fact, it's gotten her into trouble more times than she cares to remember - always falling in love with the wrong kind of men. So when she finds herself being rescued by a gorgeous stranger, she expects that it will be trouble as usual. She has no idea just how much trouble she's about to get into... Cody has a dark past that keeps his heart locked in a cage and not even the likes of Olivia is going to get near it. He has lived far away from society for many years - forced into hiding, a man of many secrets. But when they find themselves running from the same enemy they must ban together in order to survive. And when things heat up to the point of a complete meltdown, the question becomes - who's rescuing who? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Room for More: Two Guys, One Girl by Giselle Renarde
Claudia detests Mark. Mark detests Claudia. They both love Jason Paul. Two years after Claudia?s husband leaves her for another man, she finds herself unemployed but desperate to stay in the city. The only solution is to move in with Jason Paul and his new love. When sparks fly, will Claudia imagine the possibilities of having two men in her life? and in her bed? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Kings of Asphalt (Motorcycle Club Romance) by Alexx Andria
Alexx Andria delivers a motorcycle club romance between two very bad, yet sexy men and a woman with enough curves to satisfy them both. My name is Zoe Delacourte. I thought I was going to build my future on the backs of Jax Traeger and Hunter Ericksen -- bad boys from the wrong side of the tracks, running the notorious motorcycle club, the Kings of Asphalt -- in my mind, the story had practically written itself. I was so naive. Little did I know they were going to change everything I ever knew about myself. Jax and Hunter. I can't even say their names without trembling. They don't see a fat girl or a girl who might be pretty if only she'd lose some weight. No, from the moment I walked into their club, they saw a hot, sexy woman with curves for days -- and they couldn't wait to get their hands on me. Some people call them bad men. They see the rides and the rap sheets and they slap a label on them. I don't care what they've done -- all I care about is what they're going to do to me next. But loving them is dangerous. In fact, loving them might just get me killed. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Swinging in Amsterdam by Polly J Adams
"What haven't we done yet?" On a whirlwind tour of Europe this is a question Martin and Selena often ask. It's their way of reminding themselves not to miss out on the sights. But in Amsterdam, a city famous for its relaxed attitude to sexuality, the question leads to a visit to a sex show and an invitation impossible for the adventurous couple to refuse... (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Traded at the Billionaires’ Sex Club by Polly J Adams
(Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Step Beast by Selena Kitt
They call him Beast because he fights and f*cks like one. Because he's built like the tanks he rode in Afghanistan. Beneath Conrad "Beast" Beeston III's fierce, intense gaze, his brooding temperament, his knuckles scarred from fighting, lurks a wild man, his strong, broad back darkly inked with his own hard truths. He only has one mode, and "Beast" is it. He ripped through Tilly's life, tearing it to shreds, and then he was gone, giving a stiff middle finger to a life of entitlement. He left her like he leaves them all - with little more than a broken heart. But for Tilly, there was one more thing. He left her with an unbearable secret she's been forced to keep for years. Tilly's privileged life, after her recent graduation from Mt. Holyoke, has come to a screeching halt under tragic circumstances. Had she really believed she'd never see her Devil Dog stepbrother again? Now he's coming home - and she's forced to face his cocky smirk and arrogant swagger, to look once again into the eyes of the monster who left her. Forced to confront him, what she sees is a raw, broken, tortured man who just might be the only person she knows keeping even bigger secrets than she is. Worse, she still wants him. Even if it means breaking everything in her life wide open - even if it means unleashing the Beast. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Mated by Midsummer by Mina Carter
Weddings are awesome, as long as they're not hers. Not so awesome? Facing the Alpha she ran from... After living for years amongst humans, Kelli Copeland has to go home for her brothers wedding. She's hoping that a decade is enough for pack alpha, Max, to forget her, settle down and have a passel of kids. If she's lucky, he'll be old and grey to boot. No. Such. Luck. Pack alpha Max Daniels could have the pick of the females in Stratton, but he only wants one woman, the one who ran from him years ago. When he learns Kelli is back in town, he'll do everything in his power to make sure she doesn't leave again. Up to and including kidnapping her? The problem is, he isn't the only wolf in town with an agenda. This time, Kelli's departure might the permanent kind. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Uncover Me: A Capture Fantasy Romance by Linda Barlow
Kidnapped! ELLIE: All I did was take a few pictures. I didn't realize I was witnessing a crime. I was hoping for a kick-ass adventure when I set off on my dream vacation. Instead, I've fallen in with a ruthless band of thieves. Kidnapped, bound, and ordered to submit, I'm stuck on a sailboat with the sun-bronzed pirate who caught me photographing his antiquities-smuggling operation. He doesn't want me tagging along any more than I want to be here. But that hasn't stopped him from finding a use for me. NICK: She thinks I'm hard-assed. Dominating. Cruel. But I've got a dirty job to do. It has required months of scheming, a billionaire's yacht, and a shitload of priceless stolen artifacts. I'm not about to be distracted by one inconvenient redhead. Even if she is supremely screwable and oh-so-sweet when I have her on her knees. I can't allow her to mess up my plans. She might not like the way I'm treating her, but she'd better get used to it. There's no place in my life for softer emotions, and no space in my body for a heart. UNCOVER ME is capture fantasy and semi-dark romance. While not excessively violent, its strong language and sexual situations are intended for mature audiences. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Wide Load Reversing: Bareback with the Trucker 2 (Hotwife and Cuckold Stories) by Katie Cramer
Tanya has been changed forever after letting her husband watch her with another man. Eager to repeat the experience, she prepares for Alec's return. But this time he's bringing someone else with him... "His need to see me satisfied, to be so jealous of what he can't achieve, is so degrading...so humiliating." Both Alec and his colleague Joe make the dangerous trip to Lightpoint to deliver essential supplies. When they get there, they realize their truck is carrying precious cargo...something Tanya has arranged to ensure the three of them will experience something her husband could never hope to compete with... "Our marriage will never be like it was. Never." An erotic romance featuring an alternative but loving relationship, this short story features two alpha males and a married couple experimenting in mature fantasies, lifestyles and situations. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Lucky in Love (Charmed in Vegas) by Bethany Shaw and Michelle Fox
Welcome to Charmed in Vegas! Come gamble with magic and bet on love in this fun new series presented by USA Today and NY Times bestselling author Michelle Fox. Misfortune is Elly's new middle name. It follows her everywhere ever since she fled her psycho ex-boss and wound up in Vegas working as a showgirl. She's got the worst luck in the world, and what's worse, she's just embarrassed herself in front of the hottest man on the planet. Laik is drawn to the sexy human from the moment he lays eyes on her. Elly is sweet and innocent, but she's been hurt by dark magic, cursed to be clumsy by a powerful warlock. Can Laik win the enchanting human's heart and stop the bastard who's hurting her? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Tied to Please Her: the boxed-set by Polly J Adams
"So tell me, what's your desire? What's your fantasy?" Christina has it all, but still there's something missing and she wants to explore. When her husband finds this out he encourages her. His only condition is that she must tie him to the bed and tell him everything... Four explicit erotic stories featuring hot wife cuckoldry, bondage, anonymous encounters, and much more. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Before I Do by Michael Mechant
On her wedding day, she is getting dressed at the church when an old boyfriend drops in to talk. It’s her last chance for a fling before pledging herself to one man for the rest of her life. Will she do it? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

A Steel Town by Chloe Barlow
Claudia McCoy has been told what she can't do enough for one lifetime. After a near-fatal childhood battle with juvenile diabetes and having to accept that her dreams of serving in the military would never come true, she's thrilled to begin a life on her own terms. Yet, when she finally starts her career in the FBI, Claudia is furious that her condition and overbearing big brother, Wyatt, have both once again interfered with her ability to have the life she truly wants. Now derailed from her high-profile aspirations of a position in the FBI's D.C. headquarters, she is instead planted far away from the real action, and practically right in her brother's Pittsburgh backyard. Trey Adler is known for fixing things, but he's broken just as many - leaving him with regrets that never go away. He'd be the first to agree he should stay away from a nice girl like Claudia, but he can't deny his friend Jenna Sutherland's request when she asks him to use his position as a temporary FBI consultant to keep Claudia safe - especially as it's clear this little firecracker needs protecting. Far away from all the action she so craves, Claudia is more determined than ever to prove herself in her first major investigation at whatever cost - and those costs are proving to be dangerously high. Their battle of wills turns quickly into a powerful need for one other, making them both rethink everything t (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Billionaire's Baby Girl: A Billionaire Alpha Male Romance by Sophie Sawyer
Lucy Patterson was a straight-A student who never smoked, never drank, never touched drugs. Heck, at nineteen she was still a virgin. She was as good as a good girl gets. Then she lost her parents in a car accident, and her world turned upside down. Cade Leighton was a foul-mouthed alpha billionaire who had sworn off women long ago. He thought he had it all. Successful business, penthouse apartment, stellar reputation in the business world. He didn't need anyone. But when Cade laid eyes on Lucy, he knew he had to have her, and nothing - NOTHING would stop him. Not even Lucy herself! WARNING: This story contains an over-the-top alpha male who is rude, arrogant, demanding, controlling, and simply won't take no for an answer. He wants to make his woman pregnant at all costs! If you don't like stories about insta-love and controlling men, this is not the book for you. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Prove Me Wrong: Bad Boy Billionaire Romance by Gemma Hart
Jonah Lowell didn't love. He fucked. Jonah Lowell didn't stay. He left. Until her... Billionaire Jonah Lowell conquered women as easily as he conquered business deals. And he left them just as swiftly and as coldly. Because in the end, women and deals were the same?necessities to make life more pleasurable and profitable but nothing to hold onto. Then he meets Clara Daniels. He meets a woman who shows him just how wrong he has been. He meets a woman who shows him that his heart was more than just an organ?it was the house of love. Then he completely and utterly breaks her heart. He had a goddamn knack for breaking hearts. But now, he sees a second chance at redemption, at love. Can he prove to her that he is more than just a billionaire playboy who creates heartache and destruction wherever he goes? Can he prove it to himself? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Until the Flood by Cynthia Brint
When I fell in love with Brandon Beck, tasted my first kiss in his arms, I believed deep in my bones that we would always be together. Nothing could ever tear us apart. And you know, I was right. Until the flood came, I was right. That day, I was sure I'd lost everything. Brandon Beck's body had been swept away. The one boy that was meant for me was gone. That was what I thought, anyway. Two years later, I caught a glimpse of him. Why would the love of my life stalk me from the shadows, why would he hide away for so long? Maybe it was all in my head. Or was it possible... that Brandon Beck had never died at all? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Charred (Ruin Outlaws MC 1 and 2) by Amy Isan
My heart quickens, more out of excitement than fear. He looks pissed. His arms are tanned as dark leather and covered in jet-black tattoos. I never thought I'd be face to face with a real outlaw. Especially one that looks like he wants to eat me alive. The only thing worse than that is how much I want him to. He showed up at my house and had his way with me, taking everything he wanted and then some. Now I can't stop thinking about him. I'm scared his crew will find out who I am and hunt me down, worse yet, Logan has enemies who might come after me too. I shouldn't have gotten tangled up in all this, but the smell of fuel and oil mixed with sweat and blood... makes my heart beat harder than it ever has before. I don't just want Logan, I need him. This Novel contains BOMB and SPARK from the Ruin Outlaws Series (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Dark Velvet by Lisa Carlisle
Savannah is thrilled for her residency at an art colony where she meets the sculptor Antoine. She discovers his dark secret, putting her life in jeopardy. A new adult / paranormal romance "...insanely hot chemistry" ~ Paranormal Romance Junkies (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Struck Down (A Dark Erotic Romance) by Penelope L'Amoreaux
When my fiance left me at the altar, I thought nothing could be worse. I was wrong. I wanted to leave my hum-drum life. I wished for an adventure, a way to escape. I should have been careful what I wished for. Now he has me. I can't run. I can't escape. Every time I try to build myself back up, he strikes me down. He's intent on making me his. The worst part? I'm thinking about letting him. ... I'm not sure who I am anymore. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Sharing Lucy: Confessions of a BBW Hotwife #4 by Sadie Somerton
Men. Surrounding me. Enjoying me. Using me. That was the one big fantasy that always worked for me. I'd never done anything like that, of course. I'd never had the opportunity. I'd never even known how you might engineer that kind of opportunity. But there's one thing I do have, and that's an incredibly supportive husband who only wants to make me happy. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Torn and Seduced by JE and M Keep
Long retired from her life as an assassin, Anjasa amuses herself with seducing handsome, rich men in bars and living life one night at a time. She's a rare woman, an elf among humans, a beauty among commoners, and she has no trouble getting the attention of those around her, but it's only a matter of time before she attracts the wrong kind of men. When she agrees to seduce one noble's cousin to steal his family fortune, she finds herself witness to mob violence and worse. Yet she likes her men rough, doesn't she? But quickly it gets out of hand, even for her. When he forces her to fulfil his sick needs, and then blackmails her to kill his cousin, she realizes her life hangs in the balance between the affairs of murderous men. When she reaches her breaking point, Anjasa turns to someone even worse, someone more dangerous than she could imagine, in order to make it through the night. Someone strong, mysterious and deliciously inhuman. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Dutch Smuggler’s Captive by Angelina Spears
A shy young woman, a mysterious smuggler, a steamy Caribbean adventure. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Thrown by Tabi Wollstonecraft
Amy Anderson arrives in Promise Cove attempting to rebuild her shattered life. She moves into the house on the cliffs left to her by her recently dead aunt and tries to forget the ghosts of her past. When she meets Dean Stoker, the handsome broody town mechanic, Amy reveals more of herself to him than she ever has to anyone. But she wonders if Stoker is somehow involved in the mystery shrouding her aunt’s death. Thrown is a complete New Adult Romance novel. It does not have a cliffhanger ending. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Fenbrook Academy - The Complete Trilogy by Helena Newbury
The chart-topping New Adult romance trilogy that mixes billionaires and ballet dancers, Irish bad boys and shy girls, New York cops and actresses and much, much more. // Dance For Me - Natasha is a promising ballet dancer but no one knows the guilt she carries...or the damage it makes her inflict on herself when she's alone. Darrell is a multi-millionaire designer at 25. But past traumas have pushed him into isolation and the intense pressure of his work has brought him to the edge of burnout. Can two broken people save each other? Or will the darkness they're hiding consume them both? // In Harmony - A life spent playing the cello has left no time in Karen's life for anything else. When a brutal crime threatens to destroy all her dreams forever her only hope of graduating is Connor Locke: tattooed rock guitarist, Irish bad boy and soon to be Fenbrook's most notorious drop-out, if his grades don't improve. // Acting Brave - She's spent her whole life acting. But can she make him believe she doesn't love him? Three years ago, Emma fled a world of crime and abuse and reinvented herself as an actress. Now she has to pull off the performance of her career. Landing her dream part in a police show, she finds herself falling for co-star, Ryan, a real-life cop. If he gets too close, he'll awaken memories she doesn't want to face and uncover secrets that could endanger them both. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Vampire's Mail Order Bride by Kristen Painter
Welcome to Nocturne Falls, the town that celebrates Halloween 365 days a year. The tourists think it's all a show: the vampires, the werewolves, the witches, the occasional gargoyle flying through the sky. But the supernaturals populating the town know better. Living in Nocturne Falls means being yourself. Fangs, fur, and all. After seeing her maybe-mobster boss murder a guy, Delaney James assumes a new identity and pretends to be a mail order bride. She finds her groom-to-be living in a town that celebrates Halloween every day. Weird. But not as weird as what she doesn't know. Her groom-to-be is a 400-year-old vampire. Hugh Ellingham has only agreed to the arranged set up to make his overbearing grandmother happy. In thirty days, whatever bridezilla shows up at his door will be escorted right back out. His past means love is no longer an option. Not if the woman's going to have a future. Except he never counted on Delaney and falling in love for real. Too bad both of them are keeping some mighty big secrets... (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Against The Wall by Alexx Andria
I'll do whatever it takes to close this case...even corrupt an innocent like Ivy... Jameson - Six months deep undercover and I've almost forgotten I'm a cop. To take down this drug ring, I need an informant...one I can force to give me what I need. Someone like Ivy, a good girl from a bad family who needs to keep her brother out of jail. She's meant to be just an asset. Disposable. But when I'm around her...I'm not thinking like a cop. I'm not thinking at all. Ivy ? I don't have a choice. It's work with a cop or see my brother behind bars. But Jameson's more criminal than cop, more bad than good. The second we meet, there's a chemistry between us that we can't fight. I keep telling myself he's the enemy but I can't stop thinking about his hands on my body. We're both in too deep...but falling for each other could be fatal. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Lost & Found: The Complete Series by Nadia Simonenko
Lost & Found: The Complete Series is now available as one book! Get nearly 500 print pages of heart-wrenching contemporary romance at a bargain price for a limited time only. Lost: 115+ reviews, 4.5 stars. Found: 61+ reviews, 4.7 stars. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Girls' Club Boxed Set by Polly J Adams
A box-set collection of eight explicit stories of adult adventure from the bestselling author of Bad Again, Working Girl and Wings of Desire. Stories to get steamy with from a top 25-ranked Amazon erotica author. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Choose Your Own Fantasies: Steamy Elevator Office Spanking by Cheri Verset
YOU DECIDE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT - A story like you've never seen before, INTERACTIVE FICTION goes naughty! The story begins with beautiful and overworked Kari going home after a dreadful day at the office. But what happens then? Does she get trapped in the elevator with the dreamy supervisor Forbes, or will the rugged janitor seduce her? And then what? There are a DOZEN possible outcomes and you get to decide EVERYTHING! This gamebook addresses multiple kinks, from sweet to intense to taboo. You can read this book multiple times and get a different outcome every time. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Mercy's Master by Gia Vanna
The wild young men of London’s gentlemen’s clubs knew no boundaries; money and influence meant they could take whatever - and whoever - they wanted. When powerful, arrogant Robert, Lord Rollinson sees a dark-haired beauty in a tavern, he decides he will take her. But Mercy is a woman with a high-born past, and she’s running from men even more dangerous than Lord Rollinson himself. One chance meeting puts them both at risk, and when Lord Rollinson is challenged to a duel, his choice changes their lives. Mercy is afraid of the brooding man but who better to protect her from a killer - than another killer? However, Lord Rollinson demands utter submission and Mercy walks a fine line between trust, and self-preservation. When the past catches up with her, it ties them together in a way they both try to resist… This is a long novella of 32,000 words with graphic, adult scenes that some readers may find triggering. In 1800, it was perfectly acceptable - even expected - for a man to discipline his wife. She was simply his possession. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Alphas in the Wild: Action, Adventure, Paranormal Romance Collection by Ann Gimpel
Dark. Delicious. Unforgettable. The hottest alphas live--and love--in the mountains. Action adventure, paranormal romance collection with three full-length books. Go ahead! Tumble into second-chance love where magics collide and mountain gods are out for blood. // Hello Darkness: Earth magics collide, forcing Moira Shaughnessy to take a chance on a man who hurt her so badly she never forgave him. A ranger for the U.S. Park Service, Moira is in serious trouble. Fleeing from her cheating husband, a Native American shaman, she stumbles into the arms of a man she never thought she'd see again. He hurt her once by choosing his magic over her. Would she be a fool to take a chance on him now? // Alpine Attraction: Tina made a pact with the devil seven years ago. It's time to pay the piper - or die. Independent to the nth degree, she meets everything in her life head-on - except love. Caught between misgivings and need, she signs on as team doctor for one of Craig's climbing trips to the Andes. Though he was the love of her life, she pushed him away years before to keep him safe. Even if he doesn't love her anymore, there's still no one she'd rather have by her side in the mountains. And if she's going to die, she wants to make things right between them. // A Run For Her Money: Sara's day begins like any other. A routine extraction in tandem with a local Search and Rescue team... (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

INVINCIBLE (A Bad Boy MMA Romantic Suspense Novel) by London Casey and Ana W Fawkes
I was sent to kill her... not fake a marriage and actually fall for her. I survived by following one rule - never fight on the anniversary of my brother's death. When that rule is broken, all hell breaks loose for everyone around me. After taking a step away from fighting, I was given the orders to help take out an enemy. No big deal, right? I didn't think so... until I saw a picture of who it was. A woman named Rose. The second I see her, I know I won't kill her. The only way to keep her alive is to tell a lie that puts us both one foot in the grave. She becomes a marked woman by her own family and I become her savior. I never asked for it, but there's one thing that keeps me close to her and it's not just her beauty or the wild passion we share. She knows who killed my brother. Our lies and secrets are as wild as the passion we share, and I find myself in the greatest fight of my life... one I know I can't win, but I am willing to die for. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Dark Defeat - Ruined by the Billionaire 3 by Katie Cramer
Beware the wrath of a woman betrayed... Ryan Dark has won, or so he thinks. Graham's unexpected hospitalization throws his enemy's plans into disarray, especially when Jane takes the side of her husband. When she finds out what Ryan has done, all hell will break loose - especially when the one person he underestimated the most is the woman he so easily seduced... (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

50 Forbidden Fantasies by Selena Kitt, Carl East, Jade K. Scott, Candi Cade, Candy Quinn
FIFTY FORBIDDEN FANTASIES brought to you by five of the genre's hottest authors! Inside this collection you'll find more than enough sizzling hot taboo tales to tickle your fancy and then some. Over 330,000 tempting words (that's 1500 pages - the equivalent of more than six novels!) to titillate and turn you on. We know you can't get enough wicked stories and are always hungry for more, so we've put together this giant, mega collection of torrid tales to help ease your craving for all-things-naughty! Grab this mammoth boxed set now - it's only available for a VERY limited time - and be prepared for a tantalizing thrill ride that will push all the boundaries--and all the right buttons! Ten stories each included by Carl East, Selena Kitt, Candy Quinn, Jade K. Scott and Candi Cade. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Billionaires and Brats: Ten Tales of Powerful Men and their Spoiled Little Lovers by Nicole Snow, Cassandra Zara, Scarlett Skyes, and more
They'll do anything for a man with money... except behave. THE BILLIONAIRES: They dominate, control and conquer like no one else. Alpha males? Oh, yeah. These men set the gold standard in domination. THE BRATS: Spoiled, sexy and submissive, they'll do nearly anything to avoid growing up. Like pushing boundaries and breaking the rules. BILLIONAIRES AND BRATS: Find out what happens when the power of money meets the perfect pout in these ten sensually-explosive stories from erotica's hottest authors. Click "Look Inside" for a complete list of books included in this boxed set! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Soul Mates by Carl East
When Arianna (an angel in training) has to go out into the world to earn her wings, by saving a soul, she has no idea what awaits her. Brandy is a succubus and she’s on the run. She disobeyed Satan’s orders. When they both find one another, the strangest alliance you can ever imagine forms and a friendship is born. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Her Majesty by Willsin Rowe
Short, skinny tomboy Kim hasn't had a boyfriend for a while. In fact, not since she fell in love with her best friend. The trouble is, her best friend is Serena, a beautiful, big Italian goddess who's engaged to be married. Or was, at least. Until yesterday, when her fianc? finally confessed to myriad infidelities, laying the blame squarely on the size of Serena's curvaceous ass. As emotional therapy, the girls head away for a long weekend at a remote beach house. Just the two of them. No guys, no work, no distractions. No inhibitions. Can Kim work past her own fear and body issues to remind Serena just how damn sexy she really is? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Snow Wolf: a Highland shifter romance by Ruby Fielding
Can you ever be sure of a shifter's heart? Jenny Layne has her man, but does she really have his heart? Just when Jenny needs him most, Billy Stewart has gone missing. Has she scared him away, is he in danger, or has he succumbed to the call of the wild? Why won't she join the search? What does she fear even more than losing the love of her life? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Saffron and Friends 2: Menage a Trois Collection by Saffron Sands and friends
Saffron and Friends come together in this erotic bundle with six smoking hot MFF stories involving husbands and wives. Inside this collection you will find books by some of today’s hottest authors: How I Met My Wife by Carl East; The College Friend by Tanya Korval; Double Trouble by Angel Wild; Our First Threesome by Jade K Scott; Lizzie and Cara... Make Three by Polly J Adams; Laura’s Desire by Saffron Sands (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Damaged Goods by Cynthia Dane
A human trafficker. A city suffering economic instability. A man and woman who are the only ones who can fix this mess - or be the ones responsible for the whole world burning... East coast girl Sylvia has been trapped in Portland, Oregon for a year, trying to make ends meet with her tenuously legal professions. When she's arrested yet again for solicitation, she's reunited with Agent Joseph Montoya, a man she has a history with. A hot, chemically-charged history full of desire, heat, and irrevocable mistakes. Joseph has an unusual proposition: if Sylvia goes undercover as the newly hired girlfriend of billionaire Alexander Sheen, a man under investigation for running a human trafficking operation, she'll have her record cleared. For a woman who has had nothing but bad luck over the past year, the offer is tempting. But Sylvia isn't one to jump into danger - although she is one to jump into love. Which is something else Joseph offers her, even though they both constantly deny it. Both Sylvia and Joseph have more than a criminal mastermind to overcome if they want to open their hearts again. They have to set aside their heartbroken pasts and realize that they're no longer a pair of damaged goods with no hope for real love. It's going to take a lot of convincing. For the both of them. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

A Bad Boy For Summer by Joanna Blake
ROUGH. TOUGH. HARD. DIRTY. I've been called all that and more. I don't care, as long as she gives me what I want... Her. Frannie Turner spends all her time with her nose in a book. It's been a few years since she graduated High School, but the way boys treated her back then has made her shy away from dating. She hasn't even noticed that she's grown into her curves, and that her big wide eyes, wild curls and tawny skin have got the attention of every male she comes in contact with. Jace Singleton hasn't lived a charmed life. Nothing has been handed to him and he likes it that way. He works in his Uncle's auto shop by day and drag races at night. He's the only one on duty when the rich college girl comes in with the wild hair and even wilder curves. Something about her makes his body respond immediately. He decides it's worth crossing to the right side of the tracks, at least long enough to nail the hot little book worm a couple of times. The last thing he expects is to fall in love with her... *A Bad Boy For Summer is a stand alone novella with a guaranteed HEA!* (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Vigilante Badass: A Bad Boy Romance by EK Sabins
HER: My life is fear. These streets are paved with the blood of innocent and guilty alike. Nobody escapes the reach of the gangs. There's never been anyone but family I could trust, and family was only ever mom and me. All that changed the night I woke up to find him in my bed. Barely conscious, covered in ink. Marked for death. Everything I fear lurks in the shadow he casts, in the path he's hewn to my door. I never wanted to spend my life on the run, yet I can't turn him away. I'm his only chance, and maybe he's mine. / HIM: Me and my brother been fightin' against everythin', our whole lives. The law, the man, whatever. When I found her, saw her face? suddenly I had somethin' worth fightin' for. I'll do whatever it takes to keep her safe. But can she ever be truly safe if she's by my side? These organized crime a$$holes think they got the balls to take on me an' my brother? We'll take our fight all the way to the top. Anyone tries to stop me, I'll strike 'em down with a righteous hand. We'll free this city. I will save her. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Curvy Voice Coach and the Billionaire Actor by Victoria Wessex
Hired to teach Hollywood hunk Tanner Cole a British accent in just one week, curvy voice coach Charlotte makes a lasting first impression when she accidentally flashes him on webcam. Dragged from her sheltered life in London, the posh Brit soon finds herself in the craziness of Beverly Hills...and living in Tanner's mansion. The billionaire actor turns out to be as blue collar--and as hot--as they come, and she needs every trick in her book to help him fake it as an English lord. Unhappy with her curves, Charlotte can't believe that he could possibly be interested in her. But when their rehearsals for romantic scenes keep getting out of control, she begins to see that the bad boy has hidden depths. Does he want more than a one-night stand? And can he overcome her own fears and insecurities to win her over? If he can, their troubles may be just beginning. Charlotte's been hiding her entire life. Is she ready for the glare of the spotlight? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

In Love with the Prince by Tanya Korval
The full-length novel of the hit ‘Asteria’ series. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Pregnant Freshman Series Bundle by Michael Mechant
Now all together for a special price - all three books in the series. First is The Pregnant Freshman, where Kelly tells the story of the gangbang on Prom night that left her pregnant. Next is The Pregnant Freshman Poses, when she does a nude photo shoot with a photography student who wants to have sex with a pregnant woman. Finally, after her baby is born, Kelly reunites with the photographer so he can live out his fantasy of tasting her milk. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

A Man Needs A Maid: A Paranormal Billionaire Romance by Giselle Renarde
When Aviva becomes maid to a tech-boom billionaire, she can't help falling in love. Wallace is a handsome widower who spoils her without ever losing his down-to-earth attitude. But if Wallace is a dream, his house is the worst kind of nightmare--it's haunted by a violent ghost! Can Aviva cope or will the mysterious spirit drive man and maid apart forever? A Paranormal Billionaire Romance. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Breeding for Vladimir: Russian Bred Submission by Arthur Mitchell
(Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Rider List: An Erotic Romance by JT Charles
THE FADING LINE BETWEEN WANT AND NEED. Evan: She has no idea who I really am. It's the perfect situation. After an incident that causes me to re-evaluate my life, I've come here to escape the demands of my career. The last thing I expect to find is someone who doesn't see me through the prism of my fame. But then I meet Audrey, who allows me to unleash lustful desires I've suppressed for years. Audrey: He's uncommonly sexy and brazenly confident. He's exactly who I don't need to meet at this point in my life, but I have no choice. Drawn in by his relentless seduction, I'm soon taking chances I never thought I'd take, shedding my fears and letting him over my protective walls. And there's his unusual "rider list," always surprising me, testing my limits, exploring our fantasies, leading to the most sensual experiences of my life. What starts as a perfect distraction for both of us quickly becomes an entanglement of scorching hot sex, closely held secrets that could tear it all apart, and moments that will shape us for the rest of our lives. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Unleashed by J.E. & M. Keep
I took the devil's deal... My school's been cut off from the rest of society, food's running low, and I'm afraid I'm going to have to live on the streets if things get bad. So yea, I'm desperate. Real desperate. And when a devilish administrator asks me to give myself up to him in exchange for a continued education? I said yes. But that didn't stop my feelings for my professor. Now I'm caught between them, uncertain of who I can really trust my heart to. Especially once I find out their secrets... Book 1: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00QYAPWVC?tag=pollyjadams-20 Collection: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00QYAPWPI?tag=jmkeep-20 Rafflecopter: http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/e05c901557/ Goodreads Giveaway: https://www.goodreads.com/giveaway/show/119411-unleashed---the-complete-collection (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Warrior's Possession by Gianna Simone
Warrior's Possession, the latest installment in Medieval Warriors series: The death of a loyal baron amidst the Welsh uprising in 13th century England forces King Edward to order Lady Gillian Marlowe to wed one of his most trusted earls - Royce Langley, otherwise known as the Panther. Royce thought he would gain a meek and dutiful wife - instead, he finds himself wed to a rebellious yet secretive Gillian. There is only one way to bring his bride to heel - possess and dominate her in every way! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

In Harmony by Helena Newbury
From New York Times bestselling author Helena Newbury, the second in the hit Fenbrook Academy series (each book focuses on a new couple so you can jump straight in without reading the first book. Also: no cliff hanger ending!) (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Forbidden Hotties COMPLETE Series - Stepbrother Romance by Claire Madden
The Forbidden Hotties COMPLETE Series - Stepbrother Romance. All four stories in a single volume: Snowed-In Hottie, Homebound Hottie, Valentine's Hottie, Study Abroad Hottie. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Shades of Domination: Fifty by Fifty #2: A Billionaire Romance Boxed Set by Terry Towers, Marian Tee, Amy Aday and others
Fifty By Fifty: Fifty Novels by Fifty Bestselling Authors in four big boxed sets - look for the next one coming soon! We got you going with Volume 1, but now Volume 2 has arrived to turn up the heat. Let a whole new set of hot alpha males steam up your eReader. They will get what they want. Passionate, unrelenting, and insatiable, these men intend to do everything it takes to keep you coming back for more. So pour a glass of wine and cuddle up with this box set. The door to the helicopter is open, and that goddess inside you is saying YES! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Office Pet by Freya Friis
James Cole isn't sure what he's looking for, but he knows he hasn't found it yet. He's lost his job through no fault of his own and is ready to give up when Alison steps in to take care of him. She's his boss, she married and she certainly isn't interested in a boring assistant, is she? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Dear Rockstar by Emme Rollins
She’s crazy for a rock star. He’s crazy enough to be one. Sometimes the best things in life are crazy. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

I've got a Crush on a Sexy Older Man: Two New Adult Novels by Giselle Renarde
Help! I've got a crush on a sexy older man! He's handsome, interesting and educated?not to mention RICH. If I tell him how I feel, will he laugh in my face? or change my life forever? This special collection contains "Stacy's Dad has got it Going On" and "A Man Needs a Maid." That's TWO New Adult romance novels by award-winning Canadian author Giselle Renarde. Savannah's not chilled that her roommate's father is crashing on their couch in Stacy's Dad Has Got It Going On. Eric found out his wife was cheating and promptly moved out?at least, that's the story he tells the college roomies. But the more time Savannah spends with Eric, the dreamier he seems. Will she choose her roommate's dad over a boy her own age, or will Eric's secrets come back to bite him? When Aviva becomes maid to a tech-boom billionaire in A Man Needs A Maid, she can't help falling in love. Wallace is a handsome widower who spoils her without ever losing his down-to-earth attitude. But if Wallace is a dream, his house is the worst kind of nightmare--it's haunted by a violent ghost! Can Aviva cope or will the mysterious spirit drive man and maid apart forever? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Pursued: An Alpha Billionaire Romance by Cynthia Dane
I'm never alone. He haunts my dreams. My consciousness. The man took ten years of my life, and now I'm expected to pick up the trust he stole when he shattered my heart. And Mr. Warren dares to think he can make that all go away? When Monica ran away from the Dom who mistreated her, she thought she would never be in a relationship again. Heartbroken and wounded, she now devotes her life to a business catering to the depraved elite. Then Mr. Henry Warren walks into her world, offering her an escape from the pain that haunts the scars on her body. What he doesn't understand is that a woman like Monica knows what pain is all too well - and no longer knows the difference between a Dom who will take care of her... and one who will destroy her. But she's falling for his pursuits. His charms. His handsome manners. His promises of kindness... with more than a hint of kink. The only way Monica can heal is by submitting once again. His domination is the cure. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Swingers' Club Boxed Set: all eight stories in one volume by Polly J Adams
You know how one thing always leads to another...? Like when a European holiday leads to a 24/7 adult party in Amsterdam, and before you know it you're back home running a suburban swingers' club. Or when a young bride confesses her needs to a husband who turns out to want only the best for his new wife... as long as she tells him all about it afterwards. Eight explicit stories in one volume. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Sharing A Boyfriend by J Strickland
(Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Take Jennifer Instead by Michael Mechant
His wife gave him permission to cheat. I enjoyed kidding around with my wife's best friend, Jennifer. When she was between boyfriends, I teased her mercilessly about sex. We never did anything about it, but my wife encouraged us. She kept telling us to just go in the bedroom and have sex. We always thought she was joking. My wife and I had this nice vacation planned - a romantic cabin in the woods for a week. It had taken a long time to get the reservations, and we had to pay it all in advance. It cost a lot but it was going to be worth it. Then something came up at my wife's office right before we were to leave and she couldn't go. She encouraged me to go without her and take Jennifer. She was serious. I really love my wife, and had always been faithful to her. But I sure had fun with Jennifer. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Better than Cake by Lisa Carlisle
After the worst fight of their relationship, the last place Stephanie wants to be is a wedding reception. She still can't get over what happened. Could their five years of marriage be destroyed after a blast of heated words? Johnny suggested separating. Separating! Now with her marriage on the line, she has to put on a brave face and pretend love is grand. Johnny doesn't know why he'd freaked out the way he had and is left with one emotion. Regret. He doesn't want to lose Stephanie. He must find her and make things right. Stephanie enters the reception, fearing the end of her marriage. Johnny has something else in mind - a much more decadent proposal that will turn her friend's wedding into an event they'll never forget. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Fed to the Wolves, Part 1: Bad Moon Rising by Delilah Fawkes
A new and sultry paranormal romance series from Delilah Fawkes, the best-selling author of The Billionaire's Beck and Call! What they asked of me was impossible. Worse than impossible, it was insane! How could I willingly let them use my body--let them ravage me--and still be the girl my Mama and Daddy raised? How could I let these men put their hands on me--put their mouths on me, their stubble rasping over my most intimate places--as they tasted my flesh... as they feasted on me? How could I even consider jumping into bed with three men I just met, much less let one of them breed me... Hell, who's to say I would even survive the encounter. After all, the Boucher Boys are more than men, muscled like modern-day gladiators, even before they Change. Every fiber of my being senses danger when they are near. I can practically taste it in the air, like ozone before a twister comes crashing down. But I just can't help myself... Especially when Quentin, the one who tracked me down, looks at me with those deep, dark eyes, and smiles at me like a wolf looking at his prey... I lose all control. If I don't help them, if I don't use my Healer's Gift, then the curse they're under will keep getting worse, and people in the small town of Cattail Creek will keep turnin' up dead. I need to figure somethin' out before the next Full Moon, or my reputation is going to be the least of my problems! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Goldie Gets Showered (A Wicked Virgin Watersports Story) by Ana Thalia
Goldie is sick and tired for being “the virgin.” She has a plan for being deflowered in a most spectacular fashion, and will do anything it takes to accomplish it. The men who will cure her of her unfortunate “condition” have been chosen, and it was up to her to lure them into a private place to do the deed. Unfortunately, she has some “bladder control” issues, and then things really get wet, wild, and kinky. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Four Play ...at the Swingers' Club by Polly J Adams
The Swingers' Club: a place where no desire is forbidden. But when the club runs into trouble CHristina has to get together with the owners to try to save it, in a way only they could manage. First, though, Christina and her friend Selena must deal with the gangsters who have come to chase the club's debts. A steamy story of cuckoldry and group sex. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Vampire Slayer Gangbang by Cat Wilder
Buffy Beauchamp is hunting vampires. It’s what she does. She finds herself alone, locked inside an abandoned warehouse with multiple vampires. The beautiful vampire slayer is desperate to stake the vamps and get her sweet round butt out of there alive. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Giselle's Best Fetish Erotica: 14 Kinky Sex Stories by Giselle Renarde
From kinky costumes to sex dolls, Giselle's got you covered! In this spanking-new collection, find fourteen tales of discipline and bondage, dressing up and role play, voyeurism, public sex, food and toys and so much more! Award-winning author Giselle Renarde has written erotic fiction for hundreds of anthologies, and her work is anything but ordinary. Giselle's Best Fetish Erotica includes quirky original stories and fantastic fan favourites to tickle unexplored regions of your sexual mind. Surrender to temptation today! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Trading Down by PJ Adams
Denny McGowan has lost his girl, his best friend and millions of dollars. All he has are the clothes on his back, the money in his pocket and an easy, wise-cracking charm... and two gangsters on his tail and out for revenge. Cassandra Dane is probably the last girl you'd expect to hook up with someone like Denny, but things are not always what they seem... A steamy new bad boy romance. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Temporary by Alexx Andria
It's only temporary, baby. Don't go catching feelings because I will tear you apart.

Mari Jones is an itch under my skin that I can't satisfy. The sassy, long-legged cocktail waitress is everything I shouldn't want. Smart-mouthed, take-no-shit, sexy-as-hell, and the worst thing I could throw into my life but I want her.

The thing is... I've always wanted her. She's everything I ever wanted... everything I will never deserve to have. Right or wrong... she's mine. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Unfinished Business by Sadie Somerton
Christina last saw Taylor three years ago, but there's no harm staying in touch online, is there? No harm indulging in a little chat and flirting. No harm to meet for an innocent coffee... But when Taylor does that thing of his, making her go weak at the knees and wet most other places, should Christina back out, or should she go with it and give him just one night to remember? An explicit inter-racial hot wife story in The Swingers' Club series: cuckoldry, bondage, rimming, group fun and more! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Sapphic Confessions: 24 Kinky Lesbian Sex Stories by Giselle Renarde
I kissed a girl... and I didn't stop there! Twenty-four eye-opening lesbian tales so titillating you won't be able to resist reading the next confession. Butches, femmes, chapstick lesbians, bisexual beauties, experienced older women and curious first-timers admit to their naughty deeds in this hot new short story collection. Bad girls get caught being naughty in church. A bi femme gets spanked by a butch stranger in her pool's sauna room. An established couple hires a gorgeous girl for a first-time threesome. A fiery motorcycle dyke makes a scene outside a lesbian nightclub. An incorrigible house painter converts rich MILFs in their own homes. Driving lessons get dirty on a dusty country road. All this and so much more in Sapphic Confessions: 24 Kinky Lesbian Sex Stories! Giselle Renarde's erotic fiction has appeared in over 100 anthologies, including prestigious collections like Best Lesbian Erotica, Best Lesbian Romance, Best Women's Erotica, Girl Fever, and the Lambda Award-winning collection Wild Girls, Wild Nights. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Devil's Deception by Destiny Blaine
While traveling, Liza Cartwright lands in Devil's Valley and she's not sure why. Greeted by a witch while trying to rent a room, Eliza is greatly disturbed by what she learns. According to a legend, those who arrive in Devil's Valley, never leave. Unwilling to accept some crazy myth, Liza goes to Gideon's Hall looking for the vampire who can change her fate. Convinced Liza is the mate they've awaited, Jake and Nicholas Devil dupe her so she can't leave Gideon's Hall until Gideon can meet her. When Gideon sees Liza a few hours later, he's mesmerized. He soon realizes his attraction is mate lust but since Nicholas is the youngest "Devil" son and they can't share a mate, he seeks answers by turning to a dangerous witch. Soon, Liza is inexplicably drawn to Gideon and Jake Devil, but she's horrified to learn all the ways they're connected. Inevitably doomed to a fated love thanks to a curse she can't escape, Liza gives up her traveling dreams for two sexy vampires and a family full of blood drinkers. And she makes it her mission to find out about the witches and their curses so she can do whatever necessary to break them. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Wild (Dark Riders Motorcycle Club) by Elsa Day
Which will she choose? Love, or safety? Lilly Clarkfeld just wants to be a regular college student. In her dreams she is a nurse, has a family, and is safe. That's not much to ask. But when she's forced to return to her childhood home because of her mother's illness, everything changes. Lilly's car crashes and she's taken in the night by the Dark Riders. It could have been any motorcycle club, but it was his. Lilly's first love. Asher Thomas is bigger, stronger, and more damaged than Lilly remembers, but he never forgot about her. They still burn for each other, but is this the life for Lilly? Can she put her white picket fence dreams on hold and trade them in for the rough love of an outlaw biker? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Experience Preferred: 10 Book MEGA Bundle by Selena Kitt, Giselle Renarde, GR Richards and more
Sometimes you just need the right teacher... This 10 BOOK Excite Spice MEGA Bundle combines the innocence of youth coupled with the experience of an older generation gladly willing to teach their proteges all the naughty things they want to know. Here eager pupils will dive into their lessons, learning skills only the mature and experienced can teach. You get 80,000 words of pristine, untouched youth exploring their heart's desires with sensual, skillful lovers that will leave you breathless and aching for more. Dive into these May-December relationships with ten of the genre's hottest authors who bring you sexy stories so sinful they sizzle! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Packed by the Alpha 3 (BBW Shifter Paranormal Romance) by Ali Beckett
Kate Langdon's family has been living within Shady Coast Territory as guests of the ruling wolf pack since the abduction of their father and his best friend, the Alpha of the pack, five years ago. Being the only humans allowed within the Territory, Kate's family has learned to adapt to the pack's strict rules for the family's protection against the unknown enemy. Kate's only solace from the strange life of the pack is the time she spends running on the beach at the edge of Shady Coast Territory. But with that solace comes a price, and the only thing keeping her away from the same fate as her father and the pack's Alpha is the one person she should be most afraid of - the gorgeous, but formidable Regent Alpha - Beau Maddox. He's the last person she wants to trust, but the first person she needs to if she chooses to submit to her own fate... her fated mate. But as luck would have it, she's not free to make that choice without hurting someone else, and Kate must decide if her heart, or her fate, will win in the end before her luck runs out. ***Packed by the Alpha is written in the short story serial format***, (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

A Sound Like Hope by Karolyn James
From USA Today / NY Times Bestselling author, Karolyn James, the Brothers of Rock series continues! Fallen Tuesday is back, but now bassist Trent Jensen finds himself in a world of trouble. When a blast from the past pushes him over the edge, he can't stop making bad choices. Although he manages to escape the media's eye when bailing out of jail, it doesn't take long for his past to get him into more trouble... this time in front of many cameras. Sick of Trent's actions hurting the band, band manager, Frank, has a punishment in mind that will forever change Trent's life. Emily Unther has had the worst year of her life. After months of watching her sister, Amelia's health deteriorate, Amelia passed away. And suddenly Emily became a mom to her ten year old nephew, Nicholas, who hates her. He has made it a daily chore to get into trouble and rack up lawyer's fees. He is angry, hurt, and lives with the hope that his father will return soon. He spends most of his time on his skateboard, away from the world. After Nicholas takes things too far, a compassionate judge decides to give him one last chance, but only if Nicholas follows a mentoring program that will allow him to meet someone w (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Ms Amazing: Super Heroine Gambit by JK Waylon
Super heroine in peril fiction at its finest! Young, beautiful, and powerful, Ms Amazing is Synne City’s premier super heroine. Ms Amazing answers the call in a deadly hostage situation. The escapees are all desperate men sent to prison by her. Seeing the poor hostage is in grave danger, Ms Amazing has no choice but to attempt the dangerous Super Heroine Gambit and exchange herself for the hostage. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Dance For Me by Helena Newbury
A troubled dance student falls for the millionaire who hires her as his muse. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Ruined by the Billionaire - A Dark Taboo Romance by Katie Cramer
Dark by name. Dark by nature. When sexy billionaire playboy Ryan Dark sweeps the beautiful but neglected Jane off her feet, it seems she can no longer resist giving in to her husband's fantasy of seeing her with another man. But Ryan has an ulterior motive - he's been planning this move for years, fueled by his personal hatred of Jane's husband, Graham. As Ryan turns the screw, putting Graham's marriage and even life at risk, he underestimates the one person who can throw his plans into disarray - Jane. Conflicted by her lust for the enigmatic billionaire and love for her husband, Jane soon proves that all the money in the world is no match for a strong, sensual woman... A billionaire romance with an alternative love story at its core, "Ruined by the Billionaire" features an alpha male who always gets what he wants and a married couple experimenting in mature fantasies, lifestyles and situations. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Back to Basics by Polly J Adams
"Selena woke to sunlight slanting in through the window and a naked man in her arms, and for once she knew immediately who it was." Running a swingers' club can be a very demanding thing. Exciting and exhausting in equal measure, the club has started to take over Selena's life. Is now the time for her and Martin to step away and get back to basics? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Ultimate Taste of Candy Mega Bundle: Over 85 Fertile First Time Stories by Candy Quinn
I've never done this before, not with anyone... Everyone wants a taste of Candy, and now you can have her all. With more than eighty stories (and over 600k words) about first time love, innocent steps, misbehaving brats, and more tasty country girls than you can shake a stick at, this mega bundle has everything you need. This collection contains every last sizzling hot story of Candy's, from Her Fertile First Time, Taboo Passions, Taken by the Bar, Dirty Country Love, and everything in between. This mega bundle also includes several stories that aren't available anywhere else! If you love plenty of steam, lots of unprotected fun, and high levels of heat, this collection is a must have! If you're bold, share with your friends. After all, this is a limited time bundle. No one can eat Candy forever <3 (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Billion Dollar Bad Boy by Nora Flite
He thinks he can buy anything he wants. Even me. The package in my mail had no name, no address. Just some sexy lingerie, and a letter telling me that I was claimed. That I already belonged to him. I thought it was a mistake. No one would send something like that to a girl like me. The most exciting part of my day was getting to marathon a new show on Netflix. But the gifts kept coming. And the messages got more personal. He'd write things like, "Thinking about you drives me wild." Or, "How will our lips feel when we finally kiss?" I won't lie, I was starting to fall for a stranger. Then he wanted to meet. He's gorgeous, charming, an actual damn billionaire. He's everything a girl could want. But he has a secret. What if he isn't a stranger at all? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Billion Dollar Contract: Proposals by Cynthia Dane
She needs a job. He needs a sub. Surely they can come to some sort of agreement. Jasmine is jobless and down to her last dollar, living in squalor with only a mean cat to keep her sane. On the day of an important job interview she's spotted by Ethan Cole, the smart and handsome billionaire bachelor who tears through assistants as if they're cheap tissues. He wants her. To be his assistant. To be his submissive. For six months all Jasmine has to do is be at his beck and call. In the office, in the boardroom... and in the bedroom. In return, she'll become a millionaire. They say that every person has a price. Ethan is willing to pay hers. Now she will enter his world of money, bad jokes, broken hearts, dangerous business partners, and sweet white collar power. The moment she signs that billion dollar contract, she belongs to Ethan Cole. Her body... and her heart! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

All Tied Up by Sadie Somerton
When Christina wants to find a new lover her husband Adam couldn't be more supportive. All she must do is tell him all about it afterwards. But when Christina's perfect online date turns out to be a man who likes to be in control, have things gone just one step too far for the adventurous couple? "He hurt me," she tells her husband later. "He hurt me and I liked it..." (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Seduced: Stories of Temptation and Seduction by PJ Adams and Ruby Fielding
That moment when eyes meet across a crowded room... a look that implies so much more. A set of stories crammed with sensuous encounters and passionate beginnings. Torn between an ex and a wealthy aristocrat with a dark and mysterious past... sometimes it's just so hard to say 'no'. A moment of passion with a friend's husband... it should never have happened, yet it could become so much more. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Unfinished Business by Polly J Adams
Christina last saw Taylor three years ago, but there's no harm staying in touch online, is there? No harm indulging in a little chat and flirting. No harm to meet for an innocent coffee... But when Taylor does that thing of his, making her go weak at the knees and wet most other places, should Christina back out, or should she go with it and give him just one night to remember? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

VIPER'S KISS (A Back Down Devil MC Romance Novel) by London Casey
His family was murdered... and the revenge will cost him his leather cut, his MC, and the woman he's been secretly in love with for years. Blaine is the worst kind of outlaw - he's bad, bold, ruthless, screws anything with a pulse, and he's hiding a secret from his club. Not only has he hidden the murder of his family from the club, he's hidden that he in fact used to be on the other side of the law. All of that is supposed to be dead and gone, but when Jessa shows up to tell him the man who murdered his family has gotten out of prison, everything changes. Blaine is forced to come clean and leave his fate in the hands of the men he considers brothers. Jessa could never admit her feelings for Blaine because of their delicate situation. She always knew what was at stake, and when it was taken from him, they slipped into two very different lives. She's lonely and constantly in fear. Now with her worst fears coming to life, the only refuge she has in the protection of a group of bikers. And her heart? That's always been in the care of Blaine. The second Blaine and Jessa are able to finally be together, the heat is not only instant, it comes with a price. Suddenly, there's more at stake for Blaine to lose than he ever thought possible. Top that with a new sheriff after the club, a rival MC rebuilding, and an old enemy vying to destroy Back Down Devil MC, everyone's about to be taken (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Natural Insemination by Michael Mechant
Brenda and Eddie desperately wanted to have a baby, but it just wasn't happening. A fertility specialist told them Eddie would probably never be able to get his wife pregnant. He recommended adoption or artificial insemination. They decided to take matters into their own hands and do it the old fashioned way. Eddie couldn't get her pregnant, but his best friend could. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Watch Me: Stories of Cuckoldry and Exhibitionism by Polly J Adams
Watch Me: a big and explicit boxed set of stories featuring open relationships, cuckoldry and exhibitionism. Stories about hot wives and their cuckolded husbands, and women who just like to be watched - for adults only! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Ruthless: A Mafia Step-Brother Romance by Alexis Abbott
All I have to do is spy on Dimitri Brokov. The Dimitri Brokov. Billionaire, CEO, Russian Mobster, and my step-brother. I can have it all. A fling with the hot, tattooed and totally off-limits jerk, half a million dollars and, best of all, the sweet taste of revenge to mend my broken heart. Spying on Dimitri might just get me killed, but every time anger flickers into his eyes, I move a little closer. Every time he touches me, I get a little hotter. I'm supposed to be in control, but I keep going back for more. His hands on me are addictive, the danger he's in thrills me. And when he ties me to his bed so I can't run, we share more than a night of passion; we share a purpose. A mission. One that threatens everything we thought we knew. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

His Passion, Her Temptation by Malia Mallory
The final book in the Dominating BDSM Billionaires Series. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Outlaw's Obsession: Grizzlies MC Romance (Outlaw Love) by Nicole Snow
AN OUTLAW'S OBSESSION RUNS FURIOUS, DEEP, AND FOREVER... CHRISTA: Hell always screams into my life on two wheels - so why the hell does he look like heaven? Rabid's nothing like the other vicious thugs in the Grizzlies Motorcycle Club. When I see the dark ink dancing on his stunning body, I almost believe he's here to save me, instead of just seduce me. But I won't be fooled again. All the club brings is ruin, and they're back to give me more. Sure, Rabid saved me once. Doesn't mean I'll get closer and dig my grave deeper, no matter how nice his rough hands would feel locked around my waist. Angels never kiss like devils, right? RABID: I can't get her outta my skull. My brothers say she's like broken glass, but they don't know she's already lodged in my heart. She's tense, suspicious, and totally scared. I'm gonna find out why. Secrets don't mean a damned thing if she's in danger. Christa's mine. I don't care if my patch makes her flip, or even if she keeps breathing fire my way every second we're together. I'm the best thing that ever walked into her life, and I'm not walking out. I'll bleed rivers to get my brand on this woman. She's gonna wear it and get used to calling me her old man. I'll have my lips all over this redhead knockout if it's the last thing I do... (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Wild Impulse (Paranormal Erotic Stories) by Lexi Lane and friends
For the first time ever the "Erotica Writers Alliance" has come together to release a complete collection of scorching hot erotic tales featuring all of the paranormal and fantasy characters you love! With stories from top selling erotic authors: Lexi Lane, Jade K. Scott, Carl East, Saffron Sands, Polly J. Adams and Cat Wilder you'll be left breathless and VERY glad you picked up this brand new, exclusive collection of sinfully hot tales. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Riding Darkness (A Back Down Devil MC Romance Novella) by London Casey
Ares Rhyne has worn a leather cut with a patch before, but the pain that came from having it taken away almost killed him, so he has no desire to accept the patch that Back Down Devil MC keeps offering. Living as a prospect allows him time to heal his wounds and the quiet chance of survival. On a mission to break up an underground gambling ring, Ares gets caught in a bloody and deadly shootout. When he escapes, he doesn't expect to have a passenger on the back of his ride... Desperate to finally escape the hell she has been living in, Brooke Danyers was supposed to put the gun to the sexy, tough biker's stomach and pull the trigger. Instead, she froze... and then left with him. There's revenge to be had, but when Ares discovers who is behind it all - and that his fate with Back Down Devil is on the line - will his steamy romance with beautiful Brooke finally destroy his ties to the club forever? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Wedding Heat: Friday Box Set (Series One) by Giselle Renarde
Forget the happy couple - it's the guests that make this wedding sizzle! This box set of Wedding Heat novelettes contains all six books from the series' first season. What's in the box? Straight, gay, bisexual, lesbian, and transgender erotic stories featuring menage, BBW, fetish, older adults, and even office romance! This wedding's already got serious sizzle, and it's only Friday night! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Neighbor and the Rooftop by Simone West
What happens when two broken hearted neighbors have a midnight encounter on the rooftop? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Wedding Heat: Saturday Box Set by Giselle Renarde
Forget the happy couple - it's the guests that make this wedding sizzle! This box set of Wedding Heat novelettes contains all six spicy tales from the series' second season! In "Hole in One," Joey and Greg get a lesson in love from the wedding resort's handsome golf instructor. In "Full Service Bridesmaid," a morning massage turns into a menage a trois when the maid of honour hooks up with two hot masseurs. "Swing Low" takes BDSM to new heights as wedding guests try out a brand new sex swing. Next up, a transgender cater-waiter calls out his gay roommate on an illicit affair with the boss. Will anger turn to lust and even love when resort workers walk out on their shift in "Catering to the Masses"? In "Lickity Split," Vanessa throws ice cream at the problem when she discovers two of the bridesmaids are closeted lesbians. Lastly, the bestselling story of the Wedding Heat series follows Suki as she seduces the DJ. Sure she's married to Simon, but don't worry about him. He's more than happy to spend the night "Wife Watching." This wedding's already got serious sizzle, and it's only Saturday! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

SEALed Bride: A Bad Boy Romance by BB Hamel
I'm going to marry the playboy Navy SEAL for one million dollars. Nash Bell is sexy, arrogant, and totally filthy. His war memoir is selling like crazy, making him one of the most famous people in the country. But he hates the limelight and needs me to fix his bad boy reputation to help get him back into active duty. All I have to do is pretend to be his wife, and then I can afford my father's medical bills. I know I'm just a tool to him, but I can't help but let him use me. I don't want to lie to America. But the cameras are on all the time and I need to play my role. It's strictly business between us. Except for when he whispers how badly he wants my body. This should be easy. We just need to convince everyone we're the perfect couple, despite the fact that I think he's an arrogant a**hole. Then Nash can leave, and I can help my family. This should be simple. So why do I want him to stay? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Criminal: A Bad-Boy Stepbrother Romance by Alexis Abbott and Alex Abbott
My stepbrother was my protector. My savior. He would have done anything for me. Then I watched him fall into a life of crime and corruption, and I thought I lost him forever. Now he's pulling me into his world and he has me exactly where he wants me. I thought two years without a word would free of my feelings but all it takes is one look and I melt, one touch and I'm craving more. I've been dragged back into his life and pulled back into his arms, and if I want him to save me I'm going to have to save him from himself, no matter what it takes. I love the man he could be and hate the man he's become. He was my hero, once. Now he could be again. This is a complete, standalone romantic suspense novel. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Touch Of Heat: A Three-Part Erotic Suspense Serial by J. D. Foxx
Some guys sell stocks and bonds. Or cars and real estate. I sell three things: My time. My body. And my cock. I work for an exclusive escort agency in Los Angeles. The clients are wealthy women—single, married, divorced, lonely, lucky, sad and sultry. They’re all ages, from every part of the city, with every type of desire. Most importantly, they’re also ready, willing and able to pay $5,000 for safe, satisfying sex with no strings attached. To the clients, it’s a fantasy come true. To me, it’s just a job. And I’ve got a plan. I’ve given myself five years to work hard, fuck hard and invest well. And then, when my mother and sister are set for life, I’m walking away from the grind to open a boxing club at the beach. I’ll be thirty at that point. And with just five years to go, my plan is working perfectly. Until I meet Isabella. And then, with one smile, one choice and one twist of fate—everything changes. Touch of Heat is a three-part erotic suspense serial. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

I Married a Billionaire: The Prodigal Son by Melanie Marchande
Can they overcome a past of secrets and lies? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Shiftr: Swipe Left for Love by Ariana Hawkes
What if your fated mate was just a Shiftr swipe away? Curvy Dina Taylor hates the idea of online dating. It's something kids do, not 36-year old women, whose boyfriends have left them for the office intern. But her best friend Lauren has a secret she's bursting to share: there are men out there who absolutely love voluptuous girls like her. All Dina has to do is tap Shiftr, the cute little paw-print app that Lauren has just installed on her phone. In the time it takes Dina to get over her shock that there are guys who can shift into animals, she's hit up by Logan - a dark-eyed bear-guy with a torso like sculpted marble and eyes like pools of lust. He tells her that he feels a magnetic connection to her, but before she can tell him that the feeling's mutual, her clumsy thumb swipes the wrong way, and he's gone. Dina is distraught, but Tamika, the creator of Shiftr has a cunning plan that may just bring them together again. Will Dina find the sexy Logan in the midst of the eccentric matchmaker's beautiful, opulent summer garden party? And will they discover that they're fated to be together? This is a short, sweet, steamy read, perfect for a lunch break, bath time, or a little dose of me-time, wherever you are. HEA and no cliffhanger! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Sapphic Love by Sanina
Nevaeh Caldwell had almost everything she ever wanted... a successful job, her own home, car, friends and family that loved her, and a handsome son that adored her. She had everything except someone to share her success with. That is until Chance Brewer entered her life. Chance is a charismatic, smooth-talking lawyer with a hidden, dark side. Chance brings Nevaeh to new heights of happiness, but hurls her into a maelstrom of emotions when she decides to indulge in her desire for women. Her life takes another tumultuous turn when she meets Sia Lyle. She quickly learns that when choosing a lover, everything that looks good, isn't always good for you. Caught in a tangled web of love, sex and drama while also dealing with coming out to her parents, she quickly realizes that her intentions to embrace her sexuality will truly test her mettle. Unprepared for what's to come and torn between two women, she is quickly swept into the whirlwind world of Sapphic love. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Feel: Stolen Moments by Sassie Lewis and Willsin Rowe
Warning 18+ content. These are snapshots... scenes... distilled to just the essence of sensuality. When desire rules... when temptation consumes... it's about that one Stolen Moment. His visits are intense, her reaction powerful. Their passion leaves its mark on both their bodies...and their souls. // About the Authors: Lewis & Rowe came together over a need for coffee and a love of sensual erotica. A little hesitant experimentation turned into a long-running and full-blooded exchange of scorching words. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Shady Cove: New Girl in Town by Ava Catori
Benji Preston was everything she wasn’t looking for. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Stepbrother Fallen by Aya Fukunishi
Everything is going great for Madison Moriarty. She's got nice parents, good friends, and she's headed to UCLA at the end of the summer, the first step on an exciting journey towards becoming a world famous author. OK, so she may dress like she survived an explosion at a Martha's Vineyard branch of Tommy Hilfiger, but she's a good girl, damn it, from her boring top-siders to her preppy sweaters right down to her My Little Pony laundry day panties. Rafe Stone... well, Rafe Stone is an asshole, and he's going to f***ing jail. That's what happens when you steal your foster parents' Camry and drive it halfway across Colorado. He's been lucky so far, but this time the judge won't be satisfied with a slap on the wrist. Unless... What happens when two worlds collide? What happens when a nice, polite little princess gets thrown in with the stepbrother she never knew she had, a tattooed thug with a tight t-shirt, torn jeans, a pack of smokes and a bad attitude? Stepbrother Fallen is a story of love, hate and David F***ing Bowie. You're gonna love it. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Panther's Surrogate: A Paranormal Pregnancy Romance by Angela Foxxe
A shapeshifting war between Panthers and Jaguars has left Kheem's Panthers almost wiped out. The situation is dire and he understands the urgent need to reproduce. Kheem knows he can not wait around to find the perfect mate and so if he wants to reproduce he must use a surrogate. However, he does not want just any surrogate. The surrogate he wants to do the job is the beautiful Josie. Even though this is a woman he has previously had relations with. The truth is that Kheem is secretly still in love with Josie and so she would be the perfect candidate to carry his child. However, there is another reason he has chosen her and when further danger arrives this reason soon becomes apparent to everyone... (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Dancing In the Rain by J. Strickland
A man too devoted to his career finally goes home for Christmas to visit his parents. What he finds is not what he expects. His former girlfriend now lives next door and she still remembers how they once danced in the rain. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Daughters of the Night the complete story by Carl East
Story one: A straight-laced Accountant meets his match when he goes to the Count's home and discovers the hidden assets of the three vampire women who live there. Their clothes come off and their mouths go down as they swallow every deposit he makes into their willing mouths. What do a few bites matter, when he can pump their nubile bodies and balance the books, to his complete satisfaction. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Temptation Returns by Lisa Carlisle
Antonio returns from the Marine Corps to begin a new life as a civilian. While visiting Cape Cod, he meets a strange woman who reads his Tarot cards. He doesn't believe in such nonsense; after all, he's a Marine. When he returns to Boston, he receives a ticket to a rock club where he runs into the one woman he never forgot. Lina can't believe Antonio is back in town, right before her wedding. Being around him again resurrects long-buried feelings. Will she be able to resist temptation in the form of a dark-haired Italian Marine, the same man who once broke her heart? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

BANG by Joanna Blake
MEAT. MANWHORE. PORN STAR. I have sex on camera for a living. I don't need to feel anything to perform. In fact, I like it better that way. That's until I meet her. She makes me want things I shouldn't. Like her. My name is Trent but in the business I go by Rez. I work hard, play hard and party hard. That's until a crash takes me out of rotation. I broke all of my bones -- all, that is, except the one that counts. Too bad I'm too messed up to use it. Now I'm laid up in a hospital bed, unable to do more than scratch my ass. That wouldn't be so bad, but the nurse in charge of my recovery is hell on wheels. Bossy, prudish and rough with her sponge baths. Not to mention drop dead gorgeous. Worse yet, she seems totally immune to my charms. I love getting a rise out of her. And for some reason, she always gets a rise out of me. She thinks she is better than a manwhore like me. She might be right. But I'm not giving up until I take the prissy know it all on the ride of her life- on me. I can't wait to see the look on her face when I've blown her mind six or seven times in one night. Trouble is, I've gotten in deeper than I meant to. And I don't know if I ever want out. BANG is a standalone novel with no cheating and a guaranteed HEA! Now with the bonus books BRO' and A Bad Boy For Summer for a limited time only! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Shameless Curves: 8 BBW and the Ripped Studs who Took Them for the Ride of Their Lives! by Nadia Nightside, Sasha Storm, Cara Wylde and more
The men in these stories are sick to death of taking the usual girls home only to find them unable to handle the kind of hard and unprotected love they like to dish out. When they find their BBW, they finally discover what it's like to go to bed with a real woman, and they absolutely will not hold back. The Authors: This bundle boasts multiple top 10 erotica authors and some carefully selected up and comers! With years of experience, these authors know how to write stories that can set curves on fire! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Bad Girls … All Together: a mega-bundle of stories from the Girls’ Club by Polly J Adams
A collection of eight hot erotic stories from the bestselling author of Bad Again, Private Party and the Knee-tremblers series. The Girls’ Club: sizzling and very explicit stories of sexual exploration and adventure, based on true accounts. Some of the facts have been changed. But most of them haven’t. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Skin Deep by Dez Burke
Beauty is only skin deep. So are scars... Stock-car racing inter-racial romance. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Claimed (Paranormal Erotic Romance Collection) by Lexi Lane and friends
For the paranormal erotic romance fan comes a complete collection of deliciously hot stories of powerful shifters, possessive alpha men, and the women they love! This brand new, limited-edition collection includes stories from Lexi Lane, Jade K. Scott, Saffron Sands, Carl East, Ruby Fielding, Victoria Wessex and more! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Luke’s Brutal Abduction V: The Wrecking Crew (Gay Kidnap BDSM Rough Erotica) by Brad Vance
(Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Who Killed Cole Custer in the Library with a Dildo? by Virginia Wade
(Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Sam and Delilah: Dangerously Dark Shifter Romance by Giselle Renarde
Sam spent fifteen years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. A jury put him away for murdering his wife, but it was her sister Delilah who slammed that nail in his coffin. Delilah testified at his trial. She claimed she saw him do it. No way was that possible - the moon had been full that night. He'd been in the woods, inhabiting his beast in shifted form. After a daring jailbreak, Sam tracks down the woman responsible for his incarceration, but Delilah is not alone. All these years, she's been living with the last person he expects to see. Will Delilah be able to reason with Sam before his inner beast takes hold? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Sharing My Wife by Michael Mechant
He lets his wife live out the fantasy of sex with another man while he listens by phone. Things get out of hand and his wife goes beyond the boundaries they agreed to. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Chase (Hell's Exiles MC Book 1) by Sassie Lewis
Two things Chase will never walk away from: his club and his woman. Chase Anderson is a leather wearing, Harley riding, narcissistic bad boy. And the older brother of Vanessa's best friend. Three years ago, the outlaw biker rode his growling hog out of her life, with a taunt that left her heartbroken, humiliated? and angry as hell. That day was tattooed into Chase's mind. Vanessa had been the ultimate curvy temptation. And as a fifteen-year-old goddess, she might have even been worth the jail time. If his father?his Prez?hadn't sent him away to another chapter, things could've been wildly different. Now Chase is back as the VP of Hell's Exiles? and Vanessa is finally legal. Claiming her will be easy. Keeping her safe when war comes at them? that's a battle he refuses to lose. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Other Side of Ruth: A Lesbian Novel by Giselle Renarde
Ruth loves her husband, but she keeps secrets from him. Big secrets. When a notoriously lesbian neighbour returns home to Toronto from Art School in Montreal, Ruth finds herself unmistakeably attracted. Agnes is quirky, creative, and significantly younger. Despite their age difference, Agnes welcomes Ruth's attention. But Agnes has secrets of her own. She plays hide-and-seek on Ruth, disappearing for months at a time. Where does she go? And what emotions are brewing between Ruth's husband and his closest friend? Everyone on the block seems to be hiding something, and Ruth isn't sure how long she can conceal her true self from the neighbours. After twenty-five years married to a man, can Ruth find a place in her life for ambiguous, artsy Agnes? Or will the younger woman's demons devour them both? A lesbian novel. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Blood Struck by Michelle Fox
In a world where vampires are real, sex with blood commands the highest price. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Dragon's Bidding: BBW Dragon Shifter Navy SEAL Billionaire Auction Romance by Aya Morningstar
She wants to slay the dragon. He thinks she should ride him instead. Dragon shifter Serghei Nicolau is a cocky, tattooed ex-SEAL, and the billionaire CEO of Sergtech. He's made countless enemies during his rise to the top, including his future mate. Elisabeth Sinclair is a reporter with killer curves...and a woman who knows Serghei has dark secrets. She's digging deep to wipe that insufferable smile off his smug, gorgeous face. She never thought she'd get close enough to Serghei to take him down, but the perfect opportunity arises when she wins Sergtech's exclusive contest. Her prize is a date with the arrogant dragon himself, and Elisabeth is ready to play with fire. She'll do anything to knock him off his throne, including pretending to fall for him while the world watches. But when she touches his chiseled body, and when the sleeping dragon rises up, she might just find herself falling for her enemy. The world is watching, and a rival dragon CEO is closing in. If Serghei and Elisabeth don't learn to trust each other in time, they'll both be doing another DRAGON'S BIDDING. This is a full novel with steamy sex and a great Happily Ever After! With NO cliffhanger! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Wolf Eyes by Elizabeth Nyte
Wildlife photographer Karalynn Whitmore travels to the tiny town of Salmon Run Alaska to photograph eagles, bears and wolves but a chance encounter with sexy wildlife biologist Zachary Anderson has her forgetting all about her assignment. Feeling like plain Jane next to Adonis, Kara tries to keep her distance, but when a string of grisly murders throws them together Zac shows her that beauty is in the eye of the beholder...and sometimes in the eye of the wolf. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Saffron and Friends An Erotica Collection by Saffron Sands and friends
Saffron Sands and six of her naughtiest friends have come together in this smoking hot bundle for your reading pleasure. This collection will titillate your senses with erotic tales from today's hottest erotica authors. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Garage Quickie by Michael Mechant
He knew it was cheating, but he just couldn't resist. Now he'll never forget her. Abby came to the party as the friend of a friend. He had heard she was something of a nympho, but he figured that was just talk, especially when his girlfriend asked him to take her to the grocery store. He was wrong. Once he was alone with her, he got more than groceries. He never imagined he'd end up having sex with her while hiding in a friend's garage. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

His Absolute Insistence - Jessika's Love Story: The Billionaire's Continuum (#2) by Cerys du Lys
I married a billionaire and now I need to deal with the consequences... After a day where everything went from bad to worse, I just wanted to relax with Asher. I needed time to think, time to recover, some alone time with my husband. I know Asher loves me, and I love him; we would give each other anything. Unfortunately, neither of us can give each other more time and we're running out of what little we have left. What comes after worse? I'm about to find out. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Flirty and Fertile (Cuckolding Erotica) by Katie Cramer
Two stories of unprotected hotwife and cuckold erotica! The Hotwife Gets Her Stud: Victoria is 45, married and on the prowl. When she meets Alex, the firefighter who's just moved in down the street, she makes it her mission to get him into her bed...with the blessing of her cuckold husband, of course. A last-minute crisis of confidence causes her to wonder if cougars should chase cubs after all. But this stud is going to completely satisfy a married older woman, giving her what she wants...unprotected. And he learns a hotwife can teach him a few tricks, too... Make Me a MILF: Feeling self-conscious and neglected, Marion notices hunky Gary lusting over superstar MILF actress Selena Fox. Unsatisfied by her husband and determined to get his attention, she sets out to prove she can be an irresistible MILF, too. Soon, Gary will be unable to resist her, taking her hard and unprotected...just the way she intended. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Rancher’s Healing Touch: Beautifully Bound Hearts by Arthur Mitchell
(Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Coerced: Blackmailed by the Billionaire by Alexx Andria
Nobody says no to billionaire Sutton Buchanan. Nobody with a survival instinct or an ounce of common sense, anyway. That's because he's a cruel, ruthless bastard who will stop at nothing to get what he wants ? including the curvy blonde artist who just gave him the brush-off. Elizabeth Downing is desperate and time is running out. Her one chance at landing an exhibition at the Covington Art Museum has been shot down in flames. The shy, insecure artist can't give her art away, much less sell it. How was she going to continue supporting her disabled sister, without selling off a kidney? Unfortunately for Elizabeth, her family tragedy is Sutton's opportunity. Sutton makes Elizabeth a shocking offer that no good man would ever suggest. But Sutton has never pretended to be a good man. Now he's going to own her ? body and soul. He's going to push past her limits. He's going to see where her breaking point is. But he won't make the same mistake his cousins made by falling in love with his plaything. Elizabeth's about to find out, the words "love" and "mercy" aren't in Sutton Buchanan's vocabulary. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Bear My Fate 1 (BBW Shifter Paranormal Romance) by Laura Cameron
My life was pretty sweet. I lived in New York City, the best city in world, near my family and friends. Had a budding kick ass career as a journalist, and had the best boyfriend on the freaking planet. Or so I thought. I mean, about the ?best boyfriend on the freaking planet? part, anyway. It figures he would have some deep dark secret. It was just my luck. I guess I shouldn?t have been surprised, though. I always seemed to attract the weirdos. But the dumb thing is I still care about him, even after finding out his deep dark secret. I wish I didn?t. And I wish I didn?t have to hurt him. Because now? Now there?s a stranger invading my senses that I can?t seem to shake. His presence is driving me insane, and I don?t think I can control myself around him much longer. He says I?m his Mate, whatever that means. But there?s just one super teeny tiny problem? He?s my boyfriend?s mortal enemy. Not exactly ideal. And I hope to God I?ll be able to survive them. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Friend’s Ex Pity Sex by Cheri Verset
Jack’s life is a series of uneventful episodes. But that was before he sees his buddy’s ex-girlfriend, gorgeous and perfect in every way… (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Longings: 14 Book MEGA Bundle by DB Story, Bekki Lynn, Erin O'Riordan, Willsin Rowe and more
The feels, the longings! So good they just can't last... This 14 BOOK Excite Spice MEGA Bundle is packed with romance so poignant, wistful and passionate, you'll need a box of tissues - for so many reasons! Inside you will find tales that will thrill you, touch you, and stay with you. Over 100,000 words of romance, stories that dare to explore the pleasure and angst of a gone lover, the one that got away, the forbidden affair, or true love existing on borrowed time. Thirteen of the genre's most talented authors bring you tales of passionate affairs that can't last - but they are exquisite gems while they do. Like the star the burns brightest, these tales burn fast, dazzle, and smolder in the memory. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Unthinkable! A Red Hot Taboo Erotica Box Set: Erotic Collection of 12 Stories by Katie Cramer
The author says: "So here is a box set I thought would never see the light of day - Unthinkable! It includes twelve stories (over 50,000 words) of mine that have been either been previously removed or censored by various retailers. Some will never allow them to return to their stores again. But, for a very limited time, I'm offering it for 99 cents so you can see what all the fuss was about. The reasons for censoring include everything from PI to lactation and, bizarrely, tentacles. Yes, tentacles!" (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Step Bride: A Bad Boy Mob Romance by BB Hamel
I'm the mobster's forbidden bride. I never wanted to do anything crazy. I'm a good girl, the total opposite of my reality TV star mother. But in Vegas, anything can happen. Even marrying a rich, handsome stranger. He has a ripped body and the cocky attitude to match. His name is Lucas, and he's the dirty-talking heir to the Barone crime family. I don't know why he wanted to get married, but I couldn't stop saying yes over and over again. And it gets worse. My crazy mother eloped with his mafia father. We're one big happy family, right? Lucas is so arrogant that he won't let me go. I'm his wife, his step bride, and I'm stuck living with this secret in his family's heavily guarded mansion. If his dangerous father finds out the truth about us, we're totally screwed. With a rat in the mob and the Russians coming after everyone, we're living on the razor's edge. I need to divorce him. I need to stop wanting him. I need to get out of this situation before both our families are torn to pieces. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Witch Who Cried Wolf by Sarah Makela
New Adult Paranormal Romance. Be careful what you wish for… A potion gone wrong: Mia Brooks is a reluctant witch, with powers that she tries to hold in check. But when her magic gets mixed up, supernatural forces are unleashed and suddenly she’s being pursued by werewolves—that she didn’t even realize existed… Hidden emotions: Ethan Parker, Mia’s brother’s best friend, is home from deployment for the holidays. Mia’s not only hiding from werewolves, she’s trying to keep her feelings for Ethan secret; it would be a disaster if he knew she’s been nursing a long-time crush… The power of love: things take a terrifying turn when Mia and Ethan are attacked by a werewolf. Ethan is amazed when Mia reveals her paranormal prowess as she tries to shield them from danger. But can she really protect them from the darkness that lurks? And how can he tell her that, for ages, he’s been denying what he really wants? Mia... (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Masters of the Hunt: Fated and Forbidden by Elianne Adams, Sarra Cannon, Ramona Gray and more
Kneel before the Masters of the Hunt: Fated and Forbidden, a stunning collection featuring OVER 15 Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, and Fantasy Romance Alpha Hunter Tales, featuring NYT, USA Today and National Bestselling Authors! From sprawling Gothic cityscapes and vivid fairy tale worlds, to ball-busting urban fantasy huntresses, to heart-stopping assassin bad boys, we've brought together a collection of authors who want to take you on an amazing, fantastical, and emotional journey. Steal an adventure with a swashbuckling dragon slayer. Hunt with the hounds. And fall in love (and lust) with the animal in every hunter. Anthology Includes: Slayers & Assassins, Alphas, Hunters & Huntresses, Guardians & Protectors, Marshals & Special Forces, Trackers & Scientists, Paranormal & Urban, Fantasy, Futuristic, Fairy Tales, Contemporary, New Adult, Romantic Suspense, Romantic Comedy, Sweet & Steamy Romance, Fated Mates & Forbidden Lovers, Witches, Wizards & Werewolves, Dragons, Demons & Devils, Magic, Ghosts, Billionaires and so much more! Get this limited time box set now! Over $50 worth of titles boxed into one collection! Are you ready to join the hunt? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Lyric's Accidental Mate (Iron Wolves MC 1) by Elle Boon
A tough as nails soldier and a bad girl on a motorcycle with a bite...when they collide, everything changes. A WOMAN IN NEED OF SAVING... Lyric Carmichael is a shifter in trouble. When a pack of rogue wolves attacks her, she knows she will have to fight for her life. Being a member of the Iron Wolves MC and a wolf shifter, she's used to fighting, with the odds stacked against her, she's not sure she'll make it out alive. A BADASS SOLDIER... Rowan Shade, a member of the Special Forces has fought many battles, so wading into the fight to save a gorgeous woman is second nature. Being bitten by Lyric in order to save him from a fate worse than death, and finding out there are supernatural beings, is one of the most erotic experiences of his life. He just hopes they live long enough to explore more of this new and wild world. A LOVE BEYOND REASON... As Rowan and Lyric explore their new relationship, the danger to the pack intensifies. When they find out one of their own has betrayed them, the strength of the entire MC is needed in order for them all to survive the upcoming battle. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Trust by PJ Adams
Never trust a man who says, "Trust me." All Jess wanted was a fresh start, but Dean, middle brother of the notorious Bailey Boys, changes everything - if only she could trust him. Love strikes in the most unlikely places, but can it really take root in a London gangland threatened by Russian mobsters? Trust: A steamy, edge-of-the-seat romantic suspense thriller. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Devil's Kiss Trilogy by Gemma James
Kayla Sutton faces a question no mother wants to face: what would you do to save your daughter? Broke and desperate, she siphons thousands from the company she works for to pay for her daughter's life-saving treatment, but when Gage Channing discovers her theft, she is shocked to learn that her domineering boss has no intention of turning her over to the police. Instead he issues an ultimatum--submit to him, or go to jail. She faced sexual servitude in Ultimatum. In Enslaved she was seduced into craving it. Now she must find the strength to either accept the part of her that craves him still, or walk away for good... Includes: ULTIMATUM ENSLAVED RETRIBUTION (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Hitman's Bride by Vanessa Waltz
I killed to marry her. Murder is my trade, and I'm as bad they come. Hitmen never settle. New town, new job, and a girl to warm my bed. All part of the job, with one hitch that's got me in knots. The new girl's name is Fawn, but she's more like a minx. Every time she makes eyes at me, I want to rip her clothes off. I'm counting down the minutes 'til I get her alone?in my bed, on the counter, anywhere I damned well please. She knows what I am and hates my guts, but she needs my protection. There's a man after her who makes me look like a saint, and I can't leave her to the wolves after what I've done. I killed to claim her. I'll make her my bride to save her, even if I have to drag her to the altar. Whatever the cost, she's mine. Note: Hitman's Bride includes a copy of Married to the Bad Boy, a full-length standalone novel. Hitman's Bride is a standalone novel and the first in the Bad Boy Empire series! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Sitter and the Sexy Brit by Kendra Edge
I've never gone all the way, but I'm hoping my first time will be with a sexy Brit... The single dad I sit for is the hottest man on the planet. He's nothing like guys my own age, and that's why all my friends have the hugest crush on him. He's suave and handsome, but his sophisticated English accent really puts him over the top. This weekend, my plan is to pretend I'm Alistair's loving wife. If I do everything a good wife should, I know he won't be able to resist my innocent little body! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Shopping for a Billionaire 3 by Julia Kent
I don't turn every date into a medical emergency, but when I do, I nearly castrate my man... Shannon and Declan's first real date ends with an ambulance trip and yet another test of their madcap relationship. Ex-boyfriend Steve insists on dinner with Shannon while Declan is overseas on business, but a surprise return leads to plenty of romance as Declan whisks her away for a ride over Boston (in more ways than one...). Just as life and love look good, a misunderstanding takes on a sinister tone as a conspiracy brews to keep them apart. Julia Kent's hilarious Shopping series continues. Part 3 of a 4-part series. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Girls' Night: Confessions of a BBW Hotwife #2 by Sadie Somerton
"Have you ever kissed a girl?" I hadn't, but I'd thought about it. Fantasized about it. And once my husband had planted that thought... well, what's a girl to do? An erotic romance about an open and loving relationship, featuring cuckoldry, exploration and girl on girl fun. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Last Alpha: a Highland shifter romance by Ruby Fielding
He never wanted to fall in love. She never planned to let him... Murder and intrigue in the Scottish Highlands: a werewolf romance like no other. By turns passionate romance and gripping paranormal thriller, Last Alpha asks can Beauty ever really hope to tame the Beast? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

I Married a Billionaire by Melanie Marchande
Maddy Wainright has given up on marriage - and men. After dating way too many losers who aren't capable of appreciating her for who she is, she's about ready to resign herself to a life of spinsterhood. Until her insanely rich boss Daniel Thorne comes along with an offer she simply can't refuse. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Shifters, Beasts and Monsters (The Alpha Paranormal Collection) by Terry Towers, Virginia Wade, J.E. & M. Keep, Francis Ashe, and more
There's an alpha male lover that roars in the heart of even the most dangerous and mystical of creatures - 13 Beauties meet their Beasts in these hot paranormal novellas by 15 of your favorite bestselling romance and erotic romance authors, including several NY Times and USA Today bestselling authors. Love, Lust & Luck By Terry Towers writing as Elixa Everett (NYT/USAT) When called to the aid of a beautiful woman down on her luck, Shamus is surprised to discover that he and Suzanna are destined to be together. Lifetime unions between mystical beings and humans have been unheard of... until now. Moan For Bigfoot by Virginia Wade (NYT/USAT) On a weeklong outing in Mt. Hood National Forest, what begins as a flirty, fun-filled trip soon turns into a nightmare, when an ape-like creature encounters a group of campers. Ravaged by the Rainbow by Skye Eagleday (NYT/USAT) Shakyo's ceremony has called forth a tentacle monster which seeks those exactly like this innocent virgin. She felt nothing could be worse until her hated enemy suddenly appears--her tribe's head medicine man who has accused her of witchcraft. ...and many more stories! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

First Bite - Shifter Romance Box Set by V. Vaughn, Ellis Leigh, Annalise Nixon and more
Delicious romance you can sink your teeth into. Ten steamy tales of love and adventure. Meet wolves, bears and tigers who shape-shift from sexy to smoldering. All stories are first in a series! Full Moon Rising - Amy Green; Called by the Bear - V. Vaughn; Captured - Amber Ella Monroe; Surrendered to the Pack - Anna Craig; Conjuring a Wolf - Viv Michaelson; Beast - Holley Trent; Desert Moon - Anna Lowe; A Bear of a Reputation - Ivy Sinclair; Between a Wolf and a Hard Place - Annalise Nixon; The Gathering: Killian and Lyra - Ellis Leigh. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Escape From Reality (Invitation to Eden) by Adriana Hunter
When curvy single and struggling romance author Leila Connors receives a mysterious invitation to spend an all-expense paid week on a tropical island, it simply seems too good to be true. Who is responsible for sending the invitation? Why does the envelope smell of dominant male possession? And most importantly, why her? With a string of failed relationships and a career on the down-slide, Leila feels she has nothing to lose. But when she arrives at her destination and comes face to face with Sebastian Phillips, a tortured stranger with dark secrets, and a man who will take without asking, she wonders if she's in over her head. With just one touch he awakens a desperate need within her and before too long Leila finds herself caught up in a game of irresistible obsession, where truths are exposed, and the dangerously blurred line between fantasy and reality threaten to drive her to the point of no return. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Romance and a... Series: Stories 5-8 by Sharon Cummin
(Approximately 56,700 words) Warning: This story contains content which is intended for readers over the age of 18. Romance, a Billionaire, and a Wedding (#5 in the Romance Series) Romance and Love in Paris (#6 in the Romance Series) Romance and a Honeymoon (#7 in the Romance Series) Romance and a Happy Ending (#8 in the Romance Series) (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Billionaire's Sweet Surprise: A Buchanan Romance by Alexx Andria
The best laid plans, aren't planned at all. Billionaire Vince Buchanan is all about his wife, Emma, but when the last few weeks of pregnancy have Emma on edge, and the East Coast Buchanans are a constant source of irritation, Vince has to find a way to remind his pretty wife that she?s the love of his life. But sometimes things never go quite as planned. And that?s the best part. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

By Firelight by J Strickland
(Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Anonymous: An Erotic Novel by Giselle Renarde
What kind of wife dreams of watching her husband with another man? A wife like Hannah. For years, she and Nathaniel have fantasized about bringing a third into the bedroom. But what if it doesn't work out? Could spell disaster for everyone involved. That's why Hannah and Nathaniel need a hired hand. Someone... anonymous. Will a night of ménage with a mystery man satisfy their desires? Or will Hannah become so obsessed with discovering the true identity of Mr. Anonymous that she doesn't even realize her husband is falling for someone much closer to home? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

A Time to Move On (A Brothers of Rock Novel) by Karolyn James
With his tough demeanor and biker appearance, nobody would ever believe that drummer Mack was still grieving the loss of the only woman he ever loved. On yet another anniversary of her passing, Mack takes to the road to grieve and hate the world. Laura Pettres only knows how to run. Commitment is not an option because that means moving on... and moving on means letting go and forgetting what she lost. Out of hope - and out of gas - she's on the side of the road waiting for a sign. It's supposed to be nothing more than an understanding. Two people who are in pain but enjoy each other's company. A rockstar and a brokenhearted woman. Can their two hearts be mended around the emptiness and pain from loss that won't go away? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Badass: A Stepbrother SEAL Romance by Linda Barlow and Alana Albertson
I f**ked a SEAL - the human kind, the kind who shoots terrorists, sports rock hard abs and tattooed biceps, and scores an easy lay with every girl he ever wants. I should've known better. I should be studying harbor seals' native habits, not conducting my own research into mating rituals of the Navy variety. He's a jackass. An arrogant, womanizing, patronizing, Harley-riding jerk. A one-night stand. One night of the most incredible sex I've ever had. Shane is trained to kill with his bare hands in 300 different ways - and he knows 300 ways to f**k me, too. Now my father is engaged to his mother. And we're heading to Mexico for the wedding. The prick is blackmailing me. He's threatening to ruin their big day if I don't surrender to his demands. Quit is not in his vocabulary. I hate him, but I know he'll never give up until he gets everything he wants. Screw that! I won't give up - I'll never submit to America's cockiest badass. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Power Play: Submitting to the Kinky Billionaire by Emily Kee
Bree Sampson was on a mission, but billionaire Morgan Clark was known to be difficult and demanding. When Morgan laid his eyes on Bree, business was the last thing on his mind. Could he convince Bree to put business aside for a little kinky pleasure? Caught between wanting to do the right thing and a growing desire for a wealthy client, Bree has to decide if she can be “that” kind of girl. How far would you bend for your own desires? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Unfaithful: Explicit Stories of Escape and Betrayal by Polly J Adams and Multiple Partners
It's so wrong... Wrong to be turned on by stories of cheating partners, of a boyfriend with a roving eye or a girlfriend who succumbs to temptation. Wrong to be attracted to an old flame, a colleague, a friend or even a complete stranger. But some things are so wrong they just have to be right. Seven explicit stories from some of the hottest erotica writers around. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Found by Nadia Simonenko
The sequel to Nadia Simonenko’s February new adult bestseller Lost is finally here! All it took was one phone call to tear Owen’s life apart. All it took was one phone call to shatter Maria’s happily-ever-after and bring her nightmares back to life. Will the love and happiness Maria and Owen found be enough to hold them together as their lives fall apart around them, or will their relationship slip away and be lost forever? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

PLAYER by Joanna Blake
JOCK, SPORT, MEATHEAD, PLAYER. I hate them all. Especially this one. He's rude, he's crude and he thinks he is God's gift to women. James Fitzpatrick might have started out on the wrong side of the tracks, but his skills on the football field have brought him fame and glory. Now he's forgotten where he came from. Hell, he's even forgotten me, the snot nosed brat from next door. So much so that he hits on me when he comes in to eat at the barbecue place I work at to pay my way through school. But the jokes on him when I turn him down in front of all his meathead buddies. No one has ever turned down James. There's a reason he's got a rep as being talented on and off the forty yard line. And now he's determined to make me pay with a pound of flesh. Thing is, I've got some moves he hasn't seen yet. It's going to be a long, hot season. PLAYER is a stand alone book with a guaranteed HEA and no cheating! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Hell's Chapel (Shapeshifter Urban Fantasy) by Celia Kyle, writing as Lauren Creed
She's Caith Morningstar: bar owner, leather wearer, shoe worshipper, werewolf, Orlando's resident ass kicker and? Satan's niece. In the tween - between On High and Hell - Caith has three rules: order, secrecy, and if you can't manage that at least have a little discretion. Wait, make that four: no one screws with Caith or her stuff. Orlando - land of that famous mouse - is her home and people are either gonna get in line or get the fuc- heck out. Except someone didn't get that memo. Or, they have a death wish. Either way, she's gonna bust out her bat and smash some heads. She's got zombies demolishing her home, vamps chasing her, and on top of the normal violence in her life, she's quickly falling for an angel. Satan's niece and a goody-two-shoes angel! And don't even get her started on corralling her five fathers while trying to keep them from interfering with her life. Caith can handle the blood, gore, and frustration, but can she deal with the pain of loving the angel Samkiel? Probably not, but she's gonna try anyway. Warning: Life is full of bullshit and badasses--at the same time in Caith's case--and sometimes the bullshit isn't solved in one book. When it comes to Caith and Sam... they definitely need more than one book. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Dark Desires (Dark Romance Boxed Set) by Terry Towers, Cerys du Lys, Selena Kitt and more
Must-read dark romance novels from some of today's most captivating New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon and B&N bestselling authors. Give in to your Dark Desires. It's too late to turn back now... (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

That Woman by Sadie Somerton
I danced for them. The couple who looked so out of place, sitting off to one side in the lap-dancing club where I'd found myself that night. Why were they there? I was intrigued. I had to find out. And I had to dance for them. For her. But I never thought anything would come of it after that first encounter... Private Dancer: the explosive - and extremely explicit - Ménage à Trois trilogy from the queen of hotwife erotica, Sadie Somerton. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Dark Muse by Lisa Carlisle
It takes time before Gina Meiro warms up to people and her shyness is often misunderstood. She hasn't had to worry about meeting new people at a remote art colony until a new resident arrives - a rock guitarist more suited for a billboard. Her carefree days of painting at the medieval-styled castle on a remote New England island are shattered when she stumbles right into his welcome gathering. After a falling out with his band, Dante Riani wants nothing more at Les Beaux Arts on DeRoche Island than solitude to work on new songs. When a shy young painter asks to paint him at sunset, he's tempted by the opportunity to be alone with her. Someone at the colony claims to know what Dante is and asks for his help. Dante fears his plans are coming undone, especially as grows more drawn to Gina. Her scent and vulnerability are too difficult to resist. But he must stay away from her - she would never understand his secret. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Taken Hard: The Ultimate Rough Sex Box Set by Cheri Verset and friends
They say you're not supposed to enjoy it when it's not vanilla. They say it's not what good girls do. THEY ARE WRONG. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

A World Away by Lila Lacroix
Love can find you no matter where you are, even when you’re trying to escape from it. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Flirting with Disaster by Ava Catori and Olivia Rigal
Barbara Johnson dreaded going home. It was a simple job to close a factory. She'd done it several times before. What made this time different was being forced back to the very town she'd fled years ago hoping never to return. Ryder Bishop was strong and sexy. A ladies' man who reserved his loyalty to Ocean Crest, New Jersey. The last thing he expected was to fall for the plentiful figure of the enemy. So when Barbara's curves called to him he realized it meant trouble. Were they both flirting with disaster? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Highland Wolf Pact: Blood Reign: A Scottish Werewolf Shifter Romance by Selena Kitt
Bridget was an orphan raised by wulvers in a secluded wilderness temple to be its priestess and guardian, but now the outside world has found her and her world will be changed forever. Being suddenly swept up in ancient prophecies and ancestral blood feuds is bad enough, but fighting off the desire ignited in her heart by the proud and arrogant wulver warrior, Griffith, the only man who has ever defeated her in battle, may prove to be her greatest battle yet... When you're the son of the wulver pack leader, and your father isn't about to roll over and show you his belly, life is tough enough. But when you're the Red Wulver, future King of the Blood Reign Prophecy, it's hard to know your own heart, let alone who to trust while trying to be the liberator of your people. Just as you finally take your fate into your own hands you've got your father, the pack leader, hot on your trail and you run headlong into a deadly ancient enemy you never even knew you had. And in the midst of the chaos you crash into the aggravating, infuriating and impossibly beguiling, Bridget, the one obstacle in your path you're not sure you want to overcome... (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Faith (A Dark Romance Novel) by Terry Towers
Emily: I had no idea the wickedness that lay beneath his angelic features and pleasurable touch. I wanted one night out to be wild and crazy; to be like all the other young women my age. I?d been living such a sheltered life that when a new group of friends took me to a nightclub for some drinks and dancing ? nothing overly rebellious, considering ? I jumped at the chance. And you can imagine my surprise when the sexiest man at the club, heck, the sexiest man I?d ever set eyes upon wanted to spend some alone time getting to know the plain Jane daughter of a pastor! I jumped at the chance. Most of the other young women regularly left with men they?d just met and nothing bad ever happened, so what were the chances it would turn out badly for me? I had no idea? Tanner: I had no idea she?d challenge everything I believed about myself and make me feel. My job is simple ? train them and break their spirits without shattering their minds, which isn?t the easiest task, I assure you. But I?m the best at what I do. But now The Organization I previously worked for is gone and I?m a freelancer ? of sorts. And I couldn?t be happier. I used to have to abide by their rules, follow their protocol, but not anymore. The lives and minds of the women are mine to do with as I please. Unfortunately for Emily Fennel, the daughter of a small-town pastor, she?d caught my attention. She was so pure and (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Saving Liberty by Helena Newbury
She's the President's daughter. I'm a former Marine with a history of brawling. We should never even have met... But when a sniper opens fire, the need to protect her is stronger than anything I've ever felt. Suddenly, we're on the ground, my body pressed against hers. I save her life...but when she asks me to become her bodyguard, I know I should say no. I can't guard a woman I'm this attracted to. But when I see how scared she is, I can't turn her down. Now I have to wear a suit and call her ma'am when all I want to do is slam her up against the wall and tear her clothes off. Neither of us can resist...but I can't let her get close, not with what's lurking in my past. And the danger is far from over. The White House is under threat...and I'll do whatever it takes to protect the woman I've fallen for. Standalone bad boy romance with HEA BONUS: includes the author's #1 bestseller Punching and Kissing. Two full-length novels for 99 cents! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Six Bikers for Crissy by Raven Dark
As a hot, sexy bad boy in leather and a member of the Death Devils MC, Razor is everything nineteen year old Crissy wants. Trouble is, having him comes with a price. Razor isn't the only one who desires her, and she'll have to satisfy much more than him to gain the approval of his fellow Devils. Innocent, untouched Crissy can scarcely imagine giving up her first time to one man in front of his MC, but the test of her mettle demands she take on six of the Devils. Unprotected. All at once. Is she up for the challenge, or is the price of earning her place at Razor's side too high to pay? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Object of His Desire 1: Wanted by PJ Adams
When Trudy goes to her estranged brother’s wedding, the last thing she expects is one of those moments: a handsome stranger, their eyes meeting across a crowded room… a tempting, but dangerous stranger. Determined to find out more, she discovers that dark secrets bind him to her brother; she also learns that he’s the kind of man who gets what he wants, and what he wants right now is Trudy. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

For the Thrill (Beyond Blood 1) by Nora Flite
From USA TODAY Bestselling Author Nora Flite-- the first book in Beyond Blood, a multi-part series. Jacob: We've seen and done horrific things. One rule keeps us from destroying each other: Share everything. So when little miss curves and confidence swings her hips into our lives... Well. The rule can't change. I already said it. We share everything. That includes Marina. Even if we help her--the only kind of help two hitmen can offer--we can't let her live. No risks. No mistakes. We want to taste and touch and suffocate on this woman. But our desires don't matter. This ends with her in a cold grave. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Working Girl: the complete set by Polly J Adams
A good girl from a small town family, Beth Masters is seduced by her wealthy boss on her first day. The loss of her virginity is the first step on a journey that leads her to discover a totally unsuspected side to her nature. A story full of sex with her wealthy bosses and complete strangers, a world of cuckoldry and sexual adventure as Beth discovers what kind of a girl she really is. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Weekend Submissive by Erika Masten
Brisa can't imagine desiring anyone more than sexy, 6'4", muscular police lieutenant Wayne Fulton. Sweet, patient, helpful, protective Wayne. Huge, towering, solid, powerful Wayne. Discovering that he has a dominant side in bed seems impossible for Brisa to reconcile with the image of the gentle man she's so drawn to. But it also kindles unfamiliar yearnings in her that she can't resist asking him to fulfill, if only for a few days, in a dark and consuming sexual experiment as his submissive for a single weekend. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Ultimate Sin by Clarissa Wild
Rule #1: Never disobey master's commands. Rule #2: Always strive to please your master. Rule #3: Don't ever kill your master. Breaking the rules is the ultimate sin. All I am is a servant. Rules like these keep me alive. They're all I've ever known. Until him. My new master: Marcus Knight, the charismatic and ambitious leader of an underground empire. A man with a history he vows to destroy. With his newfound ownership over me, he seeks to atone for his crimes ... and to satisfy his wicked needs. With love, he shows me what it means to belong to him ... and it makes me question everything. I don't know why he chose me, but it feels too good to be true. And it is. Because I'm going to break all the rules. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Kissing My Killer by Helena Newbury
He was sent to kill me. So why can't I resist his touch? A full-length standalone Russian Mafia romance with no cliffhanger. I know I should be afraid of him. He's huge. Powerful. Cold as ice. But when he looks into my eyes, he can't pull the trigger. And the way he gazes at me makes me weak. Now we're on the run together. They say he's a monster, but I've glimpsed the person inside. The man sent to kill me is the only one who can save me...and I might be the only one who can save him. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Mumbai Heat 1: The Moment of Passion (an Indian erotic romance) by Rati Banerjee
The opening story in the Mumbai Heat sequence, following a young English-Indian doctor's romance with the wealthy heir to an Indian business empire. Two young lovers, caught between cultures and continents in an intensely steamy romance from the author of Kama Shastra. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Biker's Claim: A Bad Boy Romance by BB Hamel
I've been claimed by the wrong biker. The Demons MC is at war. When my father, the president of the Demons, asks me to marry the leader of a rival gang in order to bind the two clubs together, I agree to help. Our enemies will do anything to stop us from combining our strength, including hurting me. With my life in danger, my father assigns the tough and handsome Demons enforcer Clutch to act as my bodyguard. I've known Clutch for years. We practically grew up together. He's tall, ripped, covered in dark tattoos, and he never backs down from a fight. I've always wondered what his rough lips would feel like against my skin, but we never crossed that line. I need him to keep me safe, but I want him to do to so much more. I can't stop picturing how he could make my body feel as he strips off his shirt to sleep on my couch. His cocky grin haunts my dreams each night. But I'm claimed by another man, and nothing can change that. That awful bastard's name is Jetter, and he betrayed my father and the Demons a long time ago. I hate him, but I'm willing to do whatever it takes to help my family. If I give in to Clutch's filthy looks and betray the man I'm supposed to marry, the war could spiral out of control. But every time Clutch comes close, I know I can't keep away. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Stepbrother's Unbridled Passion Boxed Set by Terry Towers
They hate them, but they can't help but fall head over heels in love with men they know they shouldn't want and can't have. Terry Towers presents 3 of her bestselling books in a limited time Kindle Unlimited Boxed set! // Her Stepbrother's Secret Desire - For years, Chloe was given a front row seat to the parade of women her stepbrother Ryker would date and ditch, all the while wishing she was the one on the other side of the bedroom wall they shared. Now a cop living alone in Boston, Ryker invites her to stay with him while she attends college. It's the perfect opportunity for Chloe to show her cocky, yet sinfully sexy stepbrother she's no longer the nerdy teenager he grew up with. // Seeking Prince Charming - Chloe is falling head over heels for a man she feels complements her unlike any man she's ever met. Problem is, she's never met him face to face and when the time comes for Chloe to meet her Mr. Right she's shocked to find out who he turns out to be. // Her Stepbrother, Her Hero - Anthony King. For years, her stepbrother chased away every guy who displayed even a remote interest in her. When he'd enlisted in the Marines it was a relief. But now he's back, even sexier than she remembered and intent on picking up where he'd left off - making her personal life miserable. This time, however, he's taunting her in very different ways... (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

RELATIONships Volume I by Michael Mechant
*** Amazon Best Seller *** Three of my popular pseudoincest stories combined for a special price. The stories are regularly $2.99 each. Get all three together for $6.99: A Gift for Uncle Bernie - A coed needed help paying for college. She asked her stepfather's rich brother for a part time job, but he offered to buy her virginity instead. Caught by my Stepdaughter - His stepdaughter caught him looking at porn of a woman who resembles her. He thought she'd be mad when she saw what he was looking at. He was wrong. She wasn't mad at all. Photo Shoot - His sister-in-law asked him to take pictures of her as a birthday present for her husband. He didn't know until he got there she wanted to be photographed in her birthday suit. It only got hotter from there. How will he ever explain it to his wife? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

To Hiss or to Kiss by Katya Armock
Chloe can “talk” to animals…so why can she hear the thoughts of this hot, green-eyed man? Abandoned by her mother and raised by a father who’d given up on life, Chloe doesn’t let anyone get close. Lucky for her, she can communicate with animals—telepathically. Her long hours at the animal shelter help her cope with the stress, and the animals are the only people she needs. But when a suspected dog-fighting ring comes to her attention, Chloe decides to do a little spying. And in her rush to win the dogs’ trust, she almost gets herself caught. Until a sexy stranger intervenes, and she finds she can overhear his thoughts. She’s never been able to hear people, and this man’s about as sexy as she’s ever seen. It’s more than intellectual curiosity that drives her to discover his secret: he’s a jaguar shape-shifter, and the presence of this cat among the dogs might be a bit too much to handle. But the animal attraction is just too hot to resist, and the passion between them makes both the sparks—and the fur—fly… (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Loss of Innocence (A Victorian Erotic Romance) by Bella Carter
In a time of stringent moral codes, Lady Lydia Dosett has no choice but to marry Duke Anton Wallace. The Duke, a family friend and childhood crush, is not the man Lydia once knew. In order to avoid losing the luxurious lifestyle that she is accustomed to, Lydia must put aside her naive ideas of love and marriage and step into a world not spoken of in proper social circles. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

My Wife, The Escort 4 (My Wife, The Escort Season 1) by Victoria Kasari
Is our marriage strong enough to survive? The season finale of this serial for couples. All parts of this season are in Kindle Unlimited and are available now. What happens when my wife's next client turns out to be a muscled, celebrity linebacker? For the first time, I feel like I've got competition. Will the sparks that fly between them wreck everything? Or will my lust at seeing the two of them together keep my jealousy in check? And that's not our only problem. Our little business has been noticed and now we're going to have to decide between giving in to blackmail...and ending our games forever. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Summer’s Journey: Collection One by Summer Daniels
(Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Warlord’s Concubine by JE and M Keep
(Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Dark Damsel: Damsel In Distress by Echo Chambers
(Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Confessions of a BBW Hotwife: the boxed set by Sadie Somerton
If you like stories about loving and open-minded couples exploring cuckoldry, group action, exhibitionism and voyeurism you'll love Lucy and Jason! Follow them as they explore each other's fantasies then go out and make them real. A former lover, a girlfriend, his best friend... Lucy sets out to seduce them all. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Big Girls Rock 2 (BBW Erotic Romance) by Danielle Houston
(Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Wolf Bonds by Arvel Amaya
Gael Patricks is Wolf Blood – a human who is fated to bond with an Alpha wolf whether he wants to or not. When the shifter pack that has raised him is taken over by an abusive Alpha, Gael is forced to run in order to protect his pack but he never expected to run into the arms of another Alpha. Now he must decide whether to give in to the Alpha or fight the draw of the Wolf Blood. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Flash in the Pen: 24 Extremely Short Erotic Stories by Giselle Renarde
Got a minute? Read a quickie! Flash in the Pen features two dozen tantalizing tales - one for every hour of the day, if you can wait that long to read them. Once you start, you might never want to stop! This book is erotic tapas. You get a delicious taste of everything from tantric energy exchanges to sudden stranger sex, from BDSM to butt plugs. Girls acting like kitties and pretending to be puppies. Fisting. First times. Fantasies. Sexy surprises. There's a little something for everyone in this collection, so get ready for a frenzy of flashers! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Club Alpha: BDSM Romance Boxed Set by Amy Valenti, Terry Towers, Selena Kitt, Arden Aoide and 9 more
Want to take a peek behind that red velvet curtain? Come join our Club Alpha authors as they take you into the inner sanctums of some of the hottest, most exclusive clubs you'll ever have the privilege of witnessing. Some come for the discipline, some come for the thrill, some come to find sweet passion, but all go away initiated in the ways of love. Surrender to the dominance of these thirteen novels from bestselling authors including New York Times and USA Today bestsellers Adriana Hunter, Selena Kitt and Terry Towers. Club Alpha isn't a place--it's a state of mind you're going to want to visit again and again! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Corrupted Hearts (An Epic Fantasy Romance Novel) by J.E. & M. Keep
After all, even demons deserve a chance at love. With her angelic wings and his demonic horns they were never meant to come together. But his red eyes trap her and her seductive wings lure him. Their hot demon blood crashes. What starts as one night of carnal pleasure turns into an adventure of epic portions. Shades of Dungeons and Dragons twisted in wicked ways. Within days of meeting Lilah and Glaurakos fall across the path of an evil sorceress who traps them in a strange and dangerous "other world". The threats in the new world are perilous, yet their lust for each other is far more frightening. Will their bond be strong enough to make it out alive? Against all odds of the damned, can love grow between two half demons? This fantasy novel is a twisted romance at its core inspired by Fantasy Roleplaying Games, by best selling Paranormal Romance authors J.E. & M. Keep. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Mistress (An Adult Mystery Erotica) by J.E. & M. Keep
Free: 09/18-09/22 "I know I shouldn't be so curious about you, but you make it so tantalizing to know more." Eva Perkins is a beautiful and educated student of Freud. She's lusted after by her professors, and has no qualms about seducing them. Especially if it helps her future career. When her favourite lover, Dr. Gregory Sinclair, invites her to his wife's lavish soiree, she's only too excited to run off with him after the meal for some adult fun. An action-packed and very racy mystery novel set in the flapper era. For lovers of romantic suspense. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Rebel: A Stepbrother Romance by Kim Linwood
I married my stepbrother. Yeah, no one's more surprised than me. I can't fucking stand him. All I wanted was a quiet summer before starting college. Catch up on my books. Maybe get a summer job. Then he dropped into my life. His name's Gavin Caldwell, and he's stupidly rich. Cocky. Arrogant. Ridiculously, panty-meltingly hot. And he's parading around our bridal suite shirtless. Pantless. He has no freaking shame, and I have to pretend to be in love with him. I hate him. So why can't I stop thinking about him? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Shifters in the Snow (15 Paranormal Romances of Winter Wolves, Merry Bears, & Holiday Spirits) by Jacqueline Sweet, Amanda Jones, Cynthia Fox, and nine more
On sale for a limited time! 15 Brand-New Stand-Alone Paranormal Romances From Some of the Hottest Paranormal Authors! Stuff your stocking with this delicious new collection of holiday romances. These books have it all, from dominant, possessive bear shifters to winter witches to panthers and snow leopards. These supernatural creatures are ready and ROARing to heat up your sheets this holiday season. All of these stories are EXCLUSIVE to this bundle. You haven't read these before and you won't find them anywhere else. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Fighting for Her by Amy Brent
I won't stop until Fiona Cassidy is safe in my arms.

I have everything a man could wish for. I'm young, rich, good looking, with the body of an MMA champ and the s*xual appetites of a Greek god. Women are drawn to me like moths to a flame.

Then I meet her, Fiona... (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Let's Make This Thing Happen by PJ Adams
What could an international star ever see in a grounded, curvy woman like Emily? A story of secret romance in the world of the super-rich, an international celebrity and his unlikely BBW love. Steamy and passionate and full of the twists and turns familiar to readers of PJ Adams' work, including the bestsellers Winner Takes All and Black Widow. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Saved by the Outlaw: Motorcycle Club / Hitman Romance by Alexis Abbott
She was the girl that got away. Now she thinks I murdered her dad. It took me years to get untangled from the Bratva -- the Russian mafia. But I've gotten my life together, with my Club behind me. Sure, we still operate outside of the law. It has to be like that, because we're up against something far worse. Then she shows up, asking about her dad's murder. She's a fiery mystery from my past, and this time, I'm not going to let her get away. But first, I have to prove to her that we're lookin' for the same person. That whoever killed her dad has been hurting my club and the people I care about most. So I'm going to find the scumbag who hurt my Cherry, and my club, and I'm going to make them pay. Even if I have to turn back to my former hitman ways... A full length Romantic Suspense novel. No Cliffhangers/Standalone. Safe. On sale and contains a teaser for Abbott's next release, as well as two bonus books! (Ruthless and Owned by the Hitman are included in this release for a limited time.) (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Off Limits: A Bad Boy Romance by Lauren Landish
She's Daddy's little girl, but I'll make her a rebel. They call me a killer - a felon. I spent five years in a medium security sh*thole. I swore I'd stay out of trouble, but when I met Abby Rawlings, all bets were off. From the moment I laid eyes on her, I knew I had to have her. But Daddy dearest is standing in my way. He thinks I'm no good for her, and he's declared her Off Limits. Well, I don't give a damn. In the end, I'll make her mine... (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Tell Me About It: Married to a BBW Hotwife #1 by Sadie Somerton
I never thought my wife would actually go through with it. That's what I tell myself, at least. It was one of those things where you just keep nudging things on a little. Would you go this far? Well, if you went that far, then maybe you would...? And she did. Tell Me About It: A cuckolded husband's story of his wife's exploits with male and female friends as he looks on. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Leap of Faith by Michelle Cary
Content with her life as an Ultimate Extreme Wrestling Vixen, Lexi Blackwell isn't looking for love, but when rising star Logan Lanier sets his sights and his heart on the pretty little vixen what will she do? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Burlesque Beauties: Lesbian Historical Romance by Giselle Renarde
Orchid lives in a small cabin behind Madame Mireille's big burlesque house. There's barely room enough for herself, let alone her growing daughter. Ginger is in a similar situation, living with her young son Roger on Madame's seaside estate. It's been more than a year since Orchid has worked, and she's sincerely indebted to Madame, but she can't live in such cramped quarters much longer. When Madame Mireille takes the children for a car trip, Orchid catches a saucy burlesque performance... but the sight of her lover Petra dancing for all those leering "jerks" and holidaymakers makes her jealous beyond belief. Perhaps Petra will join her by the seaside to remind her there are certain things the burlesque beauties only do for each other? But what about Orchid and Ginger's housing situation? They can't bring themselves to ask Madame for more space. Can precious Petra find a solution? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Serving the Succubus [mf, demon, femdom] by Haleigh Cookson Clark
Ethan Banks is a jaded graduate student desperately looking for a big break in his ongoing research of Colonial American history. He gets more than he bargains for, however, when he accidentally summons a succubus during a late-night examination of a curious old tome. No stranger to indulgence, will Ethan be able to keep up with her insatiable appetites and balance his schoolwork? More to the point, will she allow him to live to see the end of the week, much less the semester? Only time will tell. This short story is roughly 9000 words in length, and contains sizzling sex between a cute, but jaded graduate student, a sexy succubus that he accidentally summoned, and her domination of his all too willing flesh. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Cherry by Giselle Renarde
Late nights by a roaring fire, star-gazing with the cute park ranger, lazing around the balmy beach - sounds like a perfect summer vacation, doesn't it? Cherry loves camping so much she doesn't even mind spending a week with her nosy parents. Anyway, camping is kind of their family tradition. That's why Cherry's so upset when her father invites his recently-divorced friend, Phil, along. A geeky guest intruding on their family vacation? Not fair! But when Phil arrives at the campground... WOW! Was he always so cool? No, definitely not. When she was younger, Phil had been just another dorky dad. Now he's stylish and fun and even pretty hunky! Divorce suits him nicely, as far as Cherry's concerned. Phil is the last man in the world who should be turning Cherry's head, but the fact that their love is forbidden makes it that much tastier. The forest isn't big enough to keep two lovelorn people apart... even if they're totally wrong for each other. This book contains scenes some readers may find offensive. It is intended for mature audiences only. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Cum For Bigfoot 14 by Virginia Wade
Tragedy strikes and a major character suffers a fatal blow. Reeling from the incident, Leslie is confronted with the reality of being alone, yet, as a nearby tribe arrives for the funeral, she meets a lanky Sasquatch named Harry, who just might be the perfect match for her. This story contains orgies, threesomes, double penetration, oral sex, and erotic romance. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Skinny Diving by J Strickland
When he left for college, he left Jan behind. When the invitation for the birthday swimming party arrived, he knew he had to go. He had to see if she would be there. He had to see her again. When he held her in his arms again, old sparks were reignited. A love like theirs couldn't be quenched by time or water. As sunset approached, she did something that surprised everyone and the fireworks went off. When you go swimming without any clothes, it's called skinny dipping. What do you call it when you're diving? And there are two kinds of diving. An erotic romance by J. Strickland. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

My Man is a Latino Prince, Volume 1 by Sharla Saxton
Desperate to pursue her dreams of acting, young and innocent country girl Julia goes to Los Angeles, but the harsh realities of the big city overwhelm her. Running out of money, she meets a handsome mysterious latino prince who sweeps her off her feet, whisking her away to a world of wealth and power, mysteries and intrigue, passion and romance. But when an assassin's bullet narrowly misses Prince Enrique, they are forced to flee. From the penthouses of Los Angeles, to the glittering old wealth of Paris to the sultry heat of the prince's South American country of Latinia, the couple try to stay one step ahead of death as they embark on an exciting escape. Can Julia find happiness with an exciting and hunky yet mysterious prince? Or is she forced to be lonely again? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Leverage by Alexx Andria
Get ready to immerse yourself in the wealthy life of Boston Kincaid, the newest billionaire romance from best-selling erotic romance author, Alexx Andria. A Man Who Believes Money Can Buy Anything... Boston Kincaid is ruthless when comes to getting what he wants - and from the minute he sees Julianna Holly, he wants her in his bed -- no matter the cost. Will Discover Something Priceless. When Julianna finds herself within Boston's crosshairs, she doesn't stand a chance. Boston knows just how to tighten the screws so that she'll agree to anything. But while Julianna will allow him her body, she vows he will never have her heart. But neither realize how one indecent proposal will change their lives forever. This is the first installment of a three-part serial. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Outlaw Revenge (A Back Down Devil MC Romance Novel) by London Casey
Emily didn't want to go watch a bunch of bikers fight each other, and by the time the fight is over, her best friend is shot dead and Emily finds herself clutching the leather cut of a sexy guy named Gaige as she's on the back of his motorcycle, escaping gunfire. As Vice President of Back Down Devil MC, Gaige Gaen's world is consumed by the club, the life, and finding a way to make it all work. The last thing he needs on his plate - or in his bed - is a woman like Emily. He can't stop looking at her, and he definitely can't stop touching her. He promises to avenge the death of Emily's best friend, Rachel, but then the situation takes a turn for the worse when Rachel's father - a rich man hell bent on revenge - shows up and wants answers that the MC doesn't have. Emily is in fear of returning to a past she had escaped. She and Gaige can't seem to stop their feelings for each other, and as her dangerous past digs its way into the present, Gaige and Back Down Devil are now in the line of fire. The war in Emily and Gaige's hearts rage on, but the war outside needs to be fought... the question is, who is going to make it out alive? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Scar Tissue: Paradise Falls, Book 1 by Abigail Graham
When the Paradise Falls bridge fell, Jennifer Katzenberg lost her husband and her happiness. The only thing she has left is her job as a high school teacher, but even that isn't safe. Eliot, her abusive brother-in-law, stalks her every waking moment waiting to pounce. But then she meets him. Jacob, the new math teacher. He's quick witted, sensitive, and smart. But he's also built like an MMA fighter, drives a car worth ten times his salary, and is covered in scars. Something doesn't add up. Jacob Kane skipped town when the bridge collapse claimed his family too. Everyone said it was an accident, but he isn't so sure. Now he's back in Paradise Falls. Not to teach math, but to get revenge. Everything was going according to plan. At least until he saw her. Jennifer. Jacob never thought he would see Jennifer again, but he discovers someone trying kidnap her. Elliot. One of the men he came here to kill. Falling in love was never part of the plan, but there's a new plan now: Fix it. Save her. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Must Love Curves by Christa Wick
(Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Kiss Of Fire by Catherine Vale
There's nothing more breathtaking than the kiss of a primitive, dangerous, and irresistibly gorgeous man. Except a man who is also half-dragon. When Arianna finds herself shaking hands with the gorgeous castle blacksmith, Craig James, it's as though she had never laid eyes on a man before. He's not just handsome, he possesses an irresistible charm that leaves her breathless, and powerless to resist. But what begins as a one night stand with a mysteriously handsome stranger turns into something far beyond the scope of imagination as Arianna finds herself led into a world of mystery, and magic...where tales of flying dragons and dangerous witches come to life, and where nothing is ever what it seems. Can she bring herself to accept the enigmatic Craig James for what he really is, or will she be too afraid to believe in the magic that brought them together? The fires of passion have never burned brighter, the scorching flames fanning the hunger that burns within until there is only one thing left to do: Give into it's power or lose the chance to be loved unlike ever before. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Call Me Killer: A Bad Boy Romance by Linda Barlow
She doesn't know they call me Killer. Used to be I could get any woman I wanted... I had the Harley, the tats, the ripped bod, the badass attitude. No ties, no commitments, no limits, no worries. Until a girl I was seeing vanished. And the whole damn town decided I murdered her. I became the perp, the creep, the monster, the killer. Then into my snarled-up wreck of a life comes Rory. She's sassy, inquisitive, super-smart and smokin' hot. Silly girl believes I'm innocent. She's even trying to prove it. But she's got no freaking clue what she's messing with. She's not my type. She's way out of my league. So why does my heart clutch every time I nail her? Why do I keep her trapped in my home, bound to my bed? I can't quit her. Now that she's mine, ain't no way in hell I'm letting her go. Call Me Killer is a full-length, standalone romance with hot sex, strong language, and an HEA. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Naughty Groups and Gangs by Jade K Scott and friends
This is a collection of nine (9) extremely explicit erotic stories from some of today’s hottest erotic authors. Almost 40,000 words of uncensored smut featuring tales of sexy groups and gangs, ménage a trois and multiple partners galore! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Black Heart by TW Gallier
Sable Hart hunts vampires. Some would call it a calling. She calls it divine justice, and a pretty good living. All is going well until she gets caught by some Old World vampires, and the next thing she knows vampires, bikers, and the police are all after her. To make matters worse, everyone seems to have lost their sense of humor. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Maybe Fate by Cynthia Brint
No matter how you fight, fate still comes knocking. But what happens when you rebel against it? A full-length New Adult paranormal romance, focusing on the wonder of destiny, the beauty of love, and the way it sweeps us up with unstoppable, hungry claws. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Shelter Me by Mina Bennett
With Jacob's relationship in shambles and Marissa pushed to the breaking point, they're drawn together by an unstoppable force. Temptation is irresistible. Giving in is unthinkable. But it soon becomes clear that nothing - neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation - can keep them apart. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Lily (A Novel) by Virginia Wade
(Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Lost in His Woods: The Complete Works by Penelope L'Amoreaux
How far would you go to get your memory back? Waking up in Siberia, only inches from death, Clare remembers nothing of her past. Nothing, that is, except the handsome, guarded stranger who saved her. Trapped in a land where nothing feels normal, Clare searches for any thread that could unlock her past. But she finds her focus shifting to Tolik, her reserved savior. He’s kind, gentle, and definitely a loner…with a secret. Tolik and Clare begin a perilous journey that will test their mental and physical limits in the most sensual way in this novel. This is a 50,000+ romance for mature audiences, 18+, who enjoy a little mystery in their men, a lot of curiosity in their heroines, adventure, mystery, and a dash of pain and kink mixed with their pleasure! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Romance and a... Series: The Complete Collection by Sharon Cummin
$0.99 for a limited time (81,566 words) Warning: This story contains content which is intended for readers over the age of 18. Romance and a Piece of Cake (#1) Romance and a Proposal (#2) Romance and a Bachelor Party (#3) Romance, a Billionaire, and a Jealous Fiance (#4) Romance, a Billionaire, and a Wedding (#5) Romance and Love in Paris (#6) Romance and a Honeymoon (#7) Romance and a Happy Ending (#8) (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Hunted: a Shifters' World novella by Ruby Fielding
Should she struggle to survive alone or give in to desire and risk the - perhaps deadly - company of others? Hunted: a Shifters' World novella - a shapeshifter erotic romance of survival and desire in a deadly future from the co-author of Seduced by Moonlight and The Touch. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Sugar, Spice, and Shifters: A Touch of Holiday Magic by Elianne Adams, Bethany Shaw, Elle Thorne, Catherine Vale and more
Ring in your holiday season with all-new holiday shifter stories from today's hottest paranormal romance writers. From the sweetest of mating claims to the spiciest of holiday wishes come true, this set has a perfect present for every reader. Whether you've asked Santa for wolf shifters, werebears, or dragons, this box set of ALL NEW holiday tales from bestselling authors gives the best gift any lover of paranormal romance could want: a little naughty n' nice with a whole lot of sugar n' spice. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

A Real Bad Boy by Kaylee Song
Not all soldiers are made to follow orders. When it comes to Willow Ford I'd disobey them all. After nine years overseas, all I want is my peace until I come face to face with my past. Her. Willow will give me everything I need to heal. She's running from a pain and heartache, but that won't stop me from taking what is mine. After I'm hired as a bodyguard for a billionaire, Willow's the one who needs protecting. I'm the only man who can solve an unsolvable murder, but righting that wrong puts everyone in danger. Including the woman I love... and our unborn child. And I'll do anything to save what's mine--even if it gets bloody. Nothing is more important to me than Willow and that baby. Zachary Murdock would disobey all his orders for her. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

FIGHT by London Casey and Ana W Fawkes
The only way to save my life is to save hers. The one thing that was never supposed to happen did - I lost a fight. There's a bullet waiting for me as punishment, but in the meantime, I'm sent to protect Winter from someone who wants to kill her. Our destination for the grave isn't the only thing we have in common. The attraction is instant. But she's grieving and I'm broken. She comes with more than natural curves and enough beauty to tame a fighter's wild heart. She comes with secrets. I need to focus on keeping her alive and nothing else. But then I start asking questions... and the truth changes us both forever. They told me to protect her. I didn't plan on falling for her. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Adversaries' Lust by Ann Grech
Emma Wilson had no idea that taking on this particular case would change her life. And that's a good thing, one that she desperately needs. Her days are running into one, exhaustion overtaking her. Desperately lonely but afraid to experience another painful and humiliating breakup, she has thrown herself into work. At 28 she has become a leading environmental lawyer. While her career has taken off, she has little time left for friends and a social life and her sex life is all but non-existent. At the end of a trial two years in the making she is just looking forward to no longer having to deal with her opposing solicitor, Nicholas Daniels. Since beginning to work as his adversary, she has clashed with him repeatedly. He is cocky, arrogant and demanding and has had to fight him at every turn. Then she meets him. He immediately sets her body on fire. Trying to put him out of her mind is impossible and she finds herself drawn to him like a moth to the flame. A steamy love affair develops between them quickly, but their passionate romance is tested by Nicholas' fears and the two greatest challenges of Emma's life. Will they survive? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Gathering Darkness: A Paranormal Romance Collection by CE Black, Jenika Snow, Anna Zaires, Charlie Daye and more
There is a gathering on the horizon... It's a place where Vampires feed off your desires, Weres dominate you, Demons seduce you and Aliens whisk you away to fulfill fantasies you never knew you had. Where your darkest appetites are sated, leaving you weak and breathless... Come and join us as we lead you into the Gathering Darkness. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

My Stepbrother's Arrangement 1 (A Stepbrother Romance) by Juliette Jaye
The first time I met my stepbrother, my mom was picking him up from the police station. Kaleb's always been a bad boy. A womanizing, cocky, arrogant, aggravating bad boy. Oh, did I add that he has a body that belongs on a magazine cover, cheekbones you can cut yourself on and a smile that makes the panties melt off every girl he meets? And for the whole summer holidays, before I go away to college, he's also my boss. So why, in a moment of vulnerability, did I end up in bed with him? I mean sure, it was just one night. But damn, it was one hell of a night. I tried to forget it. I tried to pretend it didn't happen. After all, I'm a good girl. I don't do things like that. But when he tells me the next day that as his boss, I have to obey his every command... Well, let's just say accounting internships have never been so exciting. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Stung (Dark Erotic Romance) by Alana Marlowe
All Sara ever wanted was a traditional marriage, with traditional values and roles. When she found Alex, she thought she'd hit the jackpot. That was, until he presents her with HIS idea of what those traditional roles should truly be. A true D/s domestic discipline marriage. Will she go ahead and marry him anyway? Or will his idea of what their marriage should be scare her away for good? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Sting of Lust: 20 Book Hot Erotic BDSM Romance MEGA Bundle by Selena Kitt, Bonnie Bliss, Candy Quinn, Livia Grant, Alexis Adaire and 14 more
The sting of lust hurts so good! This 20 BOOK Excite Spice MEGA Bundle is chock full of powerful doms and sexy submissives whose tastes are much darker than vanilla. These bad boy alpha doms are hard, hungry and determined to get exactly what they want. Twenty of erotica's hottest authors will bring you to your knees with over 255,000 words of kink, doling out so much pleasure it hurts in this BDSM-themed boxed set. Inside this bundle, you will find unforgettable doms you will long to call "master," mysterious alpha males who will both hypnotize and transform you. Are you ready to surrender? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Loaded by Polly J Adams
I'm stinking rich and I'm the one in charge. My name doesn't matter. All you need to know is that I'm loaded, and calling all the shots. Welcome to my world. You might as well give in now, because one way or another I always get what I want, and what I want is you. Loaded: Fifteen stories, three series, more than 400 pages... a big bundle packed with steamy billionaire romance. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Unwanted Bride: A Mail Order Bride Western Historical Romance by Flora Dare
'Scandal' should have been Jonathan Cushings' middle name. As a shameless gadabout, he could have happily spent the rest of his life flitting from one scandal to the next. His father disagrees. Desperate to set his son on the straight and narrow, he sends Jonathan out west for his own good. Rocked by a betrayal she never saw coming, Heloise Adams has a choice to make: Stay and relive her heartbreak and humiliation every day for the rest or her life or...don't. But when she arrives as a mail-order bride, they're both in for a big surprise. Jonathan never ordered her! Will their troubled pasts keep them apart, or will they find the strength to move beyond them and find love in each others' arms? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Cuckolded by the Billionaire: The Accidental Hooker by Natalia Darque
(Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Bound to Him: The Billionaire’s Beck and Call, Book 2 by Delilah Fawkes
(Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Lost Angeles by Lisa Mantchev and Amanda Purol
So step into my world where I'm the dreamer and the dream... A year ago, Lourdes Chase lost two months of her life to a kidnapping nightmare that she's only now piecing together. She arrives in California with every intention of tracking down those responsible, but when she wakes up in a strange motel room with no recollection of how she got there, it's a blue-eyed, fast-talking stranger who offers an assist. Then a chance audition at a downtown nightclub drops her in the proverbial lap of everyone's favorite immortal rocker... Xaine is the poster boy of hedonistic infamy, from his supercar to his Palisades mansion to his record label, Apocalypse. But his life abruptly shifts gears from Grammy Awards and blood dolls to police statements and coroners' reports when dead blond girls start turning up on his property. Everyone is quick to accuse the resident vampire, and with a list of enemies that dates back four centuries, only his newest opening act can clear his name and help him figure out who's behind the murders. Within days of meeting, Xaine and Lore are caught up in a web of intrigue, pursued by fallen angels, sin-eaters, reapers, and a coalition of vampires with a deadly agenda. Virtue and Vice, Light and Dark, they will have to battle their every demon to vanquish the ghosts that haunt them both. But fame and fortune come at the cost of anonymity, and when a powerful enem (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Cuckold! 8 Erotic Tales of Cuckold Husbands & Their Hotwives by Jade K Scott and friends
This box set features 8 wildly erotic, uncensored cuckold tales from 6 of today’s top erotica authors! Read tales of wives cheating on their husbands and making them watch, making them participate, or even making them clean up the “evidence” that’s left behind inside their wives! These men are being totally owned by their wives, and some of them even like it! Nearly 45,000 words of explicit content! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Cougar's Eve by Giselle Renarde
Trish has big plans for New Year's Eve: a giant bowl of popcorn, a nice warm blanket on the couch, and binge-watching TV all night long. With any luck, she'll be fast asleep when the clock strikes twelve. Not if her vivacious friend from the gym gets a say! Lori has salacious plans, and she's persuaded Trish to join the party - even if it takes a touch of trickery to get Trish out of the house. Trish isn't exactly overjoyed when Lori drags her to the Cougar's Eve New Year's party at a swanky resort hotel. Trish is definitely NOT a cougar. In fact, she hasn't been to bed with anyone since her husband split, and that was years ago. When the hotel's gorgeous young receptionist teaches Trish a few tricks, she can't help wondering if Lori's had the right idea all along. One night living the cougar life couldn't ruin her forever... could it? An erotic novella from award-winning author Giselle Renarde. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

GAME (A Bad Boy MMA Romantic Suspense Novel) by London Casey and Ana W Fawkes
To save her life, I had to win the fight. To keep her alive, I'll have to get her pregnant. The second I see Shayna, I know she doesn't deserve to be mixed up in this world. Innocent, beautiful... being used as a prize. She's looking for answers in all the wrong places and I have to get her out of there. So I do what I do best: I fight and I win. When I take my prize home, my boss is waiting for me and gives me an ultimatum: get Shayna pregnant. If I don't, we both die. If I do it, he's going to snatch the baby away to replace his own lost grandchild. We aren't supposed to fall for each other...but our time together becomes something more powerful than I could ever imagine. And when Shayna tells me she's pregnant, I know one thing for sure... no one's taking our child away. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Mad for You by Anna Antonia
Gabriel Gordon was mad, bad, and so dangerous for Emma Adams to love. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Kissing The Enemy: A Russian Mafia/Italian Mafia Romance by Helena Newbury
He's New York's most notorious Italian Mafia boss. She's the niece of a Russian Mafia kingpin. Angelo - From the first time I see Irina dance, I can't get her out of my head. She's an ice princess with an accent that makes me crazy and a body that makes me want to do bad things to her. Then I discover she's the niece of my greatest enemy. Irina - From the first moment Angelo looks at me, I'm helpless. He's blood and fire and red-hot lust. I run: he chases me down. I put up ice: he melts right through. Then I discover who he is. Being together is unthinkable: I'd be betraying my family; he'd be betraying the mob. But neither of us can fight the attraction. And when our relationship sparks a war that threatens to tear New York apart, we may be the only two people who can stop it. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Scars of Love (Love in a Small Town) by Sienna Stapleton
A second chance at romance in a small town... Seven years after their divorce Mac and Maureen seem to be closer than ever. From the beginning they vowed to do their best to be supportive parents. Who knew that vow would also lead to a deeper and more meaningful friendship. As lead Deputy in the Sheriff's department of a small town, Mac's cynical heart is beginning to believe in second chances when he looks into Maureen's eyes and finds love staring back. When Maureen witnesses a crime and her life is placed in danger he knows he'll risk everything to protect her. Will Mac convince Maureen to risk the delicate bond of friendship they've made for something more? Can he protect her from the danger that threatens to take her from him? One thing he knows for sure. No matter what happens, their lives will never be the same. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Forbidden Stories by Angel Wild and friends
The "Erotic Touch" has come together to release a complete collection of scorching hot taboo erotic tales featuring some of the dirtiest, edgiest and outright shocking fantasies that have made these authors extremely popular within the spicy world of taboo erotica. With stories from top selling erotic authors: Angel Wild, Jade K. Scott, Virginia Wade, Ellen Dominick, Carl East, Alara Branwen, Polly J. Adams and Cheri Verset, you'll be left very satisified with this brand new collection of forbidden sex stories! Over 80,000 words long! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Owned by the Hitman: A Mafia Romance by Alexis Abbott
"You will be my woman for a year, servant to my whims and desires. I will not hurt you, unless you want me to." I'm in deep to the Mafia. My father was the one who made the deal, and when I inherited his club, I also inherited his troubles. Ivan wants to save me, or so he says. More like he wants me to be his slave for a year. After the one-night stand I had with him, though, would that be so bad? With his impossibly hard body, and the way he always makes me scream... But he's still a monster. He's a criminal, and something so much worse. And yet I can't stop the tingling in my body every time I think of how he touched me, and those dark but delicious words rolling off his tongue, tinged with his Russian accent. He knows what I'll say, even before I do. "I'll take your offer." (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

His Secretary: Undone (A Billionaire Romance) [Kindle Edition] by Melanie Marchande
I'm about to throw an ashtray at my boss's head. Turns out, the mind behind my favorite, steamy romance novels...the ones I only read in private...the ones that are my only escape after a long day of dealing with The Boss From Hell? It's not Natalie McBride, the sweet, rural housewife. It's him. That's right: my boss, Adrian Risinger, the thirty-three-year-old, maddeningly sexy, pissant billionaire "bad boy" who thinks he runs my life. He is also the author of all my deepest, most secret fantasies. And to make matters worse, he needs me to impersonate "Natalie" at a series of book signings and conventions. But, of course, that's only if I want to keep my job. On second thought, I'm going to need something heavier than an ashtray. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

My Wife, The Escort 3 (My Wife, The Escort Season 1) by Victoria Kasari
Her next client wanted something extra... The scorching serial for couples continues. All parts of this season are in Kindle Unlimited and are available now. We'd returned to the hotel so that my wife could continue to play at being an escort. This time, I wanted more. I wanted to talk to the guy and hear what he had to say about the gorgeous call girl he was picking up, unaware that she was my wife. But when she got him upstairs, he wanted more for his money. I watched, breathless, from the closet as he made her demands. He was paying her...but would she really do that? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

RUTHLESS HOLD (A Back Down Devil MC Romance Novel) by London Casey
She's the daughter of the biker who taught him how to be a true outlaw... he's supposed to keep her safe - not get her pregnant. When Trev took the vacant seat at the Back Down Devil MC table, he did it out of honor for a fallen brother. He then learns the man who brought him into the outlaw world had a secret affair and had a daughter a long time ago. Worse yet... she's beautiful. And Trev is put in charge of protecting her. Eden is in serious danger. She knows little of her life other than she was given up for adoption. A mysterious letter brings her to a motorcycle club where she learns about her parents and ends up in the arms of a sexy and strong biker. The truth about Emma ignites a war within the MC. Two charters are poised to face off in an explosive war and it's not just the fate of Back Down Devil MC at stake. It's Trev's life, Eden's life, and the life they created all hanging in balance... (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

La Romance Torride: Steamy Romance by Abi Aiken & others
Steamy Romance. It sounds delicious in any language, but in the language of love it becomes exhilarating. La Romance Torride. From historical to contemporary, paranormal to cowboys, this collection has something spicy for every taste. With TWO FULL LENGTH NOVELS and THREE NOVELLAS, La Romance Torride will warm your heart - and other places - for hours on end! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Monstrous Obsession (erotic romance and horror) by Giselle Renarde
Artemis has never relied on a man for anything. When she moves in with her biker boyfriend Budd and his teenaged son Vincent, she worries she's losing her independence. Little does Artemis know the moment she sets foot inside Budd's big house, family dynamics will be the least of her worries. Something strange lives in Budd's creaky old house, and it's far more powerful than any human being. Artemis senses it watching her. She feels it when, out of the blue, a slimy monster tongue licks her neck. She watches it possess every man who looks her way. How could she anticipate the intense, horrific evil she would encounter in Budd's home? To save her new family from an obsessive monster, Artemis must learn to accept help from the man who loves her. Can she swallow her pride... before it's too late? An erotic novella with a generous helping of horror from award-winning author Giselle Renarde. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Captive at the Billionaires’ Sex Club by Polly J Adams
When Kate decided to spend the summer as a waitress at parties for the super-rich, she knew she would be moving in circles she’d never encountered before – a completely different world. It turned out to be a world of depravity and pure unbridled lust she had never even dreamed about. That summer, she discovered the Billionaires' Sex Club. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Getting Her Pregnant: Six Stories of Fertile Bodies and Risky Fun by Victoria Wessex and Friends
What if the super-hot guy who was trying to seduce you wanted more than just sex? What if he wanted to see you swell up with his child? Let all your fantasies run wild in this collection of breeding erotica from the best authors around! From Victoria Wessex, a brand new "He Wanted Me Pregnant!" romantic erotica: "The Lady and the Viking". Warning: bodices may get ripped. From Ruby Fielding, a shifter breeding story set in a dangerous, post-apocalyptic world, "The Sanctum". From Carl East, a tale of a woman desperate to get pregnant...whatever it takes..."The Breeders". From Saffron Sands, risky sex in the workplace in "Bareback at the Office". From Angel Wild, the story of a dominant older man who wants to get his beautiful young neighbor in his bed...and pregnant. She's "His for the Taking". And from Jade K. Scott: Ariel may be able to save an entire species from dying out...if she's willing to let them impregnate her, in "Alien Spawn". (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Bad Company by PJ Adams
On the run with a tuxedoed guy with Trouble written all over his gorgeous face, Cassie Dane must ask herself: is this the real thing, or it is just another stopping point in a long run of bad luck and worse choices? Bad Company: the much-anticipated second part of Winner Takes All, the steamy new bad boy trilogy from the author of bestselling romantic thriller The Object of His Desire. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Hit Me: A Costa del Crime romantic suspense novel by PJ Adams
I think I love you. Now kill me. What do you do when the woman you've fallen in love with makes the most impossible demand? Comply and you've lost her forever. Refuse and you've lost her all the same... Hit Me: A steamy, edge-of-the-seat romantic suspense thriller from the author of Trust and Black Widow. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Pushed: Pursued By The Billionaire by Alexx Andria
SOMEONE IS ABOUT TO GET PLAYED. Tana Brooks is the only thing standing in Buchanan Enterprises' way of demolishing the historic Tamarack Hotel and she's determined to do whatever it takes to stop them. Billionaire Reece Buchanan has two choices: find a way to bring Tana down or lose everything. It doesn't matter that Tana stirs dark desires in him that are better left ignored. It doesn't matter that his heart beats faster whenever he pictures her in his bed. All that matters is the win when the stakes are high. Tana better watch out. Buchanans play to win. By any means possible. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Sharing My Wife Series Bundle by Michael Mechant
This bundle brings together all three books of the Sharing My Wife series. The fun begins with Sharing My Wife, when Kevin lets his wife play with another man while he listens by telephone. Things get out of hand, but he can only listen as his wife enjoys herself. The fun continues in Sharing My Wife Blindfolded when he returns home. His wife convinces him to let her play again, this time with all three of them in the room. Once again, things don't go as he expected, and he has no choice but to let it happen. Finally, in Sharing My Wife for Good, his wife has plans for the future that are hard for him to swallow. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Random Acts of Crazy by Julia Kent
(Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Knights of Stone: Lachlan by Lisa Carlisle
As the new alpha of his gargoyle clan, Lachlan takes on a leadership role at the historic peace talks between the wolf shifters and tree witches. Cooperation is crucial to their survival. The magical veil over the Isle of Stone is weakening. But unity is hard to achieve when tensions are running high. So is Lachlan's concentration when a sexy wolf shifter rushes to the talks. Her wild beauty is mesmerizing. Raina has her hands full with pack problems, from pack mates succumbing to blood lust to animosity toward her species. The source of her problems is clear-the gargoyles. If they hadn't lured the humans to the island with their unconventional rock concerts, she wouldn't have to deal with the fallout. She wants nothing to do with them, especially their alpha. His not-so-surreptitious glances are hard to miss. Nope. Not the kind of attention she needs. She's heard rumors of the rebellious, attention-seeking rockers--and of their endless string of females. But when humans come to investigate the wolf attacks, Lachlan and Raina must work together to coerce them off the island. And time spent together sparks a forbidden attraction. If unexpected love were their only problem, they'd be able to deal with it. It's not. Time is running out, for them and their island. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Helping Her Sister by Michael Mechant
His wife’s younger sister asks his wife if he would take her virginity. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Captured by the Alien Savage: A SciFi Alien Romance by Marina Maddix and Flora Dare
Just when I think nothing else could go wrong ... I see her. My crew and I are on a desperate mission hunting a villain, but he's always one step ahead. Now we're stuck in orbit over a primitive planet called 'Earth' without enough fuel to get us home. And worst of all, every last one of us is about to go into heat. That's bad. Very bad. Our only hope of survival lies somewhere on the surface. I can't afford any distractions, least of all a beautiful, curvy human female who my body tells me is my fated mate, my amavar. But that's impossible! My mate can't be human ... can she? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Polar Bared: Anti-Hero, BIG Bear Romance by Eve Langlais
What's a bear to do when a human has a polar-izing effect? When Vicky accidentally slides into the side of a polar bear, she doesn't expect to fall in love. Eaten yes, perhaps used as a chew toy, but become the object of a bear's affection and lust? Crazy! Almost as crazy as the fact the polar bear turns out to be a man. A sexy man. A man who growls, and roars and does everything he can to chase her away. Only to come back. Gene only has one thing on his mind, vengeance, until Vicky crashes into his life. Poor Gene. After the pain and betrayal he suffered in the war all he wants is vengeance against the brothers who left him behind. But he's confused when instead of wanting to punish him for his evil acts, they offer him forgiveness. As if that weren't annoying enough, the cutest geek he ever met--with caramel kissed skin covering a lush, rounded figure and wearing the sexiest dark rimmed glasses--won't leave him alone. Or more like, he can't seem to stop following her. And it isn't just because someone is out to hurt her. He wants her. But does he want her more than vengeance? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Dark Passions: Dark Romance Boxed Set by Skye Eagleday, Abby Weeks, Savannah Reardon and more
Ten dark romances from Terry Towers (writing as Elixa Everett), Skye Eagleday, Aya Fukunishi and more. They make their own rules. They obey no one and they have no interest in allowing a woman to change them. They are the men you've always been warned about. They certainly have no interest in love or relationships, but they do want to control you - body and mind. They have complete disregard for your feelings and yet possess irresistible charm; they are the very definition of an alpha male. And they will make you swoon. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Taken by the Gang: A Billionaire and Gang Collection (50 Book Boxed Set!) by Kendra Claire
"Don't think I don't know how much you've wanted this," he whispers... You've read Kendra's "A Baby for Our Babysitter" series, but you've never read anything like this phenomenal boxed set before! The queen of steam is back with a new boxed set of more than fifty stories about billionaires, gangs of sexy stallions, and the excited young women in for the night of their lives with their first-ever group experiences! This incredible collection brings you all the hottest shorts from Kendra Claire, plus as an added bonus, she's included two unpublished short stories just to spice things up. That's over 1,500 pages of blazing-hot stories! Grab a copy and join in the fun as these sexy alpha men have their way with your bedtime imagination... hard, fast and with no protection whatsoever! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Ash: A Bad Boy Romance by Lexi Whitlow
I married Summer to save her life, and then I was forced to break her heart. I'm back in town, and I'm never letting her go again. She's the woman who changed me. She's my wife, and she's going to have my baby. // He told me he'd always protect me. Then he disappeared without a trace. Jonathan Ash is not the kind of man you marry. He's a fierce, hard-bodied, tattooed, womanizing mafia soldier. Me and Ash? We were done three years ago. But Ash is waving around a marriage certificate that proves otherwise. He says he deserves a chance. He says he wants me to have our baby. And he's not signing any f*cking divorce papers. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

LGBT Love: 10 Queer, Trans, Bi, Lesbian and Gay Romance Stories by Giselle Renarde
***All royalties from the sale of this anthology will be donated to charitable organizations supporting LGBT individuals and communities.*** LGBT Love is in the air! Fall for romance with 10 sensual stories by award-winning queer author Giselle Renarde. From lesbian cops to gay professors, bisexual businessmen to transgender soldiers, diverse characters find the everlasting affection they've been searching for in LGBT Love. Giselle Renarde is an award-winning queer Canadian author. Her fiction has appeared in well over 100 short story anthologies, including prestigious collections like Best Lesbian Romance and Lambda Award-winners such as Tristan Taormino's Take Me There. Her non-fiction has been published in Trans Bodies, Trans Selves (Oxford University Press) and Chicken Soup for the Soul: Tough Times for Teens. Giselle's adult novels include Anonymous, Seven Kisses, The Red Satin Collection and Bali Nights. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Her Gingerbread Dragon by Elianne Adams
Leaving the city behind, Maddison Campbell tries to build a life for herself in the sleepy village of Glen Farley. Little did she know, when a man followed her into the bakery and saved her from a less than honest sales person, that the man would be a dragon shifter. As soon as Luke Spence caught Maddison's scent, he knew he had to have her - he would have her. All he had to do was convince the human woman that she was his mate. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Taking Robyn: Virgin Babysitter Breeding by Belle Hart
(Amazon US - Amazon UK)

A Noblewoman's Fall (Victorian Taboo Erotica) by A Vivian Vane
Adopted into a baronial family at a young age, Mary always tried to live up to the standards of the aristocracy. But when her naughty maid discovers the noblewoman’s lust for tender caresses in her most intimate places, it begins a downward spiral that Mary never could have predicted. Soon, Mary finds herself learning more about the real standards of the aristocracy than she ever imagined, discovering one secret perversion after another — even in those nearest and dearest to her! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Escape (A Club Extraordinaire romance) by PJ Adams
A man too cruel or a man too sweet to love? Just who is the masked stranger at the Club Extraordinaire, and what is it about him that draws Julie so powerfully? Is it the way he moves, or the way he is so confident and masterful? Or is it that he reminds her so strongly of her ex? Escape: A story of passion and intrigue, of endings and new beginnings. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Random Acts of Trust by Julia Kent
From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Julia Kent comes the newest book in the Random series... Giving up is hard...but giving in is even harder. A New Adult romantic comedy that explores the love between one man, one woman, and ends with one Happily Ever After (and no cliffhangers or chickens!). Fate took their lives by storm four years ago and put an unbreachable gulf between Sam and Amy. Can time really heal all wounds...or are some scars too deep? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

All Fired Up by Nikki Dee Houston
Fires aren’t all that’s sizzling at Hillwood Station… Cindy always wanted to be a fire fighter. When she tops the class in the rookie academy, she takes her first job at the small but busy Hillwood Fire Station—as their first female firefighter. Some of the crew don’t appreciate a woman trying to do a man’s job. But when the crew risks their lives in a series of factory fires, Cindy’s determined to not just keep up, but to excel. But the fires aren’t the only thing smoldering at Hillwood. When Cindy comes face-to-face with the real-life, fireman-calendar pinup, she’s left feeling shaky and gasping for breath. Their attraction is white-hot, the sex is sizzling, and there’s no such thing as enough when it comes to their lovemaking. But things turn nasty when a dark past comes back to haunt Cindy, jeopardizing her career before it’s even really begun… (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Ice Cold (An MMA Stepbrother Romance) by Victoria Villeneuve
You don't usually do this kind of thing, do you Alexa? he asked. I've been a good girl my whole life. But even good girls are allowed one night of amazing, unbridled passion with no consequences, right? Wrong. It turns out the panty-droppingly sexy MMA fighter Ice, with his sculpted body and hands that know exactly what I need, is going to be my stepbrother. And it also turns out the more time I spend with him, the more I hate him. He's so arrogant; the cockiest, most infuriating person I've ever met. An absolute bastard, and a total asshole. No question. So why can't I stop thinking about him? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

My Alpha Ex Brother in Law Bound by Jenny Jeans
Lisa thinks she's crazy having feelings for her dead fiancée's twin. But her ex-brother-in-law Gavin is alive and Travis is gone. When she sees Gavin, she gets a taste of what she lost. And she can't stay away. Gavin despises being a substitute for his long dead brother, who was not all he seemed to be in the "great" department. Gavin just wishes his voluptuous ex sister-in-law Lisa would see him and not Travis. Finally, Gavin won't take it any longer and he becomes determined to shake up his curvy ex sister-in-law, to make her feel only him and see only him. He has secrets she could never guess at, but when he brings his ropes out he forces her to submit ... and she becomes captive to his will. He breaks her open the first time. But if she comes back on her own, then he will, bind, rope, and bound her to his rough desires, until she calls him Master. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Burnt: A Bad Boy Romance: Courage MC by Kara Hart
ADAM I'm no good for her, and I can't catch a break. Cast out of the MC, I'm on my own with no protection, just the gun in my hands. That's when I meet her. And I know I'm about to ruin her damn life. Brimstone. Fire. Sinners. Users. This is who I share blood with. But there's no one to trust when your whole crew has turned on you. I can't keep running from my demons. It's time to face them head on. // ROSE I need an escape. This small town will be the death of me. I watch as he comes to claim me and I can't fight it. I wanted to make my family proud. I wanted to be their good daughter. Not anymore. Not today. Not since I met him. He knows who I am. He sees me from the inside. He protects me. He's my salvation, my one ticket out of here. But Adam is damaged. And he has a price on his head. Now we're forced to go on the run, fighting off the Cartel and undercover Feds. There's a fire on the horizon. We're going to get burned. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Bred By The Dark Lord by Virginia Wade
Orphaned Hannah Stuart is sent to work at Darkfield Manor, where she finds herself at the mercy of its seductive owner, Lord Jasper Dark. Aroused by the young woman’s submissive demeanor, he is determined to find sexual fulfillment by dominating Hannah in every way possible. …but Hannah has a secret, and she must reveal it, or they will not survive the danger that faces them. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

An Heir For The Billionaire by Terry Towers
Faced with his mortality, Damon Garratt is in a race against time to find love and have an heir. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Tamed By The Cowboy by Terry Towers
She swore no one could ever change her... Samantha Wilkes is a socialite party girl gone wild. She's envied by all her peers, who all wish to be her, and lives for two things: modelling and partying. When her behavior becomes too wild and out of control, her mother sends her to Connor Hudson's farm in the hopes some time in a humble setting under the watchful eye of a strong, domineering man such as Connor will straighten her up. But Samantha has no intention of changing, not for her family and certainly not for some cowboy she doesn't know. He swore he'd never fall in love again... As a favour to Samantha's mother, Connor agrees to take in the young woman who has been making headlines, in a bad way. But the last thing he expected was that he'd fall for her. As the layers of Samantha's personality are peeled back under his watchful eye, Connor sees so much more than a party girl. Deep down, he sees a woman full of pride, ambition and pain and despite himself, he finds himself falling. Can the hard-as-nails cowboy tame the wild Samantha, without doing the one thing he swore he'd never do and losing his own heart in the process? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Broken: A Need for Control by Mary Chi
When Jake came to help independent Rebecca Warren get back on her feet, she found herself falling for the quiet but strong man. Can she break through his barriers and reach him? Can he teach her to be the woman he craves? A flawed pairing, wounded and worn, must learn to shed their masks to find what they both need – each other. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Bad Boy Brit by Caitlin Daire
LIAM: She's playing hard to get. I'm just hard. If you own a TV or read the papers, you'll know who I am--Liam Croft, the world's best and highest-paid footballer. Fans and sports journalists worship me, the ladies love me, and my bedroom practically has a revolving door attached to it. But now I've met one beautiful lady in particular--a sports journalist named Allison Flores--and she's not like the rest. Not even remotely. Firstly, she can't stand me; something that's never happened to me with a woman before. Secondly, she's smart, ambitious and witty; a far cry from the girls I usually encounter. I never thought I'd want to settle down, but when I look at her, all I see is my future. I might be a player, but Allison might just be the one woman who'll get me to give up the game... // ALLISON: He thinks I'm playing hard to get...but that's not true. He's just hard to want. I don't date players...especially not arrogant, cocky, party-addicted football players like Liam Croft. I've never met the guy, but I already can't stand him from everything I've seen in the news and gossip columns...and I'm not usually one to rush to judgment. He's just that much of a playboy prick. So when I'm sent all the way to London to try and nab an exclusive one-on-one interview with him, I'm forced to suck up and play nice with the man who represents everything I despise for the sake of my career. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Erotic Authors Collection by Carl East and friends
Nine explicit stories in one volume. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Knight Fall by Marina Maddix
Struggling artist Kelly Saunders lives a dystopian life at a corporate job she hates. Her perverted boss thrills in torturing her simply because she finds him physically repulsive, her coworkers have shunned her because of her luscious curves and bodacious rack, and she can’t quit or she’ll lose her apartment. Will a chance — and extremely hot — encounter with a sexy biker at a gas station spell freedom or trouble? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

My Secret Life - Moonlighting as a Call Girl by Tanya Korval
On the outside, Erica has it all: confidence, a steady income and a high-powered job that sends her around the world. But on the inside, a life spent in hotels, meetings and executive airport lounges is slowly leaving her numb; isolated from everyone around her. On a business trip to New York, she finds herself rapidly spinning out of control, seeking something raw and forbidden. Then one night she's mistaken for a call girl in a hotel bar.... What would you do? Erica carries through with the deception...and nothing will ever be the same again. She begins a double life: days as a businesswoman, nights as "Rebecca", a high-class call girl to the rich and powerful. Soon, she's meeting clients in limos, private jets and luxurious homes, all while holding down her day job and conducting a clandestine romance with a work colleague who'd like nothing more than to dominate her completely. Has she found the excitement she was looking for, and can she keep her two lives apart? Or are they destined to collide...with disastrous consequences? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

What Goes On Tour by Sadie Somerton
I've never really had a thing for older women before, but there's something about Catherine Beacham. But is it really okay to react this way? Surely there's no harm in the thought, at least. She's a hot woman and I'm a red-blooded young man. It's only natural to respond. Only natural for my eyes to be drawn to the long lines of her legs. To her profile as she drives. Down the curves of her body. To be caught looking and glance rapidly away. And then, to have to look again. But there can be nothing more that, can there? It's not as if I've ever had any interest in MILFs - it's just not my thing. Until now. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Shopping for a Billionaire 4 by Julia Kent
A confusing fight, a garbage-covered car, and a mom who shares her past as a stripper all drive Shannon to the edge of madness. When her big shot at mystery shopping luxury properties leads to another crazy toilet incident, it's Declan to the rescue...but can they take the "plunge"? The Shopping series from New York Times bestselling author Julia Kent reaches its conclusion with heart, heat, and hilarity. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

A Sweet Life Boxed Set (Fourteen Contemporary Romances by Bestselling Authors to Benefit Diabetes Research) by Bella Andre, Julia Kent and many more
Have your cake and eat it too--your purchase of A Sweet Life helps fight against diabetes! You can make a difference while you read! All proceeds from the sale of A Sweet Life will be donated to the Diabetes Research Institute via Brenda Novak's Online Auction for Diabetes Research. 1500 pages / 675 000 words of contemporary romance. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Unwrapped - the big erotic bundle by Polly J Adams and Multiple Partners
Cheerleaders, sleepovers, dorm orgies, cuckoldry, adultery... first times and lots of times. Nine sizzlingly explicit stories from bestselling authors of erotica and erotic romance. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Crazy About the Baumgartners by Selena Kitt
Doc and Mrs. B have hired a new au pair and she's crazy about the Baumgartners. Poor rejected Gretchen, fired from her previous job and still licking her wounds from a recent breakup, is desperately seeking the kind of attention and affection only the Baumgartners can offer. So why do they seem to thwart her advances at every turn? It isn't as if the polyamorous couple has been secretive about their fondness for threesomes. Naughty Gretchen makes up her mind, on their annual trip to the steamy sun and fun of Key West, to show the Baumgartners just how crazy she is about the both of them. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Corrupt Practices by Penelope L'Amoreaux
The Corrupt Trilogy: Politics just got steamier. All she'd ever wanted was to work in politics. To help make a difference. When Mariel lands her dream internship for Senator Roger Taylor, she knows life can't get better. D.C. is a big city, but she's sure she can find her place. Then she meets him. Dallas Taylor. Brother to the Senator, smug yet sexy as hell, and a complete ass. Working for him turns Mariel's dream into a nightmare-- how can someone so dominant and demanding be so damned attractive? Dallas takes ordering and bossing her around to new levels, yet her desire to please him runs deep and burns hot. Can she overcome his torturous punishments? Or is this small town girl not cut out for Washington? When Mariel discovers a dangerous secret in the office that could ruin the Senator, she must risk everything to prove it and herself to Dallas... including her heart. This is a full-length novella might be part one of the trilogy, but it comes with its own happily ever after! For mature readers who like a little risque with their romance. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

BRO' by Joanna Blake
I can't stand a BRO'. You know the type. Rich, hot, tan, full of himself. Well, I've got one under my skin and he's driving me insane. The worst part is, he knows it. Clayton Westfield isn't my friend or even just a classmate. He's something even more annoying. My mother Dana works for the Westfield's and we live in their house. Well, above the garage really. Clayton is just a few years older so I've known him all my life. We even went to the same private school. He's rich, he's loud, he's full of himself. He's a BRO' in the worst sense of the word. And I can't take my eyes off of him. He knows it too. He has a lot of fun posing for me by the pool, half naked or worse. But the jokes on him because after freshman year of college, I finally grew boobs. Now it's summer and he's the one who can't keep his eyes off of me. Turn about is fair play, doncha think? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

At the Swingers' Club: all four stories by Polly J Adams
How does a trip to Europe lead to running a suburban swingers' club? A set of four steamy stories following Selena and Martin on their journey from a visit to an adult show in Amsterdam to turning their home into a club for like-minded friends. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

My Nearly Man: Confessions of a BBW Hotwife #1 by Sadie Somerton
I've often talked with my husband about me sleeping with other men. It turns him on, and that turns me on. But I'd never converted that fantasy into reality. Not until last night... Last night I hooked up with my nearly man, Bradley. Way back we'd kissed, we'd flirted, but we'd never gone beyond that. But last night? Last night it all became very real... A steamy and very explicit story of cuckoldry, exploration and rekindling old flames. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Alpha King by KA Taylor
THIS VOLUME IS A BUNDLED COLLECTION CONTAINING BOTH THE FIRST ALPHA (2013) AND THE ALPHA KING (2016). ~ THE ALPHA KING ~ Thomas "Hunter" Smith doesn't need friends, and he doesn't need love. Both would just slow him down. No connections. Nobody who can't be cast off in an instant. That's the only way a lone wolf like him can survive the brutal war in the east. But he dreams of more. When Thomas finds a ticket out he grabs it with both hands. A simple slip of paper is all he needs to get him to the promised land, where rumor has it the shifters live in peace. Finally, after a century of bloodshed he'll be able to live out the rest of his life without fear. No more running. No more fighting. No more killing. Maybe - just maybe - there will finally be time to find love. In just two days, on April 10th 1912, the shifter Thomas Smith will escape to America aboard the RMS Titanic. In just two days, his worries will finally be over... The Alpha King is a prequel to the 2013 international bestseller The First Alpha, included within this eBook. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Unsure (book 1, Sure Mastery trilogy) by Ashe Barker
The Sure Mastery trilogy charts the sensual and emotional journey of petty thief turned photographer Ashley McAllister as she struggles to overcome personal tragedy, loss and grief to rebuild her life in the wild beauty of the West Yorkshire moorland. Resilient and determined, independent and courageous, Ashley has no qualms about cutting her old ties and starting again. Intent on establishing her landscape photography business, she is horrified when her turbulent past comes crashing back to haunt her, threatening to overwhelm and destroy her fragile new beginning. Ashley needs Tom to guard her secrets and allow her to stay. He just wants her. He wants her submission, her surrenender (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Always by Ellery Rhodes
She swore off boys and he’s not looking for strings. But you never forget your first love… (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Obsessed: A Dark Romance Novel by Terry Towers
Elijah: I kill people for a living, but I'm really not a bad guy. At least I don't think so. I'm just taking out the trash; the fact I get paid to do it is a happy coincidence. Normally I'm a pretty unemotional guy. I fear nothing and no one and I get things done without regret or ever looking back. But like Superman, I have my own kind of kryptonite and her name is Sidney Lopez. She never remembers me when she looks at me, but we had a past together. She dominates my thoughts, but I know I'm just one of millions of people who adore her and I'm obsessed. So even if I wanted to, I won't stop ... I can't stop, until she's mine. Sidney: People look at me, but they only see the product of the media and what they think they know is just an illusion. They don't know the real me. They don't know that my life is falling apart. Just when I hit my scariest low, he steps into my life and he saves me. Elijah's handsome with an edgy charm and he seems to understand me when no one else does. He's the hero I always dreamed about. But he's also incredibly intense and I can't shake the feeling there's more to Elijah than he's letting on. What are the secrets he keeps so tightly guarded? I'm torn, d (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Bred by Santa by Mercy Faulk
Sarah has enjoyed a special relationship with Santa Claus since she was little. Now that she’s an adult, she wants more...and more and more and more. Not only does she want the surprisingly sexy Santa to bareback her on Christmas Eve, she wants him to impregnate her. But her deepest fantasies may change her life in ways she doesn’t expect. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Luster: A Bad Boy Romance by Tessa Rowan
Mixing business with pleasure turned my world upside-down... I had the key to the throne of my father's empire with my brilliant plan. It was a really clever plan. All I had to do was find the right artist with the right talent to impress my father. It was supposed to be so easy. Just another contract with another client. Except Matthew Walsh isn't just another client. He's the sexiest and most infuriating man I've ever met, and he's into playing games. He thinks I'm just some stuck up girl who will bend to his will. I'm not, but if I do what he wants then ultimately I will get mine in the end. Well, Mr. Walsh, I can play games too. But...there's more to him than meets the eye. And I'm finding myself breaking all the rules as Matt breaks down all my walls. What have I got myself into? // I make no apologies for what I say or do... I lived my life. I put blood, sweat, and tears into my work and made some f***ing amazing art. And I was good at it. After everything I'd been put through, I deserved the bank I made. That contract with the swanky hotel mogul was going to send my money sky-high. But I have to throw on the brakes when I first see her. Falyn Morrissey, my new partner it seems. The one with killer body and the contract in her hand. I can't let her off that easy...no way. I have to find out what makes her tick somehow. There's something different about her, guarded and co (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Suspiciously Obedient by Julia Kent
From USA Today Bestselling Author Julia Kent comes the second book in her “Obedient” trilogy: After a billion people watch you make love, where do you hide? A fake persona with very real emotions… A best friend with deeper intentions… A woman torn by desire… (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

A Slice of Honeybear Pie by Jacqueline Sweet and Eva Wilder
Matt Morrisey is a bear shifter with a sweet tooth, an easy smile, and muscles for miles. When Mina Brooks' dreams of opening her own bakery go up in literal flames, she has no choice but to run. Bad men are after her and they won't stop coming until she's silenced for good. It's hard to escape though when you roll your car off a mountain road and get tangled up with the local police. Trapped in jail with her enemies closing in, Mina is all but done for. Matt Morrisey expected the call would be just another drunk who needed a lawyer he couldn't afford, but when the big shifter laid eyes on his client and her sweet curves, he knew his life was about to change. Mina was his fated mate, he could feel it in his blood. How could he convince the terrified woman that they were destined for each other, that he could protect her, without scaring her off? As fate pulls the two of them closer, and the dangerous men close in on Mina, Matt has to prove he's got what it takes to defend the woman he loves from the mysterious forces pursuing her. A Slice of Honeybear Pie is a standalone story set in the cozy yet mysterious town of Bearfield. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Vigilante's Lover: A Romantic Suspense Thriller by Annie Winters and Tony West
"If Bourne dressed like Bond and acted like Grey, you'd have Jax De Luca." An addictive new romantic suspense series from the desk of USA Today bestselling author Deanna Roy/JJ Knight. Mia trembles as she reads the letter that arrives from Ridley Prison. Seduction. Rope ties. Descriptions of things Mia has never experienced or known. The man's words are desperately passionate. He longs for a woman who must have given him a fake address. Mia's address. She plans to send the letter back. He's a convicted felon. But his words gnaw at her. She's never done anything dangerous. And no man has ever talked to her like this. So Mia writes him, pretending to be the woman he desires. It's her one dark thrill in her dull, solitary small-town life. The man is in prison for another fifteen years. It's harmless. She is safe enough. Until he escapes. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Man Who's Had It All by Sadie Somerton
What do you give a man who's had everything? "Surprise me," I say. "I want to be surprised." I thought that was going to be impossible. How do you surprise a man like me? I was wrong, of course. So very, very wrong. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Behind At Work by Petrea Algar
Lukas Agnarsson is a man who's always in control. His business, like his personal life, is run with cool detachment and flawless efficiency - until his personal assistant becomes an erotic curiosity. The lithe, young beauty turns more than his head, and with her funky fashion choices, challenges him and his orderly world. Miranda Sweet is in awe of the steel her boss exudes with every action, not to mention his panty-melting eyes. When her team spirit leads her to help a struggling workmate and makes her fall behind in her own duties, she'll do anything to keep the job she loves. Chaos has never been welcome at Agnarsson, but when Miranda seems to exude it from her pores, it's only a matter of time until mixed signals and assumptions bring them to boiling point. Anger and arousal-fueled declarations strip bare their undeniable sexual chemistry, and it doesn't matter that the closest surface is the reception desk. Soon, Miranda isn't the only one who's getting...Behind At Work. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Lion Fur The Baby by Aya Morningstar
He saved her life, and gave her a night she'd never forget... Curvy Allison Vinter's career and love life are in a rut--she's jumping from one dead-end job and dead-end guy to another. When her boss partners her with a creepy "dragon truther," he shows her a video proving that dragons are real. Soon, powerful dragon elders want her dead, and she's completely alone and in danger--at least until an infuriating tattooed badass leaps to her rescue. Demian Donner is an ex-Navy SEAL turned SHIFT Squad mercenary. His inner lion is roaring at him to find a mate and settle down, but he can't turn his back on his squadmates. He sees Allison on the wrong side of a gun, and he rushes to protect her above all else. After just one passionate night together, Demian knows she can make his inner lion--and all his other parts--swell with pride. But to truly protect her, Demian has to hide her...even from himself. When fate finally reunites Allison and Demian, an ocean of secrets divides them. Allison never thought she'd see Demian again, so how can she tell him about his cub she's been raising all alone? And should Demian tell her that the dragons who want her dead are closing in? Despite their secrets, a single touch reminds them of how good they can be together--but will their renewed passion give them another cub, or will it lead to nothing but heartbreak? This is a full, 50,000-word novel wi (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Sliding Into The Abyss: Episode 1 To Spank, Or Not To Spank by Echo Chambers
It all started simply enough, an overheard exhibitionist fantasy, a witnessed tryst involving a light spanking and sex in front of an imaginary audience. Then came the offer they couldn't refuse: repeat the scene in front of an actual audience and you can save your jobs – and the business of Fran and Lou Evans, their kind-hearted bosses. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Business With Pleasure by Abi Aiken and Rozlyn Sparks
In the world of advertising, there are three things that can help you get ahead: confidence, control and sex appeal. Any one of those elements is brilliant. Bring them all together and it could just be the perfect storm. Confidence: Fresh out of college, Anton Petrucci is full of ambition and a drive to make it to the top. With charisma and ego to spare, he can charm the pants off any perspective client, but it's his new boss, Juliette Forth, who presents the biggest challenge. Control: Seasoned advertising executive Gerard Purcell didn't get where he is without taking calculated risks. He knows the market, he knows the clientele. He could sell snow to Alaska, but has never managed to win the heart of Juliette, the one woman he loves. Sex Appeal: Big and beautiful, Juliette Forth is more than just a savvy business woman. This blonde bombshell and owner of the boutique advertising firm, Go Forth, finds herself at the pointy end of a love triangle between two powerhouse advertising reps. But at 40, she knows better than to rush into anything half-assed. Doesn't she? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Hostage of the Hitman: A Bad Boy Mafia Romance by Alexis Abbott
She needs to behave, or I'll be forced to punish her. Delaney Underwood is sexy as hell, with a killer body, wicked smile, and a spoiled rotten demeanor. She's a pampered rich girl, thinking she can get anything she wants, whenever she wants. It pisses me off. I've struggled to survive, and I have the scars to prove it. Delaney's going to make me a wealthy man, once her parents pay to get their precious angel back. But every time I look at those sassy lips, I wanna put them to good use. Delaney has gotten under my skin and she knows it. Even before I took her hostage, she'd somehow managed to work her way into my blood, and my heart hammers harder in my chest every time she stares daggers in my direction. She's craving someone like me in her life, whether she knows it or not, and with every bratty outburst, a part of me calls out to discipline her. She needs to be taught a lesson. And I need her, all to myself. I promised to ransom her off, but once I have a taste of her sweet curves, I'm keeping her to myself. She's the hitman's hostage and she'll learn to love it. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Tamed By The Viking by Joanna Davis
When Jofurr of Ranolf travels South to claim his Uncle's throne and rich farmland, he must learn his people's new ways. After years of raiding he is unaccustomed to such a settled life style or the comforts of home. When he spies the beautiful woman swimming alone, he is instantly smitten. But when he tries to approach her, she runs away. Adisla lives between two worlds. The daughter of a Viking woman and a Saxon man, she is neither accepted nor embraced by either. Her place among the Vikings is tenuous at best, forcing her to support herself and her young brother by her cunning alone. When the handsome King approaches her, she thinks he simply wants to rut with her, as many of the other Viking warriors have tried to do. Jofurr's obsession with the elusive beauty grows apace with the rumblings of war with the Saxon King. Can he tame Adisla in time to save her from the coming battle? *Tamed By The Viking is a stand alone romance novel with a guaranteed HEA!* (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

I Want to Watch by Michael Mechant
He had a secret fantasy he didn't dare tell his wife, until the day she begged him to tell her. He knew she'd never do it, until she surprised him by agreeing. He was finally going to watch her have sex with another man.Would it be everything he'd fantasized about? If you liked Natural Insemination, here's a similar story by the same author. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Going the Distance - A BBW Stepbrother Romance by DH Cameron
I'm a rich girl, a pampered, kept woman. Sounds great, huh? Well it's just a gilded cage built from my father's expectations and demands. I want more, however. But my father has a secret and that secret might be my way out. Jack O'Brien is a bad boy from South Boston, an Irish MMA fighter with an attitude to match. He's also the stepbrother I've never met. I just wanted to get to know Jack but despite our rocky start, there's an attraction we can't deny. Jack refuses to be my dirty little secret and my father won't permit me to see a man like Jack but there's more to it than I realize. There's history my father kept from me and Jack has his own secrets too. Those secrets are putting Jack's fighting career, my family and my relationship with Jack in jeopardy. Everything is going to hell and on top of it all, I have a secret too. I'm having Jack's baby. *Includes a second, full-length novel at no additional cost!* (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Hers and Hers: 10 Book Hot Erotic Lesbian Romance Bundle by Selena Kitt, Saffron Sands, Sadie Somerton, Cynthia Dane and more
This one's for the girls - and the guys who love watching them together! This 10 book Excite Spice MEGA Bundle brings you enough juicy lesbian love to knock your socks (or panties) off! You get over 70,000 words of inexperienced innocents softly seduced into their first time, bicurious girls who dream of playing for the other team, and rough dykes ready to strap it on! Ten of erotica's hottest authors will bring you more than enough dripping lesbian seduction and excitement to satisfy your hot, needy cravings! These gorgeous honeys are ready to fulfill your wildest, most intimate fantasies. So get ready for the sizzle, because this one's full of ripe, luscious peaches who want nothing more than to be juiced! This EXCITE SPICE bundle is on sale for a LIMITED TIME. FEATURING: Girls Only: First Time ~ Selena Kitt / Something Good ~ Saffron Sands / Girls' Night ~ Sadie Somerton / Mine, Tonight ~ Cynthia Dane / Yours, Tonight ~ Hildred Billings / Taken for Revenge ~ Eve Kaye / Piano Lessons ~ Harper Bliss / The Camp Counselor ~ Mariana Lewis / Forbidden Mates ~ Lily Pillows / SapphiConnection: Brooke ~ Taryn Taylor (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

High Heels and Honeymoons: Hotwife and Cuckold Erotica Stories by Katie Cramer
Our wedding night was only the beginning. I now have needs you simply can't fulfil... The sensational sequel to "High Heels & Wedding Rings"! Arriving on a stunning Greek island for their honeymoon, William thinks he can put the sensual events of their wedding night behind them. But his new bride, Samantha, has other plans. Filled with a new-found desire for satisfaction beyond her husband, she quickly catches the eye of the free-spirited Alexandra and her on-off lover, Alain. Whether William likes it or not, Samantha is ready to experience thrilling new adventures with her new-found friends that will destroy the sanctity of her marriage once and for all... and William, cuckolded and unable to stop her, finds himself falling deeper into the arousing spiral of watching his beautiful wife's body enjoyed by others... (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Sacrifice by M.G. Morgan
There is no life without love, no life without her. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Right Time, Wrong Place by Jaime Morghan
His hand is up my skirt, his eyes overpowering me, and we're in the middle of a club. Thankfully the other people can't hear me moan over their own conversations and the music. He then takes my hand and leads the way... to a fantasy, for one unforgettable night... or so I think. When I'm back to my struggling life, house sitting for a person whose life I'll never have, there's a knock at the door. The dress that is delivered is not for me, but I put it on anyway, because I want to feel beautiful again. I want to be wanted... needed... I want to feel everything again... The dress may not be meant for me, but he is. I'll do anything to him, and for him, to make sure he knows that. But first, maybe I should find out his name... (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Chasing Wishes: A New Adult Romance by Nadia Simonenko
For sixteen-year-old Nina Torres, it feels as if life is nothing but a dead end. Despised by her rich classmates and afraid that she'll become just like her drug-addicted mother, Nina's future seems to get dimmer every day. There is one bright spot in her life, though... A powerful contemporary tale of lost love and wishes come true, recommended for ages 17+ due to adult content. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Dreamcaster (A paranormal romance) by Ruby Fielding
He tells me I'm special... but is that enough? I live in the ruins, my home city occupied by invaders from the north and my memory full of gaps. I had thought I could survive out here beyond the city walls, but now the soldiers are hunting me down. My only escape is the man who comes to me in my dreams, Malachi. He seems to be looking out for me, protecting me. When I'm with him my heart lifts and when we're apart I want only to be with him again. If I know one thing for sure, it is that I am his. But he's not real... is he? With his help, I'm starting to remember my past... but the secrets locked away there could get us both killed. Malachi tells me I'm special, that I have powers. But will that be enough to save us? Dreamcaster: A story of romance, magic and mystery in a war-torn world where love lies in tatters and one woman may hold the key. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

My Wife, The Escort 1 & 2 (My Wife, The Escort Season 1) by Victoria Kasari
Could she really do it...while I watched? A brand new serial aimed at couples. All 4 parts of Season One are in Kindle Unlimited and are available now. It started with a simple mistake: my gorgeous wife, mistaken for a high-class call girl. But that planted a fantasy in our minds and, the more we talked about it, the more we both wanted to know--what if she actually did it? It was a hell of a turn on for both of us. But could I really watch her take off her wedding ring and put on a short dress, stockings and heels, and pick up men in the hotel bar? Could I really watch from the closet as she stripped off and parted her thighs for them? How would I feel, seeing another man take her...for money? As she accepted her first client, would our relationship be destroyed...or become stronger than ever? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Billion Dollar Contract: The Executive Collection by Cynthia Dane
She needs a job. He needs a sub. Surely they can come to some sort of agreement. Jasmine is jobless and down to her last dollar, living in squalor with only a mean cat to keep her sane. On the day of an important job interview she's spotted by Ethan Cole, the smart and handsome billionaire bachelor who tears through assistants as if they're cheap tissues. He wants her. To be his assistant. To be his submissive. For six months all Jasmine has to do is be at his beck and call. In the office, in the boardroom... and in the bedroom. In return, she'll become a millionaire. They say that every person has a price. Ethan is willing to pay hers. Now she will enter his world of money, bad jokes, broken hearts, dangerous business partners, and sweet white collar power. The moment she signs that billion dollar contract, she belongs to Ethan Cole. Her body... and her heart! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Smutastic Collection of Beast, Fantasy, and a Little Bit o' Romance Erotica by edited by Christie Sims and Alara Branwen
This is a collection of some of the hottest monster, fantasy, and romantic erotic fiction from some of today's hottest authors. This group of ten short scorching stories comes in at 73,000 words and costs just as much as a single story would! That means you get ten sizzling, tantalizing stories for the price of one! Each story in this anthology is as exciting as the last. You're innermost desires will be unlocked and will take hold. Be careful when reading these stories. You'll unlock a world of erotic fantasy so sexy and satisfying that you'll never want to leave! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Damaged Goods (A Dangerous Passion, part one) by PJ Adams
They said he was a rock star. They said he was an oil baron or an arms dealer. In truth nobody knew much about the enigmatic stranger who had moved into the Hall. When Holly Colcroft gets the call to go and help out she finds the Hall in chaos, and a man emotionally scarred by his past. Might Holly be the woman to save him, or is this a passion too dangerous? Explicit erotic romance from the author of The Object of His Desire. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

What Money Can Buy by Katie Cramer
ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD… When sexy temp Lauren is summoned to the office of her fearsome, billionaire boss Jason King, she’s certain that she’s about to be fired. Struggling to make ends meet and working two jobs to pay her father’s medical bills, Lauren braces herself for a dressing-down from the handsome, enigmatic playboy. CAN BUY ANYTHING YOU DESIRE… But Jason King has other plans. He’s been watching Lauren since the day she arrived, ready to sweep her off her feet and bring her into his world of wealth, success, power and sex. BUT THERE’S ALWAYS A COST. In a few short days, Lauren’s world is turned upside-down as her meager existence collides with Jason’s extravagant life. From New York to Milan to Venice, her alpha male boss leads her down a rabbit-hole of lust and extravagance that proves intoxicating. But his world is littered with domination and deception…and Lauren is falling fast for her mysterious billionaire, with consequences that will change her life forever. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Finding The Limits (The Limitless Trilogy Book 1) by Harper Cole
I'm just your typical modern American woman. I work hard and I know how to handle myself in the boardroom and the bedroom. My promotion kinda sucks and kinda doesn't; so yeah, it's in London which is pretty grey and all, but it's my chance to expand our company so I take it. And then he shows up. Andrew Walker-Wilkinson, all old-world charm and with a stubborn insistence on opening doors for me. He's a dinosaur but he's hot. When he tells me to do something, my body wants to do it - even if my brain tells me to run. I figure he might be good for a bit of fun. A couple of dates, nothing heavy. I thought he was one of the few good guys and I was fast losing my heart to him. I didn't expect to end up in danger, snatched right out of my apartment and held in a country house - and when the perpetrators are the most powerful men in the City, not even the police can help... My involvement with him got me into this mess, so I don't think he's going to be the one to save me. Not unless I can convince him that he IS one of the good guys... (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Wolves of Craigellen: The Complete Highland Shifter Romance Trilogy by Ruby Fielding
How much would you be willing to give up for the one you love? Available in one volume for the first time: The Wolves of Craigellen: Ruby Fielding's stunning Highland shifter romance trilogy - murder, intrigue and breathtaking romance in a werewolf series like no other. // "An exciting suspenseful shifter romance... The characters are fantastic... a must read book!" Roxie's Reviews // "This has been truly an amazing story and I have loved each and every character." Books of Past, Present, and Future // "Just wow! Snow Wolf is the stunning conclusion of the three-part series... I highly recommend Ruby Fielding's stories." Night Owl Reviews' Top Pick // "No, I'm not scared of a wolf. Believe me: there are far worse things..." (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Have Yourself a Sexy Lesbian Christmas by Giselle Renarde
Is your holiday lacking lesbian cheer? Have you been craving seasonal sensuality since your neighbours erected a ten-foot inflatable Santa? Then this is the short story mini-anthology for you! What's inside? Three fan favourites plus a brand new meet-cute holiday hotmance Giselle wrote exclusively for this collection. Unwrap the woman of your dreams right here in Have Yourself a Sexy Lesbian Christmas! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Bare Delights; Back For More Stories For The Lusty by Nadia Nightside
Pulling out isn't an option. There's one act that's more sensual, more delicious, more erotic than all the rest. When a virile man and a fertile woman mate without protection, they're announcing to the world that all they care about is passionate, rutting sex - and nothing else. They don't care about tomorrow or any consequences - even if they make tons of heirs. All the alpha male stud wants is to fill his chosen partner, and all the hot, beautifully-bodied babe wants in return is to be full of his masculine product. In these stories, that delicious bare bodied act is the center focus - everyone wants to consummate their lusty passions with no protection whatsoever. Whether this bare passion happens in hot threesomes, with sensational acts of gang loving, through forbidden taboo relations, or for hot innocents learning how to take a man's throbbing member for the first time, one thing is certain - in these NINE Nadia Nightside tales, every bare body comes back for more. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

All Fours (Special Edition Bundle) by Kate Dawes
Three years ago this summer, Kate Dawes appeared on the erotic romance scene with her debut FADE series that spent six consecutive weeks on the New York Times Bestseller list. Now, for a limited time, get this special anniversary edition bundle that contains three complete books by Kate as well as a free preview of her 2014 hit romantic suspense novel WATTS (on sale now exclusively on Amazon). Contents: TAMELESS (originally published under the pen-name Jess Gilmore), UNWRECK ME, LAYOVER RULES, WATTS (free preview). (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Wide Load Coming: Bareback with the Trucker by Katie Cramer
"It's not cheating if my husband wants it, too." Every three weeks, Alec makes the long and dangerous trip to Lightpoint Research Facility to drop off essential supplies for Professor John Coleman and his devastatingly beautiful wife, Tanya. But this time is different. This time, Alec's services are needed for a different reason... The gorgeous Tanya wants Alec inside her, bareback and unprotected. Her husband, ready to become a cuckold, will be watching on CCTV the whole time...as long as Alec agrees to satisfy his wife in ways the Professor can't. Asked to become their bull, Alec faces a moral dilemma. But Tanya knows exactly what she wants and is almost impossible to resist... (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Shifting Fates: Betraya by Aubrey Rose and Nadia Simonenko
A soldier sent to destroy all shifters... including the woman he loves... Cage is on a suicide mission he no longer believes in. The connection he feels with Bindi draws him farther away from the military. Treason is unthinkable, but so are the crimes of the Lazaretto containment military... Bindi's passion toward Cage is tested when his men invade the tunnels she lives in. And when someone she trusts with all her heart betrays her, hell breaks loose. Now she risks losing the children whose very lives depend on her. What will she do - what can she do - to keep her family together? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Stone Cold (An Iron Tornadoes MC Romance Book 1) by Olivia Rigal
Lisa Mayfield returns home from law school to a dead brother and a former lover she no longer recognizes. Brian Hatcher, her brother's best friend, dropped out of the police academy. Instead of working with Lisa's brother to bring down organized crime, he became a full-patched member of the Iron Tornadoes, an outlaw motorcycle club, the very one that may have caused her brother's fall. Searching for answers to how her David died, Lisa can't ignore the attraction she still feels for Brian. The chemistry is undeniable but is there anything left of the boy she once loved or has he turned into a stone cold biker? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Rough on Halloween by Michael Mechant
He was volunteering at a haunted house for Halloween when he met Rachael. She whispered in his ear, "I like it rough," and let him have her while she was tied up. He thought it was the luckiest night of his life. He was so wrong. It's about bondage, ghosts, and sexy costumes. There's a little voyeur thrown in, and it is a night he will never ever be able to forget. Exclusively on Amazon where Kindle Unlimited readers can read it for free. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Alpha's Last Chance: A Paranormal Shapeshifter BBW Romance by Aubrey Rose and Molly Prince
How can you start a new life when the past keeps catching up to you? Natalie has tamed the beast within and found her one true mate, but can she ever tame a fighter like Hutch? Estranged from his pack, Hutch can't forgive himself for the lies of his past. But he has Nat... and that's all that matters. The chance of a fresh start takes them to the luxury penthouse suite of a Las Vegas casino. Curvy Nat has only one thing on her mind: finding out what her big bad mate looks like dressed up in a tuxedo for a night on the town. The shock of what she finds in Vegas drives Natalie to question what's really important to her. Is Hutch really her true mate if he doesn't understand her? Hutch has made some bad mistakes in the past, but his latest misstep threatens to drive Natalie away for good. Until a terrible new danger emerges from the shadows and forces him to fight - not just for his own life, but for that of the only woman he's ever loved. But he can't do it alone... (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Erotic Encounters of Lisa Always Collection: Stories 1-4 by Edward Naughty
I Blow More Than Kisses (#1 of The Erotic Encounters of Lisa Always) Call Me (#2 of The Erotic Encounters of Lisa Always) Shhhh... They'll hear us (#3 of The Erotic Encounters of Lisa Always) I Know a Secret (#4 of The Erotic Encounters of Lisa Always) (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Hitman's Dancer: A Bad Boy Mafia Romance by Tabatha Kiss
The Snake Eyes Series: Standalone Romances. Interconnecting Stories. One Unforgettable Adventure. While a bodyguard protected a beautiful starlet in Los Angeles... A hitman knocked on a door in Chicago. // DANTE It was only supposed to be one night. One night with me and I'd make her father's debt to the Zappia crime family a little easier to swallow. Turns out, swallowing ain't much of an issue for Lucy Vaughn. I should never have gotten involved with her. Now, the Zappia family is after her and she's lost everything. Hell, even Snake Eyes ? the deadliest criminal organization on the planet ? wants to see her in the ground. It's all my fault. A few blissful nights in my bed and her life is ruined. Lucy wants payback. She wants to watch them burn for what they did to her and I can't say she's wrong. But I won't let her become a killer. Not like me. // LUCY I was a dancer. The star ballerina of my father's dance company. Until one day, Dante Hart came strolling into his office and whisked me off to his place. The next thing I knew, my entire world burned around me. The Zappia family took everything from me. I want to return the favor in blood. Luckily, I know a man who knows a little something about killing but Dante ain't interested in teaching me much outside of his bed. I will have my revenge. With or without him. Now, where did he hide the keys to these cuffs? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

What Have We Done?! by Cheri Verset
After a crazy spring break party, Josh wakes up naked and finds his stepsister Haley with his hand on his hard-on. They can’t remember anything but find a video of what really happened: a video of the two of them having sex! They soon realize they are extremely attracted to each other. But isn’t it wrong for a brother and sister to have these feelings for one another? 5,700 words (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Kinksters: 12 Stories of Wild Group Sex, Bisexual Fun and Kinky Pleasures by Giselle Renarde
Kinky couples are great, but nothing beats a big group of kinksters! In this anthology by kinky queer Canadian Giselle Renarde, a Domme and sub share their anal fetish with an old friend while a sword collector pays five young men to fulfill her sex swing fantasy. Geeky grad students chase tornadoes and tail while an unapologetic cougar gets licked by three college girls. There's an all-girl waxing session, a vintage clothing enthusiast who's shocked to discover her lover's "other woman" is actually a man, and a bureaucrat whose male escorts happen to be angels. To top it all, a room full of lesbians lose it over a tattooed femme in Lesbukake. All this, and so much more! Twelve sexy stories are ready and waiting. On your mark... get set... KINK! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Failure To Stop by Terry Towers
Since when did the procedure for giving someone a ticket for running a stop sign include a very hands-on pat-down against the hood of my car, not even giving me a chance to see his face? I swear, cop or not he's getting very close to getting Tasered; my hand was mere inches from the Taser in my open purse. But despite the high inappropriateness of his pat-down there was something very familiar about the way he was touching me - even the scent of his cologne triggered familiarity. I never dreamed when the inappropriate, yet highly erotic frisking was over that I'd be standing face to face with my former high school sweetheart, town troublemaker and love of my life Devon Land. But there he was with a cocky smirk, looking sexier than I remembered and thoroughly enjoying my surprise. One big mistake cost me the upscale life in New York I'd grown to love, forcing me to return home to Alabama. I swore I'd never move back to my small town, I'd outgrown it, but with a temptation like Devon intent on reminding me of the life I'd once left behind its becoming a challenge to leave a second time. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

First Times: Nine Tales of Innocence Lost by Natalie Deschain
This novel-length collection gathers the first nine stories in Natalie Deschain's First Times series. Nine women, nine first times, nine tales of innocence lost. The first time is always unforgettable. A pulse-pounding collection that delves into wanton lusts and forbidden loves. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Erotic Authors Collection 3 by Carl East and Friends
The third in the series holds eight erotic/romance tales and they are as follows: "Mature Women 3 by Carl East" "The Tipping Point by PJ Adams" "The Do Over by Saffron Sands" "The Viking's Touch by Lexi Lane" "Forever Young by Carl East" "He Wanted me Pregnant! The Nurse and the Soldier by Victoria Wessex" "An Office Affair by Jade K. Scott" and "The Exchange Student by Carl East". (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Preferred Prey: Bite of the Moon - A BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance Novella by Erika Masten
For a girl with extra curve, walking into a dive strip club that caters to the shifters of the Sons of Fenris Motorcycle Club is just like ringing a dinner bell for hungry wolves. But a curvy latent werewolf's gotta do what she's gotta do or else end up prey herself. Tabitha is ready to embrace the transformation from latent wolf to full-on shifter. If the only wolf shifters she can find to make that happen are also the most vicious breed, the Fenris Wolves, so be it. Walking into the den of iniquity for the SoF, however, also means seeing him again?Finn. He was the beautiful long-haired boy who grew into her first crush and her protector, but he was also the savage Fenris Wolf who nearly took her life when he turned. The first sight of him in more than four years is enough to bring up all her fears and desires right when she needs to show no weakness. Is Tabitha really there to be turned or is she there for Finn? Is it her dearest fantasy or her deepest dread come to life when the devious and paranoid MC president, Mick, orders Finn to deliver the bite meant to turn Tabitha? If he bites her, he might have to kill her, no matter how much of his heart she has already claimed. Preferred Prey is the first standalone--NO CLIFFHANGER--erotic novella in the Sons of Fenris MC BBW paranormal shape shifter romance series by bestselling erotica and erotic romance author Erika Masten. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Manlove: Great Gay Romance Novels by GR Richards
Looking for a sexy selection of great gay romances? You found it! In MANLOVE, get four fabulous books in one convenient collection! To Fernando, family means everything. He's the brawn of his brother's decking business, but when he falls for a client will his world come crashing down? Find out in THE BROTHERS OF HOGG'S HOLLOW. Will Charles snag the leading role... or the leading man? A novice contends with two famous opera singers and a diva director in MAKING IT BIG. When their research subject takes flight in BIRDS OF A FEATHER, two geek guys hop a plane to Brazil. But when Tim gives in to his crush, why does Ramon hold out? In CAMP, Steven's obnoxious twink humiliates him at every turn. Meanwhile, Josh's silverdaddy won't come out of the closet. What happens when four gay men realize they're stuck in relationships that don't work? Four hot and heartfelt gay romances await. Get MANLOVE today! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Raw, A Dark Romance by Tawny Taylor
Kendall Tremaine is content with her life. Sure, she is still haunted by the ghosts of a dark past, still searching for redemption from selfish actions. But she wakes each morning, hoping it is just around the corner. Until a trip to Spain turns her life upside down. She is sold as a sex slave. To a devastatingly handsome--and dangerous--billionaire. A billionaire who is more monster than man. But it is the man's tenderness that threatens to destroy her--not the monster's cruelty... (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

His (A Dark Erotic Romance Novel) by Aubrey Dark
I never meant to be here: tied up in bed next to a serial killer. When I followed him home, I was just playing Nancy Drew. Trying to find out his secret. His kiss was intoxicating, and I thought he was harmless. I was wrong. Nancy Drew never ended up in a basement, handcuffed to a radiator, teased to the edge of insanity, begging to be let go. Soon, I stopped begging to be let go. Soon, I started begging to be HIS. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Highland Wolf Pact by Selena Kitt
Sibyl Blackthorne isn't afraid of anything--except maybe being sold into marriage to a man she doesn't love. A man she's never even met. A man who, by reputation, is one of Scotland's cruelest lairds in over a century. But what choice does she have, with her father dead and her uncle now married to his brother's widow, putting him in charge of not only the Blackthorne fortune, but Sibyl's future as well? Then her betrothed turns out to actually be far worse than his reputation, so headstrong Sibyl decides life as a peasant, or even death, would be preferable to a future with such a despicable man, and makes plans to run away. On an organized hunt for wolves Sybil escapes her fiancé's clutches, only to find she's run into something far more untamed and dangerous in the middle of the woods. When a big, brawny, long-haired man, who only speaks to her in Gaelic and calls himself Raife, simply picks her up and carries her off with him into the Scottish wild, Sibyl knows she's in trouble. When he takes her to a place no human has ever been, she knows she's gone over the edge. And when he, at last, marks her as his own, she discovers that only one wild heart can claim another. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Claimed: The Vampires' Shared Bride by Bella Ward
When Sophie Durand discovers a grisly murder in her nightclub, she's sucked into a world of danger - and dark sensual pleasure - from which there is no escape... Stand-alone, full length romantic suspense novel. No Cliffhanger! A killer is on the hunt and he's hungry for blood. If Sophie is going to survive even one night, she has to trust some strange dude dressed as (ironically) Van Helsing... who also happens to have one seriously drool-worthy body and a face to match. Everyone knows any guy who looks that scrumptious can't be trustworthy, right? Brett, aka Burke - vampire, convict and fugitive - knows more than he's telling. But even he doesn't realize what terrifying - and deliciously naughty - surprises they're both in for. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Thunderclap (Steel Infidels MC) by Dez Burke
The player has met his match... Sam... I admit it. I'm a player. I adore women and they love me. I've never met a woman that I couldn't wrap around my body with only a smile and a sexy wink. Until Lila blew into town. For the first time in my life, my tricks aren't working. I want her and she thinks I'm nothing more than a two-bit thug. It's time for the player to up his game. // Lila... I can sketch Sam Mason with my eyes closed. Every line of his tattoos, every muscle in his arms. Even the crinkle around the corners of his blue eyes with every easy smile. I know him well...every detail. He's been my mark for weeks. Nobody said going undercover as an agent for the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives special units division was going to be easy. Working my way into the Steel Infidels Motorcycle Club's inner circle will take time. Then again I'm a patient and determined woman. Sam Mason may be the sexiest man alive but he's still going down. This time the player has met his match. // This copy of Thunderclap also includes all 3 other books in the Steel Infidels series as bonus books. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Backstage Pass by PJ Adams
A story of secret romance in the world of the super-rich, an international celebrity and his unlikely BBW love. Steamy and passionate and full of the twists and turns familiar to readers of PJ Adams' work, including the bestsellers Winner Takes All and Black Widow. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Seduced by Moonlight - seven stories of explicit paranormal erotica by Polly J Adams
A collection of seven explicit stories of paranormal erotica: magic, hauntings and lots of explicit, adult content from the bestselling author of Bad Girls, The Billionaires' Sex Club and Taken to the Edge. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Saltwater Kisses: A Billionaire Love Story by Krista Lakes
Billionaire, vacations, love, and Saltwater Kisses. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Anonymous: Seduced by Strangers by Polly J Adams
Skin on skin, tangled limbs, the touch of a stranger... A club for billionaires with almost every desire imaginable. A simple tweet that leads to a flash mob like no other. A birthday treat for a woman who wants it all. Anonymous: a big and explicit boxed set of stories featuring liaisons with strangers, spontaneous pick-ups and the wildest of parties. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

What Do Lesbians Do In Bed? 21 Sapphic Stories by Giselle Renarde
Have you ever wondered what lesbians do when they get together? Is it all fingers and scissors and lips between legs, or is there WAY more to the slippery story of lesbian sex? In this hot new anthology, enjoy twenty-one explicit tales of lesbian love. From shoe fetish to opera gloves, sex in public to quiet winter mornings, from a taste of taboo to strap-on DP to extremes that shan't be mentioned here to full-on Sapphic bukakke, even connoisseurs of fine girl-on-girl action are likely to discover a new idea or two in this sexy new collection. Whether you can appreciate this book's title ironically or you're authentically curious about what girls who love girls do in bed (or in parked cars or at the office or in a church basement or in a restaurant bathroom), grab a copy today and get in on the nitty-gritty secrets of lesbian sex. Giselle Renarde's erotic fiction has appeared in over 100 anthologies, including prestigious collections like Best Lesbian Erotica, Best Lesbian Romance, Best Women's Erotica, Girl Fever, and the Lambda Award-winning collection Wild Girls, Wild Nights. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Jenny Rockfort: Secret Undercover Stripper by Aubrey Rose
From New York Times bestselling author Aubrey Rose comes a new romantic comedy that's one part sexy, one part chick lit, and one part HILARIOUS. Sassy, spunky Jenny Rockfort just moved back to Las Vegas. Living with her sex-crazed grandmother and overachieving sister is driving her bananas, but her erstwhile dream to become an actress in Hollywood ended with a bang--or, rather, a burp. Let's not talk about it. When her old high school crush Greg offers up a gig as a undercover agent at a strip club, she jumps all over it... and him. Jenny is determined to be the best secret undercover stripper there is, but baring her curves isn't the hardest part of the job. Trouble ignites when she decides to go after a sleazy drug lord on her own, and soon Jenny Rockfort is finding out firsthand just how nasty Sin City can really get... (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

All or Nothing by PJ Adams
Cassandra Dane has issues with Denny McGowan. He's lied to her, he's set her up, he's abandoned her when the chips are down. But worst of all, he's stolen her heart. It should just be a simple matter of trying to work out whether she can ever trust a man like Denny. But soon matters of the heart become matters of life and death, as the gunmen close in and Cassie has some tough choices to make. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Lethal Ladies Society: The Wolf Prince- EPISODE 1 by Aria Stone
Alice Liddell had always known she was different. Discovering her own unique ability to travel between realms by accidentally finding herself in Wonderland as a child sealed that idea firmly as fact. Now as a young woman, Alice's ability has grown stronger, and her sisters, Ina and Edith have manifested their own unique abilities as well. The sisters' only confidant entrusted with their secrets is the one person who could ever truly believe them-- Prince Leopold, The Duke of Albany, son of Queen Victoria. After discovering the Liddell sister's unique abilities, the Queen has her own plans for the girls involving the protection of the British Empire from the supernatural evils plaguing London. Leopold is dead set against his mother's plan, and will stop at nothing to keep Alice and her sisters from harm--even if it means revealing his own diseased darkness to the only woman who could ever shatter his untamed heart. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Cuckolded at the College Reunion by Victoria Kasari
The first part of a new three-part serial, all released at an introductory price of 99c: It'll be just like old times, she said. But I didn't know what she used to do at college.... When the invitation for the reunion arrived, I figured that showing off my gorgeous wife would be the perfect way to get back at the jocks who'd bullied me. But when we got there, I was shocked to find that my long-time tormentor, Brad, was her ex-boyfriend. I hadn't known that they'd dated. Or that my wife had a wild sexual appetite, back in her college days...and now, it had been reawakened. I could only watch, helpless, as Brad seduced her in front of me. And that was only the start of his plans for my wife.... This epic serial (over 80,000 words in all) sees the hero's wife in situations that involve cuckolding, BDSM, lesbian, interracial and multiple partner scenarios and bareback action. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Seduced (Undercover Part 1 - New Adult Romantic Suspense) by Helena Newbury
I am out of my depth. Yesterday, I was just a CIA languages geek, safe behind a desk. I thought I wanted a taste of the action. Then I met him. Luka. Arms dealer. Russian mafia. A man who'll kill to get what he wants. And he wants me. Now I'm on a plane to Moscow with orders to "accidentally" run into him again. Seduce him. Sleep with him. I can?t control myself when I?m near him. And if he finds out who I really am, I'm dead. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Winner Takes All by PJ Adams
Cassandra Dane is down on her luck, and on the run from a father fresh out of jail. Denny McGowan has only the clothes on his back, the money in his pocket, an easy, wise-cracking charm that could melt the hardest of hearts... and two gangsters on his tail. Just how many chances do you give a guy like Denny McGowan? An explosive bad boy romance from bestselling erotic romance author PJ Adams. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Crusader’s Concubine by Natalia Darque
(Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Paying Her Debt - Taken by the Bikers by Victoria Wessex
Gwen is known to her street racing friends as "Princess" and everyone thinks butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. But they don't know about the fantasies Gwen hides...fantasies of being taken by strong, muscled men.... When Gwen agrees to run a trunkful of guns across the state for a notorious biker gang, it sounds like a straightforward job. But when the guns go missing, she's left in the bikers' debt until the other street racers can get them back. In a biker bar packed with men, all of Gwen's fantasies are about to come true.... (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Rogue Male: a Highland shifter romance by Ruby Fielding
Skye Parker had never been the kind of girl who put romance ahead of everything else. Until now. Particularly for someone like Iain Logan: 'Trouble' is not so much his middle name as something engraved on his heart. He's a young man with secrets, too. Secrets that make him hold everything at a distance, even the girl who might just be the love of his life. When Iain finds evidence that wolves are running wild near his Scottish Highlands home it's a chance to prove himself, but as the dark truth unfolds he has some tough choices to make. It would be madness for Skye to fall for him. Dangerous. But sometimes madness is the most sensible thing of all. Rogue Male: a gripping paranormal romantic thriller from the author of Last Alpha. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Invitation: BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance by Elle Thorne
Sexy bear shifter Tanner Navarro has an invitation to the wedding, he's got an invitation to Bear Canyon Valley, but he doesn't have an invitation to sexy, curvy Marti's heart--or bed. Marti's secrets are life or death. Tanner and his bear know they're up to the job. Now they have to convince Marti. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Swingers' Club Boxed Set by Sadie Somerton
You know how one thing always leads to another...? Like when a European holiday leads to a 24/7 adult party in Amsterdam. And when an informal gathering for like-minded friends becomes a regular thing, and before you know it you're running a suburban swingers' club. Like when a young bride confesses her needs to an older husband, a man of the world who turns out to want only the best for his new wife - whatever it might be that she wants... as long as she tells him all about it afterwards. A stray word, a comment, a suggestion, and soon your fantasies are coming to life. The Swingers' Club brings together eight stories following the lives of a group of friends as they pursue their wildest dreams. Eight explicit erotic stories featuring hot wife cuckoldry, bondage, anonymous encounters, wild adult parties, and much more. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

A Voice to Love by Karolyn James
The Brothers of Rock series continues with Fallen Tuesday! The last thing the lead singer of a rock band wants to hear is that he shouldn't sing anymore. This is the reality for Luke Nolan, just as Fallen Tuesday is breaking big. With a tour, an album, and money on the line, Luke can't imagine his life - or his band - not continuing to follow their dream. Even at the expense of his own health. Amy is an expert at hiding. She hides the frustration of working in her uncle's restaurant. She hides her dreams of having her own place one day. Most of all, she hides the fact that there's a debt on the restaurant that could cost her and her uncle everything. Together, Luke and Amy share a wild passion that leaves them both breathless. Can their hearts and dreams survive the secrets they've been keeping? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

My Love Forgive by Anna Antonia
Risa: I wasn't supposed to be this reckless. Or this stupid. The beautiful man that held me, Damian Black, who I fell deeply, obsessively in love with, was determined to break me, to make me accept the new circumstances of our life. People like us were supposed to safe, sane, and all the rest, yes? No. Not even close. // Damian: Risa Kelly had no idea who I really was - the money, my position, or where I came from - but she would learn for I was never going to give her up. She was mine and what was mine I kept. No matter what. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Married to a BBW Hotwife: the boxed set by Sadie Somerton
It's always possible to learn something new about yourself. Like how hot it is to encourage your wife to explore. How much it turns me on when she goes out and does things she's never done before, then comes home and tells me all about it... Seducing an old flame, and then a girlfriend, are just the start. Collected for the first time: four stories about an open-minded couple exploring their desires. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Training Edith: An Alpha Male BDSM Discipline Romance Novelette by Pearl Parker
She's a teacher, but he still has a few more lessons for her. He wanted his woman to be obedient. It was crazy, it was offensive, it was backwards. It was also the best night of my life. Now I want more, much more, and he's willing to give it to me... for a price. If I let him train me. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Touch (a paranormal erotic romance) by Ruby Fielding
What if you could make him love you forever? It would be so easy for Ruth to make Saul hers. All it would need is a little magic, a touch of the Charm, and he would be hers for all time. But Ruth won't do that: she wants him to love her for real. She wants that more than anything... When Ruth first encounters Saul she knows that he is different. He is cultured, a man of the city; there is something special about him which draws her powerfully. But how could a man like Saul ever be interested in a country girl like Ruth, and how will he react when he learns of the magical Charms she employs? Could two so different ever belong together? Refusing to use her own magical talent, Ruth sets out to win Saul on her own, but if she won't use supernatural Charms and Enchantments just what can she do to make him hers? And will she even get the chance? She's not the only one with magical powers, and it appears that others have plans for Ruth, too... An explicit novella of magic and passion from the author of the Shifters' World series, for an adult audience only. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Ms Virtue Super Heroine Girls' Night by Cat Wilder
Ms Virtue is a beautiful, super-powered heroine. She is hot on the tail of vicious Doctor Death. Her informant says he's visiting a gentlemen's club, so she flies straight over. Unable to find him, the beautiful super heroine enlists the help of the club's dancers. Of course, they want to help themselves. And, well, super heroines want to have fun, too. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Curvy Hairdresser and the British Prince (He Wanted Me Pregnant!) by Victoria Wessex
Can a girl from Brooklyn become the next British princess? Curvy hairdresser Caroline is struggling to make ends meet. Stuck in a dead-end job, she doesn't expect to meet her prince...or to accidentally kidnap him in an elevator. Heir to the British throne Prince Kendrick has had his whole life mapped out for him. But when he meets Caroline, the heat between them makes him break all the rules. Hiring her as his private hairdresser, he whisks her off to London. Way out of her comfort zone, Caroline has to adjust to palace life...but that's just the first of her problems. Conducting a secret love affair under everyone's noses isn't easy. And does the prince just want her curves in the bedroom, or can their story have a fairy tale ending? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Romance and a... Series: Stories 1-4 (Romance Series Collection) by Sharon Cummin
Romance and a Piece of Cake (#1 in the Romance Series) Romance and a Proposal (#2 in the Romance Series) Romance and a Bachelor Party (#3 in the Romance Series) Romance, a Billionaire, and a Jealous Fiance (#4 in the Romance Series) (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Curvy Astronomer and the Cowboy (He Wanted Me Pregnant!) by Victoria Wessex
From USA Today Bestselling Author Victoria Wessex: a standalone romance with a HEA and no cliffhangers. Curvy astronomer Emily is used to life on her own. She lives on the road, making just enough from her photos to survive. But for her latest assignment, she'll have to find somewhere that's really, REALLY dark - some place far away from all civilization. Cowboy Troy knows horses, not the Horsehead nebula. He agrees to take the stubborn scientist out to a tiny cabin in the mountains, rather than see her get lost...but a blizzard traps them there, miles from the nearest living soul. A Wyoming winter can be dangerous: howling winds, blizzards, even bears. Can Troy protect the curvy stargazer...and tell her he's fallen for her? And will loner Emily really want to stop running, settle down...and start a family? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Shades of Control: Fifty by Fifty #3: A Billionaire Romance Boxed Set by Michelle Fox, Linda Barlow, Amy Valenti, Aubrey Dark, Terry Towersand others
These irresistible men exercise control in every aspect of their lives. They demand your submission. They demand your devotion. They demand your love. In return, they'll give you everything your heart desires and take you to impossible heights of pleasure. Fifty By Fifty is a series of four boxed sets featuring Fifty Stories by Fifty Bestselling Authors. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

BIG: A Bad Boy Stepbrother Romance by Emme Rollins
He's big. He's bad. And he only wants one thing. Revenge. Ric Ryker spent years being called "Big Dick." Ridiculed for his weight, shunned by all the pretty girls, snubbed by all the cool guys. But after a secret journey of transformation, he's back - ready to take over leadership from his father at Ryker Arms - with an impressive new physique and a plan to prove them all wrong. Especially her. The one woman who hurt him the most. Annalesa - sweet, smart, stunning. And his stepsister. The girl he could never have. The girl who wouldn't look twice at him anyway - especially in front of her stuck-up friends. Now he's going to make her want him. Show her just what she was missing. And hurt her, just like she hurt him. He's got the weapon and he's taken aim - but he didn't count on his own heart getting caught in the crossfire. This is a stand-alone novel with no cliffhanger ending. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Witchy Wolf Trilogy: A Fated Mates, Alpha Shifter, Paranormal Romance by Alexis Dare
Fate just walked into her life and he's tall, hunky, and wolf. Chloe Jackson just discovered that not only has she become a shifter of the wolf variety, but she's also got a Witch for a mom. Literally. On top of that, she accidentally exchanged blood with the hunky Alpha of the local wolf pack and WHAM! Fate knocked her on her ass once again by mating her with him. Add in a jealous she-wolf who has her eyes and heart set on the already claimed Alpha, the dangerous enemy who orchestrated the attack on Chloe that transformed her into a furry four legged creature, and the unexpected surprise of Chloe's paternity, and you get one wild, sexy ride! This is the COMPLETE Witchy Wolf Series in one Box Set for a special price for a limited time! Also included as a BONUS book is Knight Fall. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Freed (Bad Boy Hitman Romance) by Stella Noir and Terry Towers
They gave me one job: get the information out of the girl--by whatever means necessary. It should have been easy. She's a 20-year-old preacher's daughter. Piece of cake. Big mistake. Rebecca is as hard and wounded as I am. She challenges me in every way. I'm fascinated by her. Even worse, she's making me feel something. It isn't head-over-heels, love-at-first-sight sh*t. And men like me don't change that easily for some chick. But she has me wondering... Should I finish the job, and possibly kill the woman who dares to make me care? Or should I spare her life and put my balls on the line to save her? ** This is a stand along romantic suspense novel with dark undertones and an insanely hot bad boy hero ** (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Unjustified Demands by Baylee Rose
I've claimed her. She's mine and I'm not letting her go. ROMAN: I own this town. People don't tell me no. If they try, they regret it. I live my life to please no one, but myself. One look at Ana and I wanted to play with her. To test her. To find her secrets. To make her my toy. Until I grow bored. But Ana surprises me. One taste and I keep wanting more. She submits to my demands. But with each encounter I find I want more. Now, I want her to submit more than just her body. I want her heart. And I always get what I want. Complete Stand Alone Full Length Book Warning: Instant Lust ahead. Love comes eventually. Happy Ever After inside, because every woman should have one. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Unlawful Attraction: The Complete Box Set: Alpha Billionaire Romance by MS Parker
Get the complete box set of M.S. Parker's latest romance, Unlawful Attraction. On sale for a limited time. I'm not a selfish person. I mean, I'm thrilled that my friends are doing so well with their new jobs and their love lives. I just thought I'd be joining them, at least in the job department, now that I'm working for the DA. Unfortunately, nothing seems to be going like I planned. Twenty-six year-old Dena Monroe is happy that her friends, Carrie and Krissy, have found love, but she's starting to wonder if that'll ever happen for her. Being a strong, willful woman, she has yet to find a man who can give her what she really needs. Between work and romance, can Dena find what she's looking for? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Line of Scrimmage: A Secret Baby Sports Romance by Roxy Sinclaire
He knows how to handle women and footballs... Not a freaking baby! // KAYLA I knew Sean Coleman when he was just Sean, a fun student who was head-over-heels in love with me and football. Today, he is a famous player with groupies throwing themselves at his feet. He might also be a father, but he doesn't know. And neither do I. I don't ever want to find out. // SEAN Seeing Kayla Vaughn is a blast from the past... A stunning, tall brunette blast from the past. Seeing the kid attached to her arm is a shocker. A kid that looks just like me... I could be a dad. Mia is a sweetheart, and. I've always loved Kayla, but will she let me in again after so many years? // Line of Scrimmage is a bad boy secret baby sports romance. No cheating, no cliffhanger and a guaranteed happy ending! This is a standalone novel, and you do not need to have previously read Touchdown, book 1 of the Pass To Win series! Includes free bonus novel, Tempting Me: A Bad Boy Romance! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

MILFalicious: 11 Book Older Woman MILF Cougar Romance Bundle by Selena Kitt, Kay Brandt, Cerise Lush, Cheri Verset and more
Ripe and ready, they're MILFalicious! This 11 BOOK Excite Spice MEGA Bundle offers you more tasty, torrid tales of taboo temptresses than you could possibly fit in two hands! These mature MILFs bring a whole lot of experience to the table, and they're ready to let their innocent playthings feast on their buxom figures. You get over 100,000 words of sexy, older women who have been around the block a time or two and are ready to teach their eager younger lovers some lascivious lessons! Eleven of the genre's hottest authors will show you how curvy cougars coax their younger cubs to fulfill their filthiest fantasies. These hotwives can't wait to get their hands on some inexperienced but willing younger flesh. So dive into these sweet muffs, because they're prime, ripe and ready for the juicing! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Threes by J Strickland
A collection of some of my most popular threesome stories - King Size Bed - bestseller about two couples who go on vacation. Only, things don't go as planned and three people end up sharing a room meant for two people. Can three people share a king size bed and keep it innocent? Would they even want to keep it innocent? Good friends share, but really good friends share even more. Sharing A Boyfriend - Girls share many things, but one summer these girls even share a boyfriend. When Lori walked in on Stacy with her boyfriend, she had no idea they planned for her to catch them, or how it would change her life. Can I Bring A Friend? - When his girlfriend asked a question like that, he thought he was getting the chance to live out a fantasy of a lifetime. He didn't realize what she was really trying to tell him. Will it enhance their relationship, or destroy it? They will test boundaries and explore taboos. All three stories now available as a bundle for one special price. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Deceit and Devotion by Faye Hall
I will pay you to sleep with my wife. Jarrah Miyan, a young half-caste aboriginal man, is supposed to seduce a white woman into an affair so her greed-driven husband can gain full control of her inheritance, including the rare collection of black opals she keeps under lock and key. When he walks into the study to meet the poor chit he's to take advantage of, he expects to find an aging woman who smells of stale perfume and gin. Who he finds though is the most beautiful woman he's ever laid eyes on?the same woman whose pale thighs had been wrapped around him just a few hours earlier as she'd begged him to give her pleasure... (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Growing and Kissing (A Bad Boy Romance) by Helena Newbury
To save my sister, I must team up with the most notorious bad boy around The #1 bestseller. Full-length standalone bad boy romance. Louise - Unless I can find $500,000, my sister dies. My only chance is to use my skills with plants to grow weed...but I know nothing about being a criminal. I need Sean O'Harra, the sledgehammer-wielding enforcer everyone fears. He's the last person I should get involved with...so why do I go weak inside every time I'm near him? Sean - I know I should stay away. She's better than all this, too feckin' innocent to get involved in my world. But as soon as I see her, I know I have to help. I have to protect her from the cops, dealers and gangs...but I can't resist forever. Sooner or later, I'm going to have to grab her, kiss her and show her what bad really is. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Stepbrother: Impossible Love by Victoria Villeneuve
~*~ A full length, stand-alone novel ~*~ The day I met my stepbrother Jack was the day I realized I hated him. It's hard not to hate someone when he calls you a charity case and walks out in the middle of dinner. With a body that looks like a Greek statue and eyes that make every girl on campus melt, it's not fair that someone that good looking is also an arrogant, cocky douchebag who seems to have made it his life's mission to ruin mine. I hate him. He drives me insane. So how come every time I look at him I want to rip his clothes off? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Where I End and You Begin by Andra Brynn
The furthest distance between two people is the past. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Lying and Kissing by Helena Newbury
I am out of my depth. Yesterday, I was just a CIA languages geek, safe behind a desk. I thought I wanted a taste of the action. Then I met him. Luka. Arms dealer. Russian mafia. A man who'll kill to get what he wants. And he wants me. Now I'm on a plane to Moscow with orders to "accidentally" run into him again. Seduce him. Sleep with him. I can’t control myself when I’m near him. And if he finds out who I really am, I'm dead. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Silas (New Adult Romance) by Sabrina Paige
Tempest Wilde: Call me Robin Hood. I'm a grifter. A con artist. I don't just steal from the rich. I take from the worst of the worst, the people who deserve to be hustled. I have two rules - keep moving and never fall in love. I only ever thought about breaking them for one boy. And that boy just walked right back into my life, a ghost from the past. Silas Saint. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Summer Intern by Michael Mechant
(Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Jacked: A Billionaire Alpha Male Romance by Sophie Sawyer
Yeah, I'm a jerk. I get it. Not only that, I OWN it. The fact is, being a jerk gets stuff done. Whatever Jack Kingston wants, Jack Kingston gets. I didn't do romance. I didn't do love. That's why the moment I saw Taylor, I had to have her. She was cute, innocent. Nothing like the endless procession of chicks that lined up for a chance with me. She was real. When I heard she was working for my friend Alana, a well-known Madam, I figured she'd be just another one of her parade of call girls, but she was different. She was pure. And for the price of a hundred grand, I could be the one to take that from her. I hoped she could take it rough and dirty, because that's the only way I knew how to do it. The only problem was I never intended to fall in love. Alert: This book contains very explicit, very dirty sex scenes, graphic violence, and very strong, crude language. It contains an over-the-top possessive alpha male, and insta-love! You have been warned! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Swagger: A Stepbrother Romance by Terry Towers
Tia: Sometimes life kicks you in the teeth. First my dad died. Then my mom spent my college fund to support us kids. But I'm not giving up -- I've got a plan to pay my way through college. All I need to make it work is a man who's -charismatic; -domineering; -and way too sexy for his own good. In other words, I need my smoking hot playboy stepbrother Zach. I just have to remember this is business only, and keep my heart locked away. Far, far away. // Zach: If there's one thing Tia's good at, it's crazy ideas. This latest scheme of hers is outrageous -- but she says if I don't help her, she'll do it anyway. If I can't stop her, at least I can keep things from getting out of hand. That's what I told myself. The truth is, I'd do almost anything for a taste of her. And now things are getting complicated. I don't do commitment. Or feelings. Or any of that crap. But I have this sudden need to protect her. So if this happens, it'll be with me. Because I don't want another guy touching her. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Dirty Billionaire by Meghan March
I've got a big dick and an even bigger bank account. That's pretty much where my bio ends. Honestly, I don't need to say anything else. I've just sold 99% of women on going home with me. Do I sound like an asshole to you? That's because I am. And guess what? It works for me just fine. Or at least it did. Until I met her. Books talk about sparks flying. Fuck that shit. With her, it was like emergency flares mixed with jet fuel. Or maybe just straight up napalm. Only one problem. She wouldn't tell me her name or her number when she disappeared from the hotel room after the hottest fucking night of my life. Now I've had a taste of unicorn pussy?the sweetest, rarest of all pussy?and I need it again. So what's an asshole to do? I took this problem to the street. A missed connection gone viral. And when I find her? I'm keeping her. Dirty Billionaire is the first book in The Dirty Billionaire Trilogy. All three books are now available! Creighton and Holly's story continues in Dirty Pleasures and Dirty Together. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Anything For Chocolate – A Billionaire’s Deception (Bbw Bdsm Erotic Thriller) by Gretchen Lane
(Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Linebacker's Second Chance (Bad Boy Ballers) by Imani King
After I walked out on her six long years ago, I became the bad boy baller every man wants to be. So why do I miss her so much? // Renata: I'm the best damn sports agent in the state. I've always gotten what I want. But all of my victories don't mean much without the man who promised he'd always be by my side. The thought of losing Mack has haunted me every day. But to be forced to work with the one who broke my heart and crushed my dreams... it's a special kind of torture. If only I can stay away from his chiseled body and his piercing blue eyes, I might have a chance to avoid another broken heart. // Macklin: I've got swagger. I walk into a room and everyone knows who I am - the most valuable linebacker in the NFL. I work hard, play harder, and f*ck like nobody's business. My manager says I need to change my image, or I might be out of a job. That's not how Mack Pride rolls. There's only one sports agent I ever listened to... and she doesn't want anything to do with me. I didn't expect to see her again. Those luscious curves, that skeptical smirk on her gorgeous face. I never should have let her go. Never. And even if she has a public relations plan for me to marry someone else... Hell no. Renata's the only woman who ever made Mack Pride want to settle down. And now that she's back, I'm not letting her go until she's mine. Forever. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

So Wrong: The Ultimate Taboo Box-set by Cheri Verset and friends
You can't help who turns you on, who you lust after. Some people just don't understand the power of taboo relationships. But sometimes... it's so wrong and yet SO RIGHT! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Bareback with the Brat: Forbidden Taboo Fantasies by Sabrina Swift
I'm the responsible man of the house...but Lucy is such a tempting little brat... With my wife always away on business, I treat Lucy like my little princess. But that naughty brat will try anything to get her man of the house into her bed. When I found out she'd been snooping at the naughty stuff I keep on my computer, I lost it. Would she tell my wife? Not if I can help it... Lucy is fertile, as evidenced by the pregnancy kit I found in her room. If she's pregnant already, she's in big trouble. But that naughty brat has a way of keeping my mouth shut... "Don (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Stolen from the Hitman: A Bad Boy Mafia Romance by Alexis Abbott
I was supposed to protect her. Now, I'll kill the men who took her. I'm leaving my dark past behind me, where it belongs, and it seems like fate has finally smiled on me when she comes into my life. Innocent, pure, and with a bright future ahead of her, she's the girl I always wanted and never deserved. Then, those scumbags steal her right from under of my nose. But they don't know who I am, or the lives I've taken. They're out to make some quick cash by selling a pure bride, and there's no way I'm going to let that happen. Not to her. I have to risk everything to save her. Then, I'll try to win her heart and make her mine. A full length Standalone Romantic Suspense novel. No Cliffhangers. Safe from cheating. Explicit language & swearing. On sale & contains two bonus novels for a limited time! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Take Two: Confessions of a BBW Hotwife #3 by Sadie Somerton
My husband is very generous. He likes me to have fun. He likes me to do things I've never done before. But would he still like it if I slept with his best friend? It turned out he was fine with that, as long as he could be there too... An erotic romance about an open and loving relationship, featuring cuckoldry, exploration and MFM three-way action. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

After Fidel by J. Strickland
The exciting conclusion to The Cuba Stories. Christopher returns after the death of Fidel to look for Felicita. He goes searching for Felicita but finds revolution and danger. He also doesn’t know about the deal that was struck to facilitate his return. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Loss of Innocence 2-The Domination of Lydia by Bella Carter
The wedding day is here, the vows will be taken, and Lady Lydia Dosett will be whisked away from her childhood home. The naive young Duchess must adapt to a new world, a world where she has little control. Will Lydia be able to break through the emotional barrier the Duke has built around his heart and his overbearing housekeeper, Ms. Blackmore, carefully guards? Or will Lydia be forced to remain in a cold and unfeeling marriage with little hope of ever knowing the tenderness of love? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Pregnant by Sex Magick by Kendra Edge
Beth wants a baby. Hiro wants to put one in her. When they can't get pregnant the old fashioned way, will a Sex Magick ritual do the trick? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

French Lessons: Hotwife Stories by Eliza Fisher
Francesca has a naughty secret. From the outside, she and her husband have a normal, happy marriage, settled home and a great lifestyle. But Christophe likes to share, and Francesca always loves to do what her husband wants, especially when that means hot and steamy fun for her. In French Lessons, Francesca is introduced to this sensual new lifestyle as she indulges in a dangerous liaison with her husband's best friend, a huge rugby playing Frenchman with an eye for the ladies. As they entrap her in their game, Francesca sees the benefits of giving in to her desires, with tres magnifique results! Adult romance with scenes and language to match. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

His Weakness: Alpha Billionaire BDSM Romance by EK Sabins
In 1927 the laws are different... Orphaned at nineteen Eleanor cannot act as her own guardian. Her plea for help, to a prominent Boston family, lands her an ultimatum: 30 days to marry a handsome heir. The only problem ...her new fiance is a roaring 20s bad boy. He?s used to getting everything he wants, no matter the cost. She would be grateful that what he now wants is her, if she can just surrender to the wicked and kinky desires he has for her. Underneath his gorgeous facade, decadent billionaire James Parkman has a secret that has gotten him into trouble with some very seedy characters. As much as he wants to possess the innocent young woman who has fallen into his arms, he doesn't think she has what it takes to fulfill his sinful appetites. Even more than that, he doesn't want to put her life at risk. Maybe there really is a man under all that brash privilege? Has he finally found something worth fighting for, or will she be his weakness? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Stepbrother Complete: The Complete Aya Fukunishi Stepbrother Bestseller Collection by Aya Fukunishi
~ STEPBROTHER FALLEN ~ This is what happens when two worlds collide. This is what happens when a nice, polite little princess gets thrown in with the stepbrother she never knew she had, a tattooed thug with a tight t-shirt, torn jeans, a pack of smokes and a bad attitude. This is a story of love, hate and David Fucking Bowie. You're gonna love it. ~ STEPBROTHER, WHERE ART THOU? ~ They say love and hate are just two sides of the same coin; two poles of the exact same emotion. They say a lot of stuff - whoever they are - and it's mostly grade A bull****, but on this point they're bang on the money. The distance between cold, icy hatred and burning, head-over-heels, yell-it-from-the-rooftops love is but the thickness of a shadow, and you wouldn't believe how easy it is to switch from one to the other. Even - especially - when you really don't want to. ~ STEPBROTHER FORBIDDEN ~ For years she hated him. She hated everything he did, everything he stood for and - more than anything - she hated the way he went through girls faster than she went through gum. But now Sophia knows Ryan's secret. She knows there's more to him than meets the eye. She knows, for the first time in her life, that she's in love. She also knows her mother intends to marry his father, and Ryan is forever off limits. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Getting It On the Go: Gay Public Sex Stories by Giselle Renarde
What's better than getting lucky? Getting it on the go! Can single guys GET IT ON in public without getting caught? The men in these erotic stories give it their best shot. They're out on the town, or on their way to work, or performing a low-paid gig with an up-and-coming indie band. Maybe they stumble into that special stall in the bathroom of a gay bar. Maybe a student and a professor fall for each other when a blizzard strands them at the side of the highway Christmas night. Maybe three strangers find common ground on a broken-down bus. Whatever the situation, you know things are going to heat up fast when these guys get it on the go! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Girlfriends With Benefits 2 by Ten top authors
Your girlfriends are back with a second sexy collection, giving you a sultry look into the lives of female lovers. From ten of the hottest writers in lesbian romance and erotica, this passion-packed bundle has everything that you desire. Whether you're looking for scorching tales of unbridled lust or steamy stories packed with toe-curling temptation, this anthology is sure to leave you satisfied like only your girlfriends can. Pick up your copy today and get a second helping of even more of the touching, tasting and teasing that you know you love. Be sure to "look inside" for a description of all ten hot titles and don't forget to pick up the original 'Girlfriends with Benefits' to complete your own private collection of the best lesbian fiction around. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Raising the Dead by Polly J Adams
A collection of three explicit stories of paranormal erotic romance. ‘The Lady in White’: a wedding night interrupted by an encounter with the ghost of a murdered Victorian bride. ‘Letting Go’: she couldn’t let him go… ever. ‘Sleeping with the Past’: an overnight stay in Copford Hall leads to a steamy erotic encounter… can passion resonate from one century to another? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Random Acts of Fantasy (Random Series #3, Invitation to Eden) by Julia Kent
You ever really think that you'll win the lottery? Meet Mr. Right? How about two Mr. Rights? Somehow the universe is handing me everything I want (except for that lottery part...), and I don't like it. Not one little bit. Because just when you get all your dreams handed to you on a silver platter, that's when an airplane dumps its sewage on your house. Or your mama's diabetes takes a bad turn. Or your mobile phone gets stuck in your hoohaw. (What? It happens…) Boring old average me got everything I wanted already, moving from small-town Ohio to big-city Boston to follow my heart. So when the fancy invitation offering me a pile of money to come with the band, Random Acts of Crazy, to perform on an island resort and be their manager arrived, I thought it was a cosmic joke. Enough money to help my mama get what she needed, five days in sunny paradise, and a shot at greatness for the band? Unreal. One big shoe was waiting to drop. On my head. Just like no one really ever finds a naked man wearing only a guitar standing by the side of the road hitchhiking and ends up falling in love with him and his friend and moving halfway across the country for true love, no one gets an invitation to (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Wives of Beverly Row 1: Lust Has a New Address by Abby Weeks
Desperate Housewives but hotter. Sex and the City with more sex. If that sounds good to you then this startling new series from Amazon's hottest new romance author is going to leave you begging for more. This series follows the lives of five rich, suburban women who look like they have it all. Beautiful homes, rich husbands, you name it, they've got it. But look beneath the surface and you'll quickly see that all is not as perfect as it appears on Beverly Row. Holding back nothing, this story explores the deepest, darkest aspects of their sexuality and takes a look at fetishes, kinks and fantasies that could get these women into more trouble than they ever thought possible. This is the series that is for women, by women, and about women. If you have ever wondered what the woman next door is fantasizing about when her husband leaves for work in the morning, this is the series for you. It leaves no taboo unexplored, no fetish unspoken of, and no fantasy unwritten. Join us for the series that's going to have everyone talking! Beverly Row: Lust Has a New Address! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Doomsday 2012 Going Out With a GangBang by Melody Raynes
The year is 2012. Doomsday prophecies claim the world is going to end this year. 23 year old Beth is still a virgin and if there is even a remote chance the prophecies are true she doesn’t want to die without having sex at least once. What starts out as a quest to lose her virginity turns into a night of hot sex with four studs at the local sports bar. Beth will never look at a pool table the same way again! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

To Screech Their Own (A BBW Paranormal Shifter Romance) by Marina Maddix
What happens at Haven...doesn't always stay there. Life couldn't get much better for fun-loving housecat shifter Katie O'Meghan. She's left her alley cat upbringing behind to become an activities coordinator at the luxurious Haven Resort, an exclusive island retreat for shapeshifters. Not even in her wildest fantasies did she imagine landing such a prestigious job and she would never do anything to risk losing it. Arnaud Simpson hasn't taken a vacation in two years and he doesn't intend to start now. Work is what kept him going after his mate's death, and it's the only thing that helps him forget he'll spend the rest of his life alone. Eagles mate for life, after all. When Arnaud's job brings him to Haven, Katie's zest for life – not to mention her luscious curves – tempt him in ways he never thought possible. But even if he could mate again, would a free spirit like Katie ever want to settle down with a conservative corporate attorney like him? It hardly matters because the most important rule at Haven is the one rule that would keep them apart. To Screech Their Own is the first in a series of standalone shapeshifter romances set at the mysterious Haven Resort. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Into the Great Unknown: Hotwife and Cuckold Erotica by Katie Cramer
They say ignorance is bliss... not any more. For fifteen years, happily married Alison has been faithful to one man. But her husband, eager for her to become a hotwife, awakens passions in her she never realized she had when he shows her an explicit video of what his fantasies entail. Spurred on by her new found desire, she finds herself in a hotel room with a much younger man. But she knows sharing her body with another will change her marriage forever ? and her husband may never be the only man she wants again... This 10,500-word short story features an alternative but loving relationship, with a married couple experimenting in mature fantasies, lifestyles and situations. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Bearly Cursed: A Bear-Shifter Romance (Fairy Tales with a Shift) by Cara Wylde
A retelling of East of the Sun and West of the Moon. Girls my age usually spend their days dancing, singing, and dreaming of Prince Charming. Not me. I spend my days hunting and praying my poor parents and my dear sisters survive another harsh winter. I never expected to find the solution to all my problems in the cave of the white bear I was hunting. My parents will never starve again, and my sisters will get to live that life of dancing and singing, but there's a catch: I must become the wild beast's wife. Giving up my freedom, accepting I'll never feel the warm touch of a man... it's all worth it for my family's happiness. So, I let the beast lock me up in its icy castle, and I get ready for a life of boredom and sacrifice. However, when my first night in the white bear's home turns into a passionate encounter with a mysterious stranger, I understand my life will be anything but boring. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Complete BBW Hotwife by Sadie Somerton
If you like stories about loving and open-minded couples exploring cuckoldry, group action, exhibitionism and voyeurism you'll love Lucy and Jason! Follow them as they explore each other's fantasies then go out and make them real. A former lover, a girlfriend, his best friend... Lucy sets out to seduce them all. Eight stories of steamy adult exploration, told from both perspectives. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Island Curves: a BBW romance by Virginia Wade
(Amazon US - Amazon UK)

All Shades Of Passion Volume 2 by R. Ali, V. Bruiss, L. DeLaney, S
These imaginative erotic romance stories include: Mandy and I by Rachel Ali: When Amanda left her loving boyfriend at home and planned a night out with the girls, she knew she wanted to have fun. However, her idea of fun wasn’t to test the boundaries of her sexual attraction, and that too towards her best friend, Mandy. Crimson Rose on the Pavement by Vilhemina Bruiss: Revenge is a dish best served cold... Ice cold. Coconut Bay by Layla DeLaney: Clint and Theresa Money have been waiting for weeks since they got married to embark on their honeymoon adventure. Heat Wave by Sophie Stevens (story 2): Jack and Haley are still a little high from their mid-traffic tryst when they finally reach the secluded cabin, which was to be the setting for their five-year college reunion. Off the Road by Sophie Stevens (story 3): In the third and final part, Jack and Haley are on their way home, when Haley decides to have some fun... Content warning: content intended for adults only. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

High Stakes by Vanessa Waltz
There are a million reasons why I should stay away from Vincent Cesare. This was supposed to be temporary. I was supposed to deal for his illegal card games and get some quick cash. That was it. I wasn't supposed to fall for him. Little by little, I see the monster grinning at me through the cracks in his pretty suit. He won't tell me what he does, and I'm not sure I want to know. The darkness in his eyes terrifies me. He's seduced me into his web of lies with his charm, and now I'm trapped in his life. He's taken control over me without me even realizing...or resisting. I'm in way over my head. He promised that nothing would ever happen to me. The Vittorio family wants me dead and there's only one person I can turn to. But what scares me is what I'll have to do. I'll need to become his. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Jenevieve DeBeers and Friends Erotica Anthology by Jenevieve DeBeers and friends
Ten popular erotic short stories, by nine different professional authors. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

When Dreamers Wake by J.E. & M. Keep
Limited time release sale! Only .99 for this full length post-apocalyptic novel! The Old Gods have risen and moved on, leaving Earth in ruins. Leon liked that just fine. He got along better after the collapse of society, and has his own vision for how things should be run: with him in charge of his own fate, with many lovers beneath him. Yet when he has a run-in with a beautiful and mysterious woman, his life will never be the same. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Damage by PJ Adams
What happens when a girl who's scared of being discarded meets a man scared that he won't be able to discard her? Holly's family has lost almost everything and now she's left holding what remains together: a rebellious sister, a grieving father who won't admit anything is wrong, bills and debts Holly can barely keep on top of with her assorted part-time jobs... Juggling her responsibilities with college and an ex-boyfriend who wants to be more, life for Holly is anything but easy. The mysterious new owner of the Hall would appear to have everything, but his dark, brooding presence suggests otherwise and rumors abound. Why would a man so wealthy shut himself away like that? How can a man who has everything already have lost even more? And can love ever emerge from such damaged beginnings? A passionate and intensely moving New Adult romance full of the twists and turns familiar to readers of PJ Adams' work, including the bestsellers Winner Takes All and Black Widow. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Straight Roommate: A Gay Romance Novel by G.R. Richards
When Danny the not-so-gay divorcee moves in with male models Miku and Sean, he quickly becomes known as The Straight Roommate. Danny's ex-wife would be the first to tell you he isn't as straight as he seems. After moving to the city to be closer to his young daughter, he expects to find work... but not on camera! When Miku and Sean's fans beg to watch Danny with the infamous straight-guy-deflowerer Guy DeFleur on Valentine's Day, he has to admit he's tempted. His ex has moved on. Maybe he should, too. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Only You by Arvel Amaya
Xavier has been in love with Tommy since the first time he met him. Discovering that Tommy was his mate should have been perfect, but Tommy is meant for so much more than being mated to a worthless tracker. Trying to do what’s best for his future mate, Xavier tries to break it off, but breaking it off is harder than he thinks when Tommy sets out to prove to his mate that they are meant to be together. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Acting Brave by Helena Newbury
She's spent her whole life acting. But can she make him believe she doesn't love him? Three years ago, a terrified girl named Emma fled a world of crime and abuse in Chicago and bought a one-way ticket to New York. She reinvented herself as an actress, enrolled at the prestigious Fenbrook Academy and buried her pain beneath a vivacious new persona. Her new name was Jasmine. Now she has to pull off the performance of her career. Landing her dream part in a police show, she finds herself falling for her co-star, Ryan, a real-life cop. If she lets him get too close, he'll awaken memories she doesn't want to face and uncover secrets that could endanger them both. But how can she keep a guy at arm's length when she has to kiss him on camera? The last place Ryan imagined himself was on a TV show. Blaming himself for the death of his partner, he's on a downward spiral of rage and guilt. The show is his last chance...but how can he keep it professional when his co-star is a woman he's crazy about? As their on-screen and off-screen relationships merge, things go from hot to blistering. But when Jasmine's old life catches up with her, will a cop be the one person she can't be around...or the only person who can save her? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Breaking the Office Intern by Polly J Adams
You know that moment? The one where suddenly everything changes, when the power shifts. When a man who has been domineering and in control is suddenly anything but. When he'd do anything for you not to stop doing that thing you've been doing. That moment. That. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

LOL Romantic Comedy Anthology - Volume 1 - Thirteen All-New Romance Stories by Bestselling Authors by Julia Kent, Blair Babylon, Mimi Strong, Kelly Harper and others
Love! Laughter! Pillow Fights! Here's the very first issue of LOL, a NEW romantic comedy series! Enjoy thirteen brand-new stories from your favorite NYT Bestseller and USA Today Bestseller romantic comedy and romance authors. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Called by the Bear - Part 9 by V. Vaughn
Carly - Securing the safety of Sierra's children is my priority. When the plan is fast-tracked by Victor's attempt at controlling the situation, more than custody is threatened. The catastrophic results change everything. Lily - Discovering my husband would kill to have the power he craves unleashed my fearless warrior. Now it's up to me to save the Veilleux from themselves, and I'll do whatever is necessary. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Cougar of the House by Cheri Verset
(Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Sizzling Ghost Stories (Erotic Paranormal Anthology) by Carl East, Selena Kitt, Alexx Andria, Delilah Fawkes and more
From some of the bestselling names in erotica comes a book full of sizzling encounters with ghosts and other things that go bump in the night, guaranteed to leave you breathless in more ways than one. Authors like Selena Kitt, Carl East, Delilah Fawkes and more, bring you paranormal chills with the sexiest of thrills - stories that are sure to raise your temperature a notch or two! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Darkness Rising (Chateau Seductions 0.5) by Lisa Carlisle
Antoine Chevalier harbors a secret. Born a gargoyle shifter in Paris, he wants nothing more than to cultivate his art. His hard work pays off the night he completes his greatest sculpture. But the excitement of his accomplishment doesn't last. He's drawn the eye of the wrong group - a coven of vampires. Antoine wakes into darkness, changed. Shattered. His dream of becoming a renowned sculptor is destroyed. One question remains - how will he ever survive an eternity of darkness alone? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Falling Hard: Gay Erotic Love Stories by GR Richards
Princes. Zombies. Artists. Athletes. If there's one thing that unites every story in this very varied collection of gay fiction, it's that guys keep falling for each other - and falling HARD! G.R. Richards's newest anthology of gay erotic romance brings you eight stories ranging from contemporary to paranormal, fanciful to dystopian, earthly to alien. Theater professionals find love on stage, a BDSM-loving business owner falls for his window decorator, and young guys get some summer lovin' at the carnival. Some stories are gritty, some are romantic, others are the stuff of legends. All feature gay men falling... HARD! (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

One Night of Danger by Clara Bayard
Is he a sexy savior or just another betrayal waiting to happen? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Anniversary Gift by Katie Cramer
"He wants one present from his wife...to be cuckolded for their wedding anniversary! Adam's wife, Tina, has thrown down the gauntlet - find her a well-hung black stud and she'll finally become a hotwife after years of fantasy. Adam's not sure if she's being totally serious and takes a risk, giving her an anniversary present she's not expecting and will never forget - but will she finally make her husband a cuckold?" (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Shades of Submission: Fifty by Fifty #1: Billionaire Romance Boxed Set by Selena Kitt, Arden Aoide, Starla Cole and others
Fifty Novels by Fifty Bestselling Authors in four big boxed sets – look for the next one coming soon! These alpha males know exactly what they want, and they're going to take it, one way or another. They're hard, hungry and determined - and once they get what they want, they're not going to let go without a fight. Surrender to the power of these tales, get lost in the passion, caught up in the fever. These New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors will hypnotize, trouble and transform you. So come on in. He'll see you now. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

All Roar and No Bite by Celia Kyle
Who needs claws when you’ve got a baseball bat? Lauren Evans sure as heck doesn’t. Human Lauren has a protective streak a mile wide and one immediate goal in life—get her best friend out of an abusive household. If that involves a little bat-based redecorating, so be it. Unfortunately—or fortunately—a certain sexy-as-hell cop breaks up the fight before she has a chance to really get going... (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

The Greatest Show (A Brothers of Rock - Willow Son - novel) by Karolyn James
He knows how to be a rockstar. Now he needs to learn how to be a father. As drummer for Willow Son, Brantley knows how to rock hard, party all night, then travel to a new city to do it all again. But he's kept a secret from the rest of the band and now it's time to confess - he has a son. The arrangement he made years ago seemed right at the time, but now his son is sick and Brantley may be the only one who can save the young boy's life. Emma knew the risks of hanging with a rockstar - back then and today. She thought that lying to Brantley was the best thing to do but the decision has been eating her up inside. Now she needs his help. She's not even sure he'll show up...but the second he steps through the door, that raw lust and deep love they once shared comes rushing back. And when she sees him with their son, the connection is instant and real. The years apart, the miles spread across the country, and the family they created during one crazy night now comes together as Brantley learns the hardest lesson of his life - fame and fortune can't buy everything. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Winning His Wife by Michael Mechant
(Amazon US - Amazon UK)

At His Whim: His #1 (A Billionaire Domination Serial) by Erika Masten
Adrian Knight lets people think he's the manager of the luxury resort on the private Brazilian island of Ilha de Flor when in truth he's the owner, a perfect example of the rake you get after a few generations of ridiculous wealth. Sex is a transaction for him, until Chloe Bloom walks out of the arms of Knight's lifelong rival and into his resort. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Cuckolded in College: Geeks and Jocks by Victoria Wessex
Freshman and self-confessed geek Neil thinks that all his troubles are over when he meets beautiful geek girl Olivia. But Olivia seems to need more than he can give her in bed, and when they meet football captain Leroy, Olivia seems to lust after him just as much as she claims to hate him. One lost bet later, and the three of them are locked in a dangerous sex game. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Curves for the Wolf Prince by Michelle Fawkes
Curvy Meredith Duncan is tired of her miserable life and she thinks about ending it all. No family, no friends, and no jerk boyfriend to break her heart. Maclin St. James has always been a lone wolf, moving around the country, sometimes staying with a local pack for a while before moving on. When he discovers the human female standing on the edge of a bridge, he decides to intervene. Neither of them realize they will soon be plunged into a fight with a creature that could end both their lives and the lives of every pack in the country. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Trouble Makers by Emme Rollins
When your best friend falls in love with a rock star, you either join her in her fixation, or you spend a lot of nights eating ice cream and watching Netflix by yourself. If you can't beat them, join them, isn't that what they say? While Bree - my best friend since forever - couldn't get enough of "Trouble" and their lead singer, Rob Burns, I set my sights a little lower (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

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